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From The Great Wall to the Forbidden City, no visit to China is complete without tracing the footsteps of emperors and dynasties that have shaped its history.

About China

China is a vast country with a rich cultural heritage and a rapidly growing tourism industry.

There are many places to visit and things to see in China, from its bustling cities and ancient landmarks to the natural wonders and scenic countryside.

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Breakfast in China Forbidden City, Beijing Suzhou Canals, China Guilin Limestone Peaks

Travel Map Mapping China

Map of China

Map of China

The People's Republic of China is the third largest country in the world by area, after Russia and Canada, but it has the largest population.

Countries neighbouring China: North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.

China Overview

China has a long and rich history, dating back to ancient times, with many dynasties ruling the country over the centuries.

Ancient China

Some of the most notable achievements of ancient China include the invention of paper, gunpowder, and the compass.


China is known for its rich culture, including its traditional music, dance, art, and cuisine.

The country is home to many famous landmarks and tourist attractions, including the Great Wall of China; the Forbidden City, in Beijing; and the Terracotta Army, in Xi'an.


In recent decades, China has experienced rapid economic growth, making it the second-largest economy in the world after the United States.


China is famous for its manufacturing and cheap exports, particularly in the technology and electronics industries.

Challenges Facing China

China faces various challenges, such as environmental pollution, social inequality, and censorship.

The country has a complex political system, with limited freedom of expression and human rights concerns.


China has strict controls on the flow of information within the country, known as the Great Firewall of China.

The government censors content deemed sensitive or harmful to the country's political system, including social media platforms and news websites.

This has led to concerns about freedom of expression and human rights violations.

Environmental Pollution

China's rapid economic growth has come at a cost to the environment.

The country has faced severe air and water pollution, leading to health problems for its citizens.

The Chinese government has taken steps to address the issue, such as implementing stricter environmental regulations and investing in renewable energy sources.

Human Rights

China has been criticized by international organizations and human rights advocates for its treatment of ethnic and religious minorities, such as the Uighurs in Xinjiang province.

There are also concerns about restrictions on freedom of speech and assembly, and the government's use of censorship and surveillance.

Social Inequality

Despite the country's economic growth, China still faces significant social inequality.

he income gap between the rich and poor has widened, and there are significant disparities in education, healthcare, and job opportunities between urban and rural areas.

The government has implemented various policies to address these issues, such as poverty alleviation programs and urbanization initiatives.

Travel in China

More than a fifth of the world's population live within China's borders, and at times it seems as though they're all camped out at Beijing Station.

There is so much to see and do in China, and I always prefer to travel by train.

Nomadic Gatherings

Chapter Five:
Food and drink piled high for two-day rail journey, while kitchen staff sweat and chop vegetables in restaurant-car.

You will need at least four to six weeks to do the country any justice, and if you have the time to use your full three month visa, all the better.

Some travellers even get permission to extend their visa, it all depends on the mood of the official, or your willingness to pay for the services of one of their agents.

The Bureau for Foreigners is a newer form of corruption in the open. Despite the official stamp of approval, bargaining in these offices is not uncommon.

China has changed a lot since I first visited the country in 1988, some of it not for the better.

China in Eighty Eight:
You really did feel like one in a billion in those days.

Many people were still afraid to speak out, the Sino- Chinese summit was a long way off, and with that, the most memorable picture to come out of China; that lone protester standing in the line of an advancing tank column in Tian'men Square.

Visit China

Visiting China can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it's important to plan ahead and take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in China include Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guilin, Chengdu, and Hong Kong.

Before You Travel to China

Before you visit China, it's important to make sure you have all the necessary travel documents, such as a valid passport and visa.

You should also research the local customs and etiquette, as well as any potential health and safety risks.

Chinese Food

In terms of food, Chinese cuisine is incredibly diverse and varies greatly depending on the region.

Some popular dishes include Peking duck, dumplings, hot pot, and various noodle dishes.

 If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, be sure to communicate them clearly to your server or host.


Chinese culture places a strong emphasis on politeness and respect, so it's important to be mindful of your behavior and avoid causing offense.

It's polite to address people by their formal titles and to avoid interrupting others while they are speaking.

Chinese people also value personal space, so try to avoid standing too close to others in public spaces.

Health and Safety

China is generally a safe country for travellers, but there are some health and safety risks to be aware of.

Air pollution can be a problem in some cities, especially during the winter months.

It's also a good idea to take precautions against mosquito-borne illnesses such as dengue fever or malaria if you plan to visit rural areas.

Be sure to stick to bottled water and avoid street food or other unhygienic conditions that could lead to food poisoning.


Mandarin Chinese is the official language of China, but there are also many regional dialects and minority languages spoken throughout the country.

Learning some basic Mandarin phrases can be helpful for communicating with locals, especially outside of major cities where English is less commonly spoken.


China has an extensive network of high-speed trains, as well as buses and domestic flights.

Traffic can be quite congested in major cities, so it's often best to use public transportation or walk.

If you plan to drive, be aware that the rules of the road may be different from what you're used to, and you may need to obtain a Chinese driver's license.

Visa and Travel Documents

To enter China, most foreign nationals will need a valid passport and a visa.

The type of visa required will depend on the purpose and length of your trip.

It's important to check with the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country for the latest visa requirements and application procedures.

In addition to a visa, some regions in China may also require additional permits for travel, such as Tibet or Xinjiang.

China Attractions


Beijing is the capital of China, and the jumping off point for a visit to The Great Wall, at Badaling.

Map of Beijing

Map of Beijing


Accommodation in Shanghai

Located right on the corner of the Bund and the Nanjing Road shopping area, the Shanghai Peace Hotel is something of an historical institution and a must visit; even if you don't stay here.


Guilin derives its name from the Osmanthus trees found all over the city.

The main reason for a visit to Guilin though is to get out of the city and view the limestone peaks on the way to Yangshou and along the Li River.


If you want to see the Terracotta Soldiers in Qinshi-huang's Mausoleum, then you will need to visit Xi'an.

Chinese Language

Chinese Characters:
Web-based Etymological dictionary, for learning Chinese characters.

There's more to see around the city too.

China News

China Daily:
News from Beijing and other regions in China.

China Maps and Travel Guide

Lonely Planet China (Travel Guide) Eyewitness Top 10 Beijing

China Travel Guides - China Maps.

Weather in Asia:
Local weather forecasts for destinations around Asia.

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