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2023 Travel Notes Calendar.

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Nomadic Gatherings

The Online Edition of Nomadic Gatherings is being upgraded for mobile devices, with a new collection of specially selected 'Nomadic Photos' to illustrate each page.

Chapter 1 - Taking Off:
To Japan, where so much of Japanese life seemed uniformed with rules, rituals, and ceremony; keeping grace and saving face. I bowed; they giggled.

Chapter 2 - Kimchi and Gold Medals:
The Olympic ceremony was on in Seoul, and the event was being transmitted live to the on-board television above the driver.

Chapter 3 - Little Sister:
Taiwan was a brief stop en-route from Seoul to Hong Kong. They found it amusing that I was heading for China.

Chapter 4 - Colonial Gateway:
Between the modern financial offices of Central Hong Kong, old trams trundled along Des Voeux Road. No-one stood still. I had to get a visa for China.

Chapter 5 - China Travel:
Buying train tickets in China can often be a problem with five-day waits and people camped at the station. And what if you can't speak the Chinese language?

Chapter 6 - The Northern Capitals:
Japan invaded Manchuria in the early 1940s, and the Soviets followed in 1945. Some of the dome-shaped architecture still remains from the Russian period.

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During 35 years of travel and living abroad Michel has visited over 120 countries, some 220 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more than 100 of the World Heritage Cities. Michel's first Travel Book is available online.

Although casual readers can browse sample chapters for free, owning the book itself is not that expensive.

Nomadic Gatherings - Table of Contents:
1-Taking Off; 2-Kimchi and Gold Medals; 3-Little Sister; 4-Colonial Gateway; 5-China Travel; 6-The Northern Capitals; 7-Grasslands to Terracotta; 8-Central China; 9-Minorities and Tourists; 10-Leased Lands; 11-Down Under; 12-The Track; 13-Alice and Nurses; 14-The Top End; 15-Queensland; 16-A Trip to Cairns; 17-South No Schedule; 18-Along The Coast; 19-City of Culture; 20-Moving On: Two Islands; 21-Return to Oz; 22-The Indian Pacific; 23-Bali: Tourist or Traveller; 24-Surabaya to Singapore; 25-North Borneo: Not The Jungle; 26-Catholics and Communistos; 27-Days Between Night Trains; 28-A Splashing New Year; 29-The Saigon Scene; 30-The Return.

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