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Korea-Japan 2002: Group Stage

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Korea-Japan 2002: Groups - Matches - Road to the Final - Stadiums - Teams + Bookings + Injuries + Leading Goalscorers.
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The World United Through Football Wednesday June 5th, 2002

Travel to USA United States vs Travel to Portugal Portugal in Suwon (3:2)

Portugal In a State

In the second minute, Rui Costa showed his skill to the Americans with a nutmeg but they weren't put out of their stride and answered back by taking the lead.

Leading Goalscorers 1:0
In the third minute, John O'Brien followed up on a McBride header that Vitor Baia could only palm away to his left.

America continued to press the Portuguese and even showed some class on the ball themselves in the 17th minute. A subtle flick from McBride released Landon Donovan on the left and Jorge Costa needed to get in front of the diving Baia to knock the low cross out of play.

Vitor Baia had a lot of early problems and seemed to lack confidence with any aerial threat from corners.

Three minutes later, Rui Costa floated in a free-kick from the left. Pauleta lost his markers on a run to the near post and almost ate his shirt after heading wide.

In the next Portugal attack, Luis Figo showed he was still a little out of condition by getting easily squashed off the ball by Pablo Mastroeni and DaMarcus Beasley.

Leading Goalscorers 2:0
Landon Donovan shocked Portugal by getting a lucky deflection off the back of Jorge Costa, on his cross from the left, that beat the wrong-footed Vitor Baia to give America a two goal advantage - Own goal, 29 mins.

At the other end Brad Friedel had little to do apart from take a few goal-kicks.

Leading Goalscorers 3:0
Vitor Baia's nightmare continued in the 36th minute when Brian McBride headed in an excellent cross, from Tony Sanneh on the right.

Leading Goalscorers 3:1
Portugal were relieved to get a goal back a few minutes later, when Luis Figo's corner from the right was headed down by Beto. Goalscorer McBride stretched a foot out but the ball returned to Beto who reacted quickly to make sure of the target.

Half-time: United States 3 - Portugal 1

America continued to hustle Portugal at the start of the second-half and even Baia had to come out of his area to head away danger.

Portugal did have a very good chance to close the gap when a 56th minute corner, from Figo on the left, fell to Jorge Costa with his back to the goal - just in front of Brad Friedel - but he failed to turn the half-opening into the net.

Portugal tried to step up a gear in the last half an hour and benefitted from another American mistake.

Leading Goalscorers 3:2
Own goal number two occurred when Jeff Agoos volleyed a left-wing cross from Pauleta past his own goalkeeper.

Two fairly lucky goals helped Portugal back into the game but Nuno Gomes was was brought on too late to make a difference; especially as America tried to drag the game out, deep in the Portugal half, with time-wasting tactics - DaMarcus Beasley making it into the referee's notebook, just before the whistle, for doing just that.

Final Score:
Travel to USA United States 3 - Travel to Portugal Portugal 2

Man of the Match:
DaMarcus Beasley - Even though he was needlessly booked in the dying seconds for time-wasting.

Red and Yellow Cards in the 2002 World Cup Yellow Cards:
Beto (34 mins)
Petit (52 mins)
DaMarcus Beasley (90 mins)

The Teams

United States:
1 Brad Friedel; 12 Jeff Agoos, 2 Frankie Hejduk, 4 Pablo Mastroeni, 23 Eddie Pope (16 Carlos Llamosa - 80 mins), 22 Tony Sanneh; 17 DaMarcus Beasley, 21 Landon Donovan (9 Joe-Max Moore - 75 mins), 5 John O'Brien; 20 Brian McBride, 8 Earnie Stewart (13 Cobi Jones - 46 mins).

1 Vitor Baia; 2 Jorge Costa (13 Jorge Andrade - 74 mins), 5 Fernando Couto, 23 Rui Jorge (17 Paulo Bento - 69 mins), 22 Beto; 11 Sergio Conceicao, 7 Luis Figo, 20 Petit, 10 Rui Costa (21 Nuno Gomes - 80 mins); 9 Pedro Pauleta, 8 Joao Pinto.

Referee: Byron Moreno Travel to Ecuador

Teams by Group

2002 FIFA World Cup matches in Korea
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Korea First Round Matches.

2002 FIFA World Cup matches in Japan
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Japan First Round Matches.

The Road to the Final

2002 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

Group Tables - Leading Goalscorers.

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Second Round

The last 16 continued on the Road to Yokohama, with four games in South Korea and four games in Japan.

Group A winner and runner-up went to Japan.

Group B winner and runner-up stayed in Korea.

Group C winner and runner-up went to Japan.

Group D winner and runner-up stayed in Korea.

Group E winner and runner-up went to Korea.

Group F winner and runner-up stayed in Japan.

Group G winner and runner-up went to Korea.

Group H winner and runner-up stayed in Japan.

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