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Cruise the Information Highway @ Travel Notes; with links to airlines, car rentals, cruise lines and hotel chains.

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Most of us need a good map when we travel.

Travel Notes maps out places of interest on the tourist information highway; airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotel chains, tour operators and travel service providers.

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Find out more about the airport that you are flying in or out of. Three letter codes and links to the airport.

Budget Travel:
A fortnight's budget for some might be a couple of thousand dollars, for others only a few hundred.

Campus Travel:
The major supplier of travel services to the UK Student and Youth population.

Consular Sheet:
Many travellers tend not to take travel warnings too seriously, but there really is some valuable information here.

Earth and Moon Viewer:
View a map of the earth showing the day and night regions at the moment. there are many more options too. Interesting satellite imagery.

Languages of the World is a catalogue of more than 6,700 languages spoken in 228 countries. The Ethnologue Name Index lists over 39,000 language names, dialect names, and alternate names; and organizes languages according to language families.

International Living:
A monthly publication that identifies and reports on opportunities for living, retiring, investing, traveling and buying real estate overseas.

Library of Congress:
At present, some 85 book form materials are available under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program. If it's deep background information you're seeking, try here.

Magellan Geographix:
Better known as A great place to search for maps before you travel. They're pricey to order and use on your page, but browse to your hearts content for nothing.

Motoring Overseas:
A problem, especially if you are not properly prepared. The Bush Telegraph covers many of the safety and security issues that might seem obvious, but would most probably slip your mind before you started out.

National Anthems:
Just choose the country from the alphabetical list.

National Geographic:
Their Map Machine presents maps, and historic backgrounds for countries of the world and the United States.

Online Dictionaries:
An outstanding resource for wordsmiths of the world, linked to over 400 dictionaries, in more than 130 different languages.

Babelfish is not good quite enough for sending business documents in a foreign language.

Travel Check-List:
Make the most out of your trip through prepartion before you go.

The official World heritage site.

Learn how to do things and teach others what you know, by reading articles that interest you or submitting one of your own.

Working and Living Abroad:
Hundreds of guides to choose from. Think about the social, cultural and practical considerations that need to be taken into account if you are to make a comfortable adjustment to a new environment.

World Heritage:
Els Slots has visited a good number of World Heritage sites around the world and offers you descriptions along with a personal review.

World Landmarks:
360-degree virtual tour around the world. Currently limited to select locations from: North America, France, Holland, Ireland, UK and Israel.

Zoo and Aquariums:
Find a zoo or aquarium by name or state.

Language Learning

Specialised Language Courses:
Whether you need to learn a language for professional reasons, to prepare for an exam or simply because you like the language, SLC could have the course you're looking for.

Learn Spanish Online:
Spanish programs offer free online primers in the art of pronounciation through shockwave combinations of audio, mouse-over effects and clip art images.

Travel Spanish:
If you like to travel to Mexico, Spain, or South America for business or pleasure, the free Spanish travel phrases on these Shockwave pages will help you with the basics.

Learning Foreign Languages.

On The Road

ACE Cultural Tours:
ACE tours aim to uncover cultural intricacies and connections across a wide range of subject areas and themes including art, architecture, archaeology, history, music, regional culture and natural history.

Australian and New Zealand outdoors resource for adventure travel. Includes biking, climbing, canyoning, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, skiing and whitewater rafting.

American Immigration:
Do-it-Yourself products, information and services for visa, greencard and citizenship applicants.

Cultural Experiences Abroad:
Provides college study abroad programs to American students in 14 countries and 24 cities across the globe.

Cyber Cafes:
Where to pick up your e-mail on the road, or meet like minded people in another town or city.

Global Volunteers:
Each year Global Volunteers coordinates more than 125 teams of volunteers who participate on short-term human and economic development projects in 21 countries.

Incredible Adventures:
Fly the legendary MiG-29! Experience zero-gravity flight, train like a cosmonaut or a secret agent, fly to the edge of space.

Visa Requirements:
This list is from the US State Department  and only applies to US citizens visiting foreign countries for business or pleasure.

Working Abroad:
Information on volunteering opportunities all over the world.

Travel Health

America's Doctor:
Although the doctors don't diagnose, prescribe, or treat over the Internet, there's a wealth of information on health-related issues with access to a range of products, services and programming.

City Health:
Information on healthcare services in the world's most popular destinations. Useful for people doing pre travel health planning.

Cyber Docs:
Consult a physician from home, from work, while on vacation, or while at school, and do so from almost anywhere in the world.

Trip Preparation:
Are you at risk? View the country profiles.

Travel Insurance.

Travel Reports

Some personal travelogues start with a Round the World flight ticket while others are a collection of trip reports that make up something called Nomadic Gatherings.

Babylon Travel Mag:
Adventure travel writing and photography from around the world for the independent and culture conscious traveller.

Backpacker Essentials:
Inspiration for independent travellers - from YHA Australia.

Been There, Done That:
Have you ever thought about how many countries you've visited? Try out this excellent interactive check-list. Tick off the countries you've been to and press submit at the bottom to get your total.

Cleo Paskal Slept Here:
Cleo Paskal's varied (and often twisted) print, radio, television and film assignments have taken her from Timbuktu to the largest ball of twine in Minnesota. Along the way, she has slept in an enormous number of (mostly terrible) beds.

Don & Linda's Travelzine:
Don and Linda's travelogues from Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and the USA. Includes planning tips and packing hints.

UK-based organisation, established in 2003, which has grown from a small collection of avid travellers into a successful team producing up-to-date travel news, advice, features and destination guides aimed at independent travellers across the globe.

Getting Stoned:
If your interests are in visting stone cirles and the like, then this is the worldwide links listing for you. Brief descriptions of what you're likely to find on the websites are also given.

Off Yonder:
Seeing the world for what it is! Cameron Martindell likes to travel around and tell you all about it. Includes China, Japan, Australia, Nepal and various US road trips -- with photos.

Planet Go Go:
General travel site aimed primarily at backpackers and independent travellers, with contributed articles.

Romar Traveler:
A interesting collection of travel journals that gives you a more personal view of some interesting places in the world you might like to explore.

The Globetrotters Club:
There are over 1,000 Globetrotters worldwide, who network, exchange information and help each other to get the most out of their travels and venture off the beaten track.

Trailfinders Magazine:
Not an online zine, but a great free magazine to get in the post to help with round the world travel ideas. One of our favourites.

Travellady Magazine:
Most people think professional travel and food writers are some of the luckiest people in the world. They visit exciting destinations and taste some of the best food. Now, the Travellady experts will share some of their glorious times, but, they will also tell you about the places you want to avoid, the things you don't want to try, and the meals you never want to eat.

Travel Writing:
There are travellers who have returned to write a great book, and then there are great writers who travel.

WorldWide Panoramas:
Contains links to websites with panoramics on offer. The majority of these panoramas are QTVR panoramic images and to see them you need to have QuickTime installed on your computer.

Travel Accessory Guide:
For everything you may need when you travel. Including: travel guides, maps, luggage, health information and cell phone accessories.

Travelling With Pets

If you like to travel, have pets, but can't leave home without them, then it's handy to know which places allow cats and dogs. Perhaps snakes are another matter.

Pets Welcome:
Your dog will be wagging its tail here. As well as accommodation listings, there are tips to make your pet comfortable, and a guide to emergency clinics in the United States. Good to be on the safe side.

Relocating With Pets

PBS Pet Travel
Meta Tags Tags:
pet travel, pet transport, dog travel, cat travel, animal courier.

PBS Pet Travel:
Arranging pet relocation is something that requires far more than just experience and know-how; it requires passion, dedication and consideration. Whether you are travelling to or from the United Kingdom PBS make sure that your pets are given the care and attention they deserve, every step of the way.


Diving The World:
Angelique is a Padi Master who lives in the Netherlands, where the water is cold and the visibility poor. Because she loves good diving conditions, Angelique chooses tropical waters: the Caribbean, Indonesia and the Red Sea in Egypt.

Find out the latest news below the surface, from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, and plunge into a whole new way of life.

Skinny Dippers:
Join the Naturist Society for a clothing-optional lifestyle.


Fishing Adventures:
If you're hook line and sinker for rod and line cast-off here.


River Search:
An interesting concept and site layout, but there's still a long way to go to cover all whitewater rivers. Upon clicking on a river name (in red), the river's outfitters are presented in one box and a description of the river in another.

Raft Info:
White water rafting information including guides, outfitters and destinations in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America.

Contacting Travellers

iAgora Forums:
The aim of iAgora is to bring people of the world together.

Her Mail:
Connecting females so that they can help each other as they move around the world. Built in security system ensure women’s e-mail addresses never appear on the site; with all the connecting done behind the scenes.

Hitchhikers Organisation:
This is a fairly new site from the Netherlands, but it looks promising if the word gets out. We hope it does. If you're looking for a ride in Europe, or you're a driver with empty spaces and would like to have company, this could be for you.

Independent Traveler:
A community of travelers who enjoy the fun of planning their own trips and the adventure of independent travel -- put together with the American traveller in mind.

Just Ask Eva:
The premise is to answer Eva's questions on your vacation needs and she will provide you with a list of perfect vacation packages. Only works with departures from Canadian cities.

The Experienced Traveller:
They say they'll answer your questions within 24 hours.

Off The Beaten Track

Antarctica is the only continent with no permanent human habitation. There are, however, permanent human settlements, where scientists and support staff live for part of the year on a rotating basis.

Fun Hunter:
The lowdown on some of the worlds highs for adventure addicts and party animals.

Ghost Tours:
Spooky tours, places and happennings of the supernatural and directory of ghouly links.

Party The Globe:
Party travel resource for the student traveller in search of good times around the globe.

4 Corners Club:
Adventure tours worldwide, specialising in overland expeditions.

Embassies of The World

Embassy Pages:
Contact details for embassies, high commissions, consulates and other diplomatic missions worldwide.

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