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The Travel Notes Online Guide to Travel helps visitors learn more about travel destinations with country and city travel guides, local tourist information, reviewed web sites, and regular travel articles.

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Revised Online Edition

The Online Edition of Nomadic Gatherings is being upgraded for mobile devices, with a new collection of specially selected 'Nomadic Photos' to illustrate each page.

Chapter 1 - Taking Off:
To Japan, where so much of Japanese life seemed uniformed with rules, rituals, and ceremony; keeping grace and saving face. I bowed; they giggled.

Chapter 2 - Kimchi and Gold Medals:
The Olympic ceremony was on in Seoul, and the event was being transmitted live to the on-board television above the driver.

Chapter 3 - Little Sister:
Taiwan was a brief stop en-route from Seoul to Hong Kong. They found it amusing that I was heading for China.

Chapter 4 - Colonial Gateway:
Between the modern financial offices of Central Hong Kong, old trams trundled along Des Voeux Road. No-one stood still. I had to get a visa for China.

Chapter 5 - China Travel:
Buying train tickets in China can often be a problem with five-day waits and people camped at the station. And what if you can't speak the Chinese language?

Chapter 6 - The Northern Capitals:
Japan invaded Manchuria in the early 1940s, and the Soviets followed in 1945. Some of the dome-shaped architecture still remains from the Russian period.

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Top Destinations in Africa

Africa Sitemap.

Accra (Ghana); Cairo (Egypt); Cape Town (South Africa); Casablanca (Morocco); Dakar (Senegal); Durban, (South Africa); Entebbe (Uganda); Harare (Zimbabwe); Johannesburg (South Africa); Lagos (Nigeria); Maputo (Mozambique); Nairobi (Kenya); Tangier (Morocco).

Safaris in Africa.

Top Destinations in Asia

Asia Sitemap.

Bali (Indonesia); Bangkok (Thailand); Beijing (China); Hong Kong (Hong Kong); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); Manila (Philippines); Mumbai (India); Seoul (South Korea); Shanghai (China); Singapore, (Singapore); Taipei (Taiwan); Tokyo (Japan).

Top Destinations in Europe

Europe Sitemap.

Amsterdam (Netherlands); Barcelona (Spain); Berlin (Germany); Budapest (Hungary); Copenhagen (Denmark); Dublin (Ireland); Istanbul (Turkey); London (United Kingdom); Milan (Italy); Munich (Germany); Paris (France); Prague (Czech Republic); Rome (Italy); Vienna (Austria); Zurich (Switzerland).

Top Destinations in The Middle East

Middle East Sitemap.

Abu Dhabi (UAE); Amman (Jordan); Beirut (Lebanon); Doha (Qatar); Dubai (UAE); Jerusalem (Israel); Kuwait City (Kuwait); Riyadh (Saudi Arabia); Tehran (Iran); Tel Aviv (Israel).

Top Destinations in North America

North America Sitemap.

Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver.

US Travel:
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington.

Top Destinations in Oceania

Oceania Sitemap.

Auckland (New Zealand); Melbourne (Australia); Sydney (Australia).

Top Destinations in South America

Latin America Sitemap.

Bogota (Colombia); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Cancun (Mexico); Caracas (Venezuela); Florianopolis (Brazil); Lima (Peru); Mexico City (Mexico); Montevideo (Uruguay); Playa del Carmen (Mexico); Quito (Ecuador); Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); San Jose (Costa Rica); Santiago (Chile); Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Top Destinations in The Caribbean

Caribbean Travel Notes.

Bridgetown (Barbados); Grand Bahama (Bahamas); Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands); Montego Bay (Jamaica); Havana (Cuba); Nassau (Bahamas); Oranjestad (Aruba); Punta Cana (Dominican Republic); San Juan (Puerto Rico); St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands).

Cruise Line Ports of Call.

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