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Budget Accommodation


Where travellers check-in to budget hotels and cool hostels around the world.

Cheap Hotels and Hostels Around The World

Meta-Travel Accommodation Directory
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Africa Budget Accommodation

Benin - Cameroon - Cape Verde - Egypt - Gambia - Ghana.

Kenya - Lesotho - Madagascar - Malawi - Mauritius - Morocco.

Mozambique - Namibia - Nigeria - Reunion - Senegal - Seychelles.

South Africa - Swaziland - Tanzania - Tunisia - Uganda - Zambia.


Asia Budget Accommodation

Azerbaijan - Bangladesh - Brunei - Cambodia - China.

Hong Kong - India - Indonesia - Japan - Kyrgyzstan.

Laos - Macau - Malaysia - Mongolia - Myanmar - Nepal.

Papua New Guinea - Philippines - Singapore - South Korea.

Sri Lanka - Taiwan - Thailand - Uzbekistan - Vietnam.

Caribbean Budget Accommodation

Anguilla - Antigua and Barbuda - Bahamas - Barbados.

British Virgin Islands - Cuba - Curacao - Dominica.

Dominican Republic - Guadeloupe - Haiti - Jamaica.

Puerto Rico - Saint Lucia - Trinidad & Tobago - US Virgin Islands.

Europe Budget Accommodation

Albania - Andorra - Armenia - Austria - Belarus.

Belgium - Bosnia-Herzegovina - Bulgaria - Croatia - Cyprus.

Czech Republic - Denmark - England - Estonia - Finland.

France - Germany - Greece - Greenland - Hungary.

Iceland - Ireland - Italy - Kazakhstan - Latvia.

Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Macedonia - Malta.

Moldova - Monaco - Montenegro - Netherlands - Northern Ireland.

Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia.

ScotlandSerbia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain.

Sweden - Switzerland - Turkey - Ukraine - Wales.

Latin America Budget Accommodation

Argentina - Belize - Bolivia - Brazil - Chile - Colombia.

Costa Rica - Ecuador - El Salvador - Guatemala - Honduras.

Nicaragua - Panama - Peru - Uruguay - Venezuela.

Middle East Budget Accommodation

Israel - Jordan - Lebanon - Oman - United Arab Emirates.

North America Budget Accommodation

Canada - Mexico - USA.

Oceania Budget Accommodation

Australia - Cook Islands - Fiji - French Polynesia.

New Zealand - Samoa - Tonga - Vanuatu.

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Popular City Hostels

Holland Hostels in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Thailand Hostels in Bangkok, Thailand.

Spain Hostels in Barcelona, Spain.

Germany Hostels in Berlin, Germany.

Argentina Hostels in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

South Africa Hostels in Cape Town, South Africa.

Thailand Hostels in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Vietnam Hostels in Hanoi, Vietnam.

England Hostels in London, England.

USA Hostels in Los Angeles, California.

Morocco Hostels in Marrakech, Morocco.

USA Hostels in Miami Beach, Florida.

USA Hostels in New York City.

France Hostels in Paris, France.

Brazil Hostels in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

USA Hostels in San Francisco, California.

Japan Hostels in Tokyo, Japan.

USA Hostels in Washington DC.

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