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Pennsylvania Travel Notes

Flag of Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Travel and Tourism on Travel Notes


Find Pennsylvania Travel and Tourist Information with links to official travel and tourism websites and state resources for visitors to Pennsylvania.

About Pennsylvania

Also known as the Keystone State, Pennsylvania was once referred to as 'the keystone in the democratic arch'.

The state capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg.

About Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Weather:
Find out more about Pennsylvania before you travel there.

Declaration of Independence

As the second state to enter the union, the people of Pennsylvania played a major role in creating the United States of America and its ideals.

Both the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the US Constitution (1787) were drawn up and signed in the state, at Philadelphia.


Government office is in Harrisburg, as is the United States Naval Supply Depot, and the United States Army War College.

The dome of the State Capitol is modelled after St Peter's Basilica in Rome.

Native Americans occupied the Harrisburg area until about 1785.

The site was first called Harris' Ferry, after the Englishman who founded the trading post, but was renamed Harrisburg when it was planned as a town in 1785.

Harrisburg Events:
Starting with the Black History Gala in January to the big New Year's Eve Celebration in downtown Harrisburg, December 31st, the year is filled with a variety of fun-filled events.

PA Capital Regions:
The official website of the Hershey Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau.

Around Pennsylvania

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania gets its name from the father of William Penn, to whom King Charles II of England granted the colony in 1681, and sylva - the Latin for wood.

States neighbouring Pennsylvania are: New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio.

William Penn, Jr. became a Quaker while at Oxford University in England. He was imprisoned three times because of his convictions, and upon his third release, the Crown granted him some territory in North America in return for a debt it owed his father, Admiral William Penn.

With a group of friends, he sailed to North America in 1682 and founded the colony of Pennsylvania.

To celebrate America's bicentennial Pennsylvania spruced up its historic sites for the visitors, and there are plenty of them.

Go PA Outdoors:
Visit the best places in Pennsylvania for hunting, skiing, and fishing while exploring some of the most magnificent Blue Mountains and golden valleys in the northeast.

Pennsylvania State:
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's government office.

Pocono Mountains Vacation Bureau:
The Pocono Mountains of North-eastern Pennsylvania offer 2,400 square miles of wooded peaks and valleys with numerous sparkling lakes, rushing rivers, and some of the loveliest waterfalls in the East.

Visit Pennsylvania:
A network of websites devoted to tourism in Pennsylvania.


Tourists flock to the famous site of the decisive Battle of Gettysburg (July 1863).

After one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address in return for the soldier's dedication to the Union, and the visitors can ponder if indeed they didn't die in vain.

Gettysburg Ghost Tour by Jason McKenney:
My most memorable experience from the Gettysburg trip was my evening with a group of ghost hunters on a haunted tour of the battlefields with Miss Betty.

Gettysburg National Military Park:
The Battle of Gettysburg was a critical event in a war that determined the preservation of the nation. Known as a turning point in the Civil War, the battlefield is preserved by the National Park Service as a symbol of America's struggle to survive as a nation, and as a lasting memorial to the armies and the soldiers who served in that great conflict.

The Eisenhower National Historic Site, near the Gettysburg National Military park, encompasses the retirement farm of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his wife. You can also view his collection of foreign gifts.


Pennsylvania's small stretch of shoreline is in the north-east of the state.

The community and its lake are named after the Erie Indians.

Presque Isle State Park:
In 1753, a French military expedition built Fort de la Presque Isle (almost island) on the peninsula whose curve forms Erie's harbour.

When the French abandoned it in 1759 the British occupied the site and rebuilt the fort.

Fort de la Presque Isle was destroyed when the Ottawa leader Pontiac organised a confederacy of Great Lakes and Ohio Valley tribes to drive the British from their frontier possessions and re-establish Native American autonomy.

Lancaster County - Pennsylvania Dutch

The 17,000 Amish who shun modernisation are descendants of German settlers. Although referred to as the Pennsylvania Dutch, they should really be called the Pennsylvania Deutsche - Germans.

The three Capitol Trailways buses a day, between Philadelphia and Lancaster City, take about 2 hrs, while 8 daily trains cover the distance in around one hour.

Refreshing Mountain Retreat:
Year-round retreat and adventure center providing family friendly fun and refreshment. Facilities available for large group retreats and rental cabins for overnight getaways.

Meta-Travel Members Refreshing Mountain Retreat provides a variety of outdoor adventures, day field trips and corporate team building events on 80 acres of Pennsylvania woodland located just north of Lancaster, east of Hershey and west of Philadelphia.

Chester County

Brandywine Valley Guide:
The historic Brandywine Valley, in southern Chester County, is where the Battle of Brandywine was fought and the paper was milled for the Declaration of Independence. The Valley is a great place from which to visit Philadelphia, Baltimore, the Chesapeake Bay, Lancaster and Bucks county.


Pittsburgh is also known as the City of Bridges; there are 720 of them.

The decline of the domestic steel industry brought something good to Pittsburgh - a cleaner environment.

The Carnegie Museums:
Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick made their millions in Pittsburgh, and have given back something to the public through their large collections of art and natural history.

Carnegie Museum of Art:
The Carnegie Museum of Art is located in the Oakland Area of Pittsburgh, at 4400 Forbes Avenue. Collections include works of American art from the late nineteenth century, French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, and European and American decorative arts from the late seventeenth century to the present. Closed on Mondays.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History:
Travel through time as you experience the awesome spectacle of some of the largest land animals that ever lived, in the famous Dinosaur Hall.

Carnegie Science Center:
Located on Pittsburgh's North Shore, Carnegie Science Center is dedicated to educating, entertaining, exciting and inspiring an audience of all ages through programs in science, sports, and technology.

The Andy Warhol Museum:
Opened in 1994, the Andy Warhol Museum features extensive permanent collections of art and archives on one of the most influential American artists of the twentieth century. It is also a primary resource for anyone seeking insights into contemporary art and popular culture.

Golden Triangle

The Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers flow together to form the Ohio, and a land mark for tourists.

Point State Park is in the triangle, and you can visit Fort Pitt Blockhouse and Museum - dating from the French and Indian War.

When the French and British both laid claims to the area surrounding the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, George Washington instructed a detachment of Virginia militia to construct a fort at the fork.

They were attacked by a combined force of French and Native Americans and were forced to withdraw.

The French then completed the construction of the fortification and named it Fort Duquesne.

When the British attacked, the French destroyed the fort, and a new fort was built in its place and named after William Pitt, the British prime minister at the time.


Philadelphia, Greek for brotherly love, is situated approximately halfway between New York and Washington, D.C.

Philadelphia is the birthplace of the nation, and was the first American city to be laid out in grid fashion.

After the Great Fire of London, William Penn Jr. decided that narrow winding streets were not such a good idea, and his new piece of land was plenty large enough.

A break in the grid system is the tree-lined Benjamin Franklin Parkway that cuts diagonally from City Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

City Hall:
The heart of Center City is marked by the intersection of Broad and Market streets, the city's two main thoroughfares. The massive French Renaissance-style City Hall is situated at this junction.

Miles of biking, jogging, and hiking trails, as well as botanical gardens, recreational facilities, and preserved colonial and federal mansions, are all available to the public in Fairmount Park.

Fairmount Park:
The largest landscaped urban park in the United States spreads out behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art, on both sides of the Shuylkill River.

Liberty Bell:
A crack makes the bell unringable, but at least the British didn't melt it down to fire from their cannons. You can view America's symbol of freedom north of Independence Hall, in Philadelphia's Independence National Historic Park.

Valley Forge:
This National Historical Park, near Philadelphia, commemorates the thousands of George Washington's men who died of disease, cold, and starvation while barracked here during the winter of 1777-78.

Uncle George didn't have to sleep in their cramped quarters, and you can visit his palatial headquarters.

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