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Cuba Travel Notes

Cuban Flag

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The Republic of Cuba, derived from its aboriginal name of Cubanascnan, lies just south of Florida and is the largest island in the Caribbean.

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Cuba Travel and Tourist Information with links to official travel and tourism websites and state resources for visitors to Cuba.

Cuba Calle in Havana, Cuba

Cuba Accommodation, Cuba Travel Guides, Guantanamo Bay, Havana, Map of Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, The Island Juana, The Revolution, Travel to Cuba.

The Island Juana

Christopher Columbus landed on Cuba during his first voyage (October 28, 1492) and originally called the island Juana.

Map of Cuba

In the 1500's the Spanish used Cuba as a supply base for expeditions into Mexico and Florida, and subsequently fortified Havana to keep pirates away from their booty.

Aduana General de la Republica:
Customs regulations for the Republic of Cuba.

Chamber of Commerce of The Republic of Cuba:
Not all of the pages are translated into English.

One of the longest running directories on Cuba, with links to websites about Cuba captured in their main frame.

Govenrment of The Republic of Cuba:
Information, direct from Cuba, about the government, foreign affairs and the country's economic and social development.

Isla Grande:
Portal devoted to Cuba - only in Spanish.

Weather in the Caribbean:
Local weather forecasts for destinations around the Caribbean region.

La Habana - Havana

Havana, the capital of Cuba, is the largest city in the West Indies.

On the northern coast of the island, the port of Havana is situated on one of the safest harbours in the world; less than 100 miles from Key West.

Havana's 16th-century Fort Morro is in good condition and affords a wonderful view of the city.

Although there are many shortages in Havana, due to the US trade embargo, it's still one of the most interesting places to visit in Latin America.

Another old fortress, that was built to protect the Havana approach, is Castillo de la Punta; on the western side of the strait.

The old city, with its narrow, crooked streets, and historic landmarks is near the inner entrance to the harbour. You can even have a drink in Ernest Hemmingway's favourite bar; if you don't mind sitting shoulder to shoulder with tour groups in straw hats.

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception dates from 1656. You should also visit the former palace of the colonial governors; now the City Hall. It was completed in 1792 and is an excellent example of Spanish colonial architecture.

The city post office dates from 1575 and was once the Church of San Francisco.

The main boulevard is the Paseo de Marti, or Prado, while the Avenida del Puerto extends along the edge of the bay, for cooling breezes on a humid evening.

Destination Havana:
Ok, it's the Lonely Planet site, and they want to sell more of their books, but this piece does give you a good insight.

Granma International:
The official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party.

Cuba Accommodation

By staying in private accommodation (casa particulares) you help the Cuban people; get a real feel for Cuba and its culture; make friends with locals; improve your Spanish; and save money.

Cheap Hotels and Hostels in Cuba:
Budget accommodation in Cuba.

Casa Particular:
Why stay in a drab chain hotel or resort when you can plug yourself directly into the country and stay with Cubans themselves.

Cuba Rooms:
Online booking service for private properties in Havana and all of Cuba.

Hotels in Cuba

Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Varadero, Vinales.

Travel to Cuba

If you're travelling in Mexico, one of the best ways to visit Cuba is to fly in from Merida.

Comprehensive listing of Cuba's finest 4- and 5-star hotels and resorts. Specific information on Havana, Varadero, museums, galleries, restaurants, music and nightlife, diving and Cuban links.

Directorio Turistico de Cuba:
Travel and tourist information about Cuba.

Freedom to Travel:
Working to end the US ban on general travel to Cuba, primarily by challenging the ban directly through organised group travel to Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba

Situated in the south-east of the island, Santiago de Cuba was founded by Diego Velazquez in 1514.

During the Spanish- American War, in July 1898, the US occupied Santiago and eventually forced Spain to relinquish control of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

As a result of the war, the US emerged as a major power with foreign interests, and Spain concentrated more on affairs at home.

The Revolution

The first uprising against Batista occurred on July 26, 1953, when forces loyal to a young lawyer named Fidel Castro attempted an attack on the Moncada army barracks in Santiago.

The uprising was crushed, but in the late 1950's Fidel formed the July 26th movement and slowly gathered the support needed to overthrow the increasingly unpopular Batista.

Carnival in Cuba is celebrated in July, to commemorate the Revolution.

Cuban Experience:
The Cuban Experience is a comprehensive guide to Cuba covering Cuban culture, history, and politics while also discussing the people, places, recent events, and travel opportunities that make the island unique.

Guantanamo Bay

Through an agreement signed with Cuba in 1903, the United States obtained the right to maintain a naval base at Guantanamo Bay, in south-eastern Cuba; Bahia de Guantanamo in Spanish.

The sheltered harbour's strategic position near the Windward Passage, between Cuba and Haiti, enables the US to keep an eye on shipping between the United States and the Panama Canal.

Cuban Democracy:
The Cuban Committee for Democracy is a non-profit organisation of Cuban Americans and individuals of other nationalities who seek a peaceful, negotiated transition to democracy in Cuba.

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