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Travel Notes: Middle East: Lebanon Travel Notes

Lebanon Travel Notes

Lebanese Flag

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The Lebanese Republic has 250km of coastline on the Eastern Mediterranean; the slither of land, a world of hope.

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Lebanon Travel and Tourist Information with links to official travel and tourism websites and state resources for visitors to Lebanon.

Baalbeck, Beirut, Lebanon Background Information, Lebanon Tourism, Lebanon Travel Guides, Map of Lebanon, Tripoli.

Lebanon Background Information

Countries neighbouring Lebanon are: Syria and Israel.

Map of Lebanon

Lebanon gets its name from the mountains that rise from the coastal plain, to the east of Beirut.

Qurnat as-Sawda', in the north of the Lebanon Mountains, is the country's highest peak; at 3,083 metres above sea level.

The coast was colonised by the seafaring Phoenicians, in around 2500 BC, and Phoenicia became one of the richest and most important provinces of the Persian empire; after the Persians conquered Nebuchadnezzar II's Babylonia; in 539 BC.

Lebanon's modern development as a country can be a attributed to the cohesive polices of the French who arrived in 1920.

The French went along with the Maronite's beliefs in Mount Lebanon, and established the Lebanese Republic in 1926.

Lebanon gained full independence when the last French troops withdrew in 1946.

On April 26th, 2005 Syria officially pulled the last of their troops out of Lebanon.

Map of Lebanon:
Leads you to more information about the cites in this treasure of a country, crowned in history.

The cedar tree is the emblem of Lebanon, and not far from Beirut are some 400 of them, believed to be over 1,500 years old.

News from Lebanon:
The Daily Star is your online news source about Lebanon. Includes Lebanese abroad.

Weather in the Middle East:
Local weather forecasts for destinations around the Middle East.


Fashionable and trendy, Beirut is the cultural epicentre of Lebanon; bustling with life and oozing with charisma.

Downtown Beirut:
Life has returned to downtown Beirut. The former 'Pearl of the Middle East' is once again an exquisite experience; a bewildering composition of cultures and faiths, perched on a breathtaking sweep of Mediterranean coastline.

Accommodation in Beirut

Compare Hotel Prices in Beirut.


The Romans built up Baalbeck, once Pompey the Great took control of the area, in 64 BC.

The temple ruins that can be seen today show the significance of the region within the Roman Empire.


Tripoli is a very rich city in historical monuments and proud of its traditions; one of the places that you must consider visiting on your next trip to Lebanon.

Tripoli Tourism:
Tripoli is a prosperous business and tourist centre with many new hotels built inside and on the outskirts of the city.

Lebanon Tourism

Visiting Lebanon

Visit Lebanon in summer to discover it's beaches and archaeological sites... but also visit Lebanon in winter, to ski and experience its beautiful white mountains.

Destination Lebanon:
The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

Pictures from Lebanon:
Choose your views from these extensive contact sheets. (Summer 1995 and Spring 1996).

Ski Faraya Mzaar:
The ski resort is situated just above the village of Ouyoune El Simane, in the Kfardebian area of Mount Lebanon. The area's three connected skiing domains boast more than 80 kilometres of ski runs.

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