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China Travel Notes

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China Travel and Tourism on Travel Notes


Find China Travel and Tourist Information with links to official travel and tourism websites and state resources for visitors to China.

About China

The People's Republic of China is the third largest country in the world by area, after Russia and Canada, but it has the largest population.

Breakfast in China Forbidden City, Beijing Suzhou Canals, China Guilin Limestone Peaks

China Country Information

Countries neighbouring China are: North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.

Map of China

Weather in Asia:
Local weather forecasts for destinations around Asia.

Travel in China

More than a fifth of the world's population live within China's borders, and at times it seems as though they're all camped out at Beijing Station.

There is so much to see and do in China, and I always prefer to travel by train.

You will need at least four to six weeks to do the country any justice, and if you have the time to use your full three month visa, all the better.

Some travellers even get permission to extend their visa, it all depends on the mood of the official, or your willingness to pay for the services of one of their agents.

The Bureau for Foreigners is a newer form of corruption in the open. Despite the official stamp of approval, bargaining in these offices is not uncommon.

China has changed a lot since I first visited the country in 1988, some of it not for the better.

China in Eighty Eight:
You really did feel like one in a billion in those days.

Many people were still afraid to speak out, the Sino- Chinese summit was a long way off, and with that, the most memorable picture to come out of China; that lone protester standing in the line of an advancing tank column in Tian'men Square.

Virtual Tour of China:
Superbly presented with maps and excellent photography.

Compare China Hotel Prices

Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Guilin, Hohhot, Kunming, Lhasa, Shanghai, Xi'an.

Browse all cities.


Beijing is the capital of China, and the jumping off point for a visit to The Great Wall, at Badaling.


Accommodation in Shanghai

Peace Hotel: Shanghai.
20 Nanjing Road East Huangpu. Located right on the corner of the Bund and the Nanjing Road shopping area, the Shanghai Peace Hotel is something of an historical institution and a must visit; even if you don't stay here.

Hotel amenities include the full-service health spa, Dragon & Phoenix Hall (Cantonese cuisine), Peace Grill (French cuisine), Old Jazz Bar, and Dragon & Phoenix Hall.

All rooms feature dark wood furnishings, high-speed Internet access, satellite TV, voicemail, bathroom TVs, bathroom telephones, bathrobes, hairdryers, coffeemakers, minibars, safes, and separate sitting areas.


Guilin derives its name from the Osmanthus trees found all over the city.

The main reason for a visit to Guilin though is to get out of the city and view the limestone peaks on the way to Yangshou and along the Li River.


If you want to see the Terracotta Soldiers in Qinshi-huang's Mausoleum, then you will need to visit Xi'an.

There's more to see around the city too.

Historical China

History of China:
Presented as an interactive table of events from the Xia ancient era of 2,000 BC, through the Imperial Dynasties to the People's Republic of China's move towards socialism. There are Chinese characters too that make it look more authentic, and links to deeper pages, and maps.

China News

China Daily:
News from Beijing and other regions in China.

One Man Bandwidth:
An American professor blogging from China.

Chinese Language

Chinese Characters:
Web-based Etymological dictionary, for learning Chinese characters.

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