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Qatar 2022
World Cup by Rhett Lewis on Unsplash.

Qatar - Host the twenty-second World Cup, in 2022

The Ball is Round Football Index: World Cup Finals: Qatar 2022.

Qatar - Host the twenty-second World Cup, in 2022.

When FIFA executives met in Zurich to decide on who would host the 2018 and 2022 World Cup Finals, Qatar was probably the biggest surprise to many outsiders.

The Qatar bid finished above those from Australia, Japan, South Korea and USA.

World Cup History - Qatar 2022 - The Twenty-Second World Cup

Qatar 2022 World Cup Schedule and Stadiums

 The 2022 World Cup Finals in Qatar took place during the European winter for the first time.

All eight stadiums are within 25 miles of central Doha.

32 Countries Competed at Qatar 2022

Argentina Argentina
Group C: (1:2 vs Saudi Arabia) (2:0 vs Mexico) (2:0 vs Poland); Second Round (2:1 vs Australia); Quarter-finals (2:2 aet 4:3 pens vs Netherlands); Semi-finals (3:0 vs Croatia); 2022 World Cup Final (3:3 aet 4:2 pens vs France).

Australia Australia
Group D: (1:4 vs France) (1:0 vs Tunisia) (1:0 vs Denmark); Second Round (1:2 vs Argentina).

Belgium Belgium
Group F: (1:0 vs Canada) (0:2 vs Morocco) (0:0 vs Croatia).

Brazil Brazil
Group G: (2:0 vs Serbia) (1:0 vs Switzerland) (0:1 vs Cameroon); Second Round (vs South Korea); Quarter-finals (1:1 aet 2:4 pens vs Croatia).

Cameroon Cameroon
Group G: (0:1 vs Switzerland) (3:3 vs Serbia) (1:0 vs Brazil).

Canada Canada
Group F: (0:1 vs Belgium) (1:4 vs Croatia) (1:2 vs Morocco).

Costa Rica Costa Rica
Group E: (0:7 vs Span) (1:0 vs Japan) (2:4 vs Germany).

Croatia Croatia
Group F: (0:0 vs Morocco) (4:1 vs Canada) (0:0 vs Belgium); Second Round (1:1 aet 3:1 pens vs Japan); Quarter-finals (1:1 aet 4:2 pens vs Brazil); Semi-finals (0:3 vs Argentina); Third Place Match (2:1 vs Morocco).

Denmark Denmark
Group D: (0:0 vs Tunisia) (1:2 vs France) (0:1 vs Australia).

Ecuador Ecuador
Group A: (2:0 vs Qatar) (1:1 vs Netherlands) (1:2 vs Senegal).

England England
Group B: (6:2 vs Iran) (0:0 vs USA) (3:0 vs Wales); Second Round (3:0 vs Senegal); Quarter-finals (1:2 vs France).

France France
Group D: (4:1 vs Australia) (2:1 vs Denmark) (0:1 vs Tunisia); Second Round (3:1 vs Poland); Quarter-finals (2:1 vs England); Semi-finals (2:0 vs Morocco); 2022 World Cup Final (3:3 aet 2:4 pens vs Argentina).

Germany Germany
Group E: (1:2 vs Japan) (1:1 vs Spain) (4:2 vs Costa Rica).

Ghana Ghana
Group H: (2:3 vs Portugal) (3:2  vs South Korea) (0:2 vs Uruguay).

Iran Iran
Group B: (2:6 vs England) (2:0 vs Wales) (0:1 vs USA).

Japan Japan
Group E: (2:1 vs Germany) (0:1 vs Costa Rica) (2:1 vs Spain); Second Round (1:1 aet 1:3 pens vs Croatia).

Mexico Mexico
Group C: (0:0 vs Poland) (0:2 vs Argentina) (2:1 vs Saudi Arabia).

Morocco Morocco
Group F: (0:0 vs Croatia) (2:0 vs Belgium) (2:1 vs Canada); Second Round (0:0 aet 3:0 pens vs Spain); Quarter-finals (1:0 vs Portugal); Semi-finals (0:2 vs France); Third Place Match (1:2 vs Croatia).

Netherlands Netherlands
Group A: (2:0 vs Senegal) (1:1 vs Ecuador) (2:0 vs Qatar); Second Round (3:1 vs USA); Quarter-finals (2:2 aet 3:4 pens vs Argentina).

Poland Poland
Group C: (0:0 vs Mexico) (2:0 vs Saudi Arabia) (0:2 vs Argentina); Second Round (1:3 vs France).

Portugal Portugal
Group H: (3:2 vs Ghana) (2:0 vs Uruguay) ( 1:2 vs South Korea); Second Round (6:1 vs Switzerland); Quarter-finals (0:1 vs Morocco).

Qatar Qatar
Group A: (0:2 vs Ecuador) (1:3 vs Senegal) (0:2 vs Netherlands).

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
Group C: (2:1 Argentina) (0:2 vs Poland) (1:2 vs Mexico).

Senegal Senegal
Group A: (0:2 vs Netherlands) (3:1 vs Qatar) ( 2:1 vs Ecuador); Second Round (0:3 vs England).

Serbia Serbia
Group G: (0:2 vs Brazil) (3:3 vs Cameroon) (2:3 vs Switzerland).

South Korea South Korea
Group H: (0:0 vs Uruguay) (2:3 vs Ghana) (2:1 vs Portugal); Second Round (vs Brazil).

Spain Spain
Group E: (7:0 vs Costa Rica) (1:1 vs Germany) (1:2 vs Japan); Second Round ((0:0 aet 0:3 pens vs Morocco).

Switzerland Switzerland
Group G: (1:0 vs Cameroon) (0:1 vs Brazil) (3:2 vs Serbia); Second Round (1:6 vs Portugal).

Tunisia Tunisia
Group D: (0:0 vs Denmark) (0:1 vs Australia) (1:0 vs France).

Uruguay Uruguay
Group H: (0:0 vs South Korea) (0:2 vs Portugal) (2:0 vs Ghana).

Group B: (1:1 vs Wales) (0:0 vs England) (1:0 vs Iran); Second Round (1:3 vs Netherlands).

Wales Wales
Group B: (1:1 vs USA) (0:2 vs Iran) (0:3 vs England).

Second Round

Qualified for the Knockout Stage

Argentina Argentina; Australia Australia; Brazil Brazil; Croatia Croatia; England England; France France; Japan Japan; Morocco Morocco; Netherlands Netherlands; Poland Poland; Portugal Portugal; Senegal Senegal; South Korea South Korea; Spain Spain; Switzerland Switzerland; USA USA.

Kick off times (Central European Time)

Saturday, 3rd December

Netherlands Netherlands vs USA USA
Khalifa International Stadium

Attack and counter attack was the overall theme for the first forty-five minutes of the first Second Round game in the Khalifa International Stadium at Qatar 2022.

Goal After falling behind to a Memphis Depay goal in the tenth minute, the Americans weren't shy to give it a go and get back on level terms before the break.

Goal Unfortunately, this played into Dutch hands as Daley Blind doubled the advantage seconds before the half-time team talk.

Total Football was back.

Second Half

USA continued to search for a goal after the break.

Goal With plenty of passion and a lucky flick, the Americans were back in the game, with a quarter of an hour still to play.

Goal The game was turning into a classic; as another goal for the Dutch followed, just five minutes later.

Could this finally be the year for the Never won the World Cup Land?

Final Score:
Netherlands Netherlands 3 - USA USA 1
1:0 Memphis Depay (10)
2:0 Daley Blind (45 +1)
2:1 Haji Wright (76)
3:1 Denzel Dumfries (81)

Argentina Argentina vs Australia Australia
Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium.

It's the AA match in the ABA Stadium; Argentina vs Australia in the Ahmad Bin Ali.

With no real direction and no sense of urgency it looked like we were in for a long evening of stalemate, extra-time nothingness and nail-biting penalty misses.

Goal That was until Lionel Messi - playing his thousandth match - sent a grass-cutter through the outstretched leg of an Australian defender and the stretching arm of a bemused Mathew Ryan, in the 35th minute. Australia tried to keep it tight but couldn't do it right. Switch off and Messi switches on.

Second Half

Goal A more pressing Argentina doubled their advantage in the 57th minute when Julián Álvarez pounced on a mistake by the seemingly sleep-walking Matt Ryan.

Goal Sometimes you need a little bit of luck, and Australia got just that with thirteen minutes to go. Craig Goodwin will take the deflection any day of the week.

A crucial Lisandro Martinez tackle blocked Aziz Behich's attempt to equalise shortly after.

Then it was the turn of Emiliano Martínez to deny Australia right at the very end. A much better second-half by far.

Final Score:
Argentina Argentina 2 - Australia Australia 1
1:0 Lionel Messi (35)
2:0 Julián Álvarez (57)
2:1 Craig Goodwin (77)

Sunday, 4th December

France France vs Poland Poland
Al Thumama Stadium.

Goal Scoring his 52nd goal, Olivier Giroud became France's leading goalscorer when he took the initiative against Poland, just before half-time.

Second Half

Sometimes you just have to keep plugging away and believe that the opening will come.

Goal France did that to good effect with a free-flowing move that caught Poland square; Kylian Mbappé showing his class yet again to add the haute couture finishing touch.

Goal Kylian Mbappé just scores for fun and makes goals out of almost nothing. Totally in a class of his own.

Goal Robert Lewandowski scored a consolation penalty, at the second attempt, after alnost 100 minutes on the clock.

Final Score:
France France 3 - Poland Poland 1
1:0 Olivier Giroud (44)
2:0 Kylian Mbappé (74)
3:0 Kylian Mbappé (90 +1)
3:1 Robert Lewandowski (90 +9 pen)

England England vs Senegal Senegal
Al Bayt Stadium.

As the game slipped slowly towards half-time, it looked like Senegal could have felt they had the edge.

Goal Indeed, they did; until a swift break down the left saw the ball pulled across low into the Senegal area and Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson gave England a lead they might not have deserved.

The Senegal players obviously felt the same and couldn't believe the situation they were in. So much so that they struggled to start the ignition and release the hand-brake.

Goal In the last action of the half, England captain Harry Kane finished off another swift England attack from the edge of the box, to get off the mark in the Quatar 2022 World Cup Finals.

Second Half

Goal Nerves were settled after Bukayo Saka made light work of England's third goal, shortly before the hour.

Final Score:
England England 3 - Senegal Senegal 0
1:0 Jordan Henderson (38)
2:0 Harry Kane (45 +3)
3:0 Bukayo Saka (57)

Monday, 5th December

Japan Japan vs Croatia Croatia
Al Janoub Stadium.

Goal A well worked corner on the right resulted in a muchl-deserved lead for Japan just before the break.

Second Half

Goal Croatia levelled ten minutes after half-time. An important header from Ivan Perisic; to take the game to extra-time and penalties.

Final Score:
Japan Japan 1 - Croatia Croatia 1 (aet) (1:3 penalties)
1:0 Daizen Maeda (43)
1:1 Ivan Perisic (55)

Croatia won on penalties; Dominik Livakovic saving three.

Brazil Brazil vs South Korea South Korea
Stadium 974.

South Korea were given an education in the art of football at the Stadium 974.

Goal With Pele watching from his hospital bed, Brazil put on a four-goal, first-half extravaganza to remind the Brazilian legend of the good old days.

Final Score:
Brazil Brazil 4 - South Korea South Korea 1
1:0 Vinícius Júnior (7)
2:0 Neymar (13 pen)
3:0 Richarlison (29)
4:0 Lucas Paquetá (36)
4:1 Paik Seung-Ho (76)

Tuesday, 6th December

Morocco Morocco vs vs Spain Spain
Education City Stadium.

No goals in ninety minutes.

No goals in extra-time.

No goals for Spain in the penalties either.

Well: the first. from Pablo. Sarabia hit the post; the second from Carlos Soler was saved and so was the third; from the experienced Sergio Busquets.

Morocco take the prize; a place in the quarter-finals.

Final Score:
Morocco Morocco 0 - Spain Spain 0 (aet) (3:0 penalties)

Portugal Portugal vs Switzerland Switzerland
Lusail Stadium.

Portugal finally realised that football is a team game and left Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench.

Goal Goal Goal His replacement, twenty-one year-old Goncalo Ramos, scored three to demolish any Swiss hopes of getting through to extra-time and penalties.

Final Score:
Portugal Portugal 6 - SwitzerlandSwiterland 1
1:0 Goncalo Ramos (17)
2:0 Pepe (33)
3:0 Goncalo Ramos (51)
4:0 Raphaël Guerreiro (55)
4:1 Manuel Akanji (58)
5:1 Goncalo Ramos (67)
6:1 Rafael Leão (90 +2)


Friday, 9th December

Croatia Croatia vs Brazil Brazil
Education City Stadium.

A lively start from Croatia and Brazil gave the first quarter-final at Qatar 2022 a promising feel to it; a great feast of attack and counter-attacking football for the appreciative fans.

No playing around with the ball at the back, just get the supporters on the edge of their seats.

Second Half

Without a goal to show for all the action in the first forty-five minutes though, the second-half continued in much the same vein.

Substitutes from both sides couldn't break the deadlock either.

Not for want of trying. Both sides fought for every ball, pushed for every chance, robbed each other of half-chances and didn't take their foot off the pedal once.

It would be unfair to say that Brazil had the edge; but they probably did.

Brazil were frustrated, not by the negativity of Croatia but by Croatia's total ambition and perseverance.

No dance routines for Brazil this time out; and a second game of extra-time for Croatia at the Qatar 2022 World Cup Finals.

Croatia had the best chance towards the end of the first period of extra-time.

Goal Then tragedy struck for Croatia, as Neymar came to life and managed to hold off his defender before rounding Dominik Livakovic to level the record 77 number of goals scored for Brazil, with Pele, at the end of the first period of extra-time.

Goal Croatia deserved their equaliser with a break down the left; a low cross into the middle finished off with a deflected left-foot shot from Bruno Petkovic.

And on to Penalties.

Croatia's Dominik Livakovic saved Brazil's first penalty and Marquinhos hit the post with their fourth one.

Having gone first, Croatia scored all four of their penalties. Neymar didn't get the chance to take a penalty at all.

Final Score:
Croatia Croatia 1 - Brazil Brazil 1 (aet) (4:2 penalties)
0:1 Neymar (105 +1)
1:1 Bruno Petkovic (117)

Netherlands Netherlands vs Argentina Argentina
Lusail Stadium.

Nothing like the same intesity was shown at the start of the second quarter-final.

Goal The deadlock was finally broken in the 35th minute when Lionel Messi's left foot through ball was gratefully received by Nahuel Molina.

Goal A sublime spot kick from Lionel Messi doubled Argentina's lead and looked like enough to seal a place in the semi-final for Argentina, against Croatia.

Netherlands brought on the big men and looked for long balls and crosses to get back in the game.

Goal A powerful header from Dutch substitute, Wout Weghorst, seven minutes from time gave Netherlands a glimmer of hope.

De Jong almost equalised with minutes to go. Argentina started to look worried.

Goal Then the Dutch did the unbelievable, in the very last minute of the ten extra minutes added on to extra-time, due to heated encounters from the sidelines, an inspirational free-kick by Teun Koopmeiners was rolled into the Argentinian penalty area; for Wout Weghorst to slip the ball past a stunned Lautaro Martínez.

Into Extra-time.

After all the excitement in the final minutes of normal time, the return to a passing game was like watching milk turn to cheese.

Lionel Messi started to look tired. What was Argentina without an engine in the engine room?

Then the intensity returned to Argentina's game with five minutes left and Enzo Fernández saw his shot hit the post just before the dreaded penalty shoot-out.


Emiliano Martínez saved Virgil van Dijk's lead attempt.

Messi made no mistake.

Then Martínez saved again; from Steven Berghuis.

Lautaro Martínez made it two for Argentina. The scene was set.

Final Score:
Netherlands Netherlands 2 - Argentina Argentina 2 (aet) (3:4 penalties)
0:1 Nahuel Molina (35)
0:2 Lionel Messi (73 pen)
1:2 Wout Weghorst (83)
2:2  Wout Weghorst (90 +11)

Saturday, 10th December

Morocco Morocco vs Portugal Portugal
Al Thumama Stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo was again on the bench for Portugal, at the start.

Goal After forty minutes of whistling encouragement from the Moroccan fans, Morocco finally registered the goal they so desired; Youssef En-Nesyri leaping above Costa's flapping hands to head in a high ball from the left.

Bruno Fernandes could have leveled for Portugal, just before the break, had his cross shot from the right of the area dipped enough instead of glancing off the crossbar.

Second Half

In an attempt to get back on level terms and stay in the tournament, Portugal made a double substitution in the 51st minute; Cristiano Ronaldo and João Cancelo on for Rúben Neves and Raphaël Guerreiro.

Hat-trick hero against Switzerland, Goncalo Ramos, had been pretty quiet for the first hour.

A big save by Yassine Bounou to thwart João Félix in the 82nd minute kept the North African dream alive.

Then a block save from a determined Ronaldo in the 90th just about sealed it. But with ten minutes added on, anything could still happen.

Two yellow cards in the space of a few minutes for Moroccan substitute, Walid Cheddira, added yet another twist to what was turning out to be a real helter-skelter tournament in another 'injury time' moment of pain.

Yet Morocco continued to attack; determined to succeed.

Ronaldo finally left the field in tears. Congratulations Morocco.

Final Score:
Morocco Morocco 1 - Portugal Portugal 0
1:0 Youssef En-Nesyri (42)

England  England vs France France
Al Bayt Stadium.

England and France last met at a World Cup Finals when Bryan Robson's England played Michel Platini's France in Bilbao on the sixteenth of June, at Spain 82.

Bryan Robson hooked England in front, with just 27 seconds of their opening game at the tournament played, after Terry Butcher flicked on Steve Coppell's long throw-in from the right.

That was forty years ago. I was at the game but these players were not even born. Now the world is at their feet.

But they have to beat the World Champions first and that wouldn't be easy, especially at a goal down at half-time.

Goal Aurélien Tchouaméni had given France the lead in the 17th minute.

Harry Kane was later denied by his Tottenham team mate, here playing in goal for France.

So it would now all rest on Gareth Southgate's team talk to turn things around.

Second Half

Don't panic.

A solid start down the left for England, and Hugo Lloris was made to work to keep England out and help prove that he wasn't France's weakest link.

The sustained pressure paid off when Bukayo Saka managed to draw a penalty for England.

Goal Harry Kane thought twice, struck the spot-kick firmly past his club goalkeeper, equalled Wayne Rooney's England goalscoring record and brought the fourth quarter-final back to life.

Jordan Pickford made a crucial save from Olivier Giroud in the 77th minute.

Goal A minute later and France's record scorer was back, to head in Antoine Griezeman's cross from the left.

The referee was called to look at the VAR and a penalty was given to England for a barge in the back of Mason Mount.

The pressure of a second penalty against his club goalkeeper might been too much for Harry Kane; as he blasted the ball high, with six minutes left to play.

Even with eight minutes added on, the gulf seemed too wide for England.

With England's last chance, Marcus Rashford's free-kick just missed the target.

Final Score:
England England 1 - France France 2
0:1 Aurélien Tchouaméni (17)
1:1 Harry Kane (54 pen)
1:2 Olivier Giroud (78)


Tuesday, 13th December

Argentina Argentina vs Croatia Croatia (3:0) - Lusail Stadium.
1:0 Lionel Messi (34 pen)
2:0 Julián Álvarez (39)
3:0 Julián Álvarez (69)

After taking the lead through a Lionel Messi penalty, in the 34th minute, two more goals from Julián Álvarez made sure there was no way back for Croatia.

Wednesday, 14th December

France France vs Morocco Morocco (2:0) - Al Bayt Stadium.
1:0 Theo Hernández (5)
2:0 Randal Kolo Muani (79)

France make it back-to-back World Cup Finalists after ending the African dream.

Third  Place Match]

Saturday, 17th December

Croatia Croaria vs Morocco Morocco (2:1) - Khalifa International Stadium.
1:0 Josko Gvardiol (7)
1:1 Achraf Dari (9)
2:1 Mislav Orsic (42)

2022 World Cup Final

Sunday, 18th December

Argentina Argentina vs France France (3:3 aet 4:2 penalties) - Lusail Stadium.
1:0 Lionel Messi (23 pen)
2:0 Ángel Di María (36)
2:1 Kylian Mbappé (80)
2:2 Kylian Mbappé (81)
3:2 Lionel Messi (108)
3:3 Kylian Mbappé (118 pen)

From the start, Argentina looked like they wanted the World Cup more.

A dubious penalty decision got them off and running then Angel Di Maria, Argentina's best player in the first-half, added a second.

With Angel di Maria taken off, just after the hour, Argentina's threat on the left was greatly reduced.

It took a penalty in the 80th minute to bring France back to life, Mbappe could believe again and equalised just a minute later.

A vital save from Hugo Lloris prevented Lionel Messi giving Argentina the trophy in the final minute of time added on.

The Argentina bench wept in the 108th minute, when they thought Lionel Messi had given them a final victory, but ten minutes later the whole of Argentina were in tears as Kylian Mbappé levelled from the spot; to claim his World Cup final hat-trick.

Probably the best World Cup Final ever, with the winner decided on penalties.

How many appearances each country has made in the World Cup Finals.

World Cup Finals

Uruguay 1930:
Uruguay trailed Argentina at half-time (1:2) but replied with three goals in the second half; to win the first ever World Cup Final (4-2) on July 30th, 1930.

Italy 1934:
Italy were one of the countries who missed out on the vote to host the first World Cup but managed to win the prestigious golden trophy for the home fans.

France 1938:
The third World Cup was held in Europe for a second time, although Germany had annexed Austria, and Spain was in civil turmoil.

Brazil 1950:
Although no cup-final as such, Uruguay and Brazil went into their final game with the winner guaranteed to be champions; a draw would be enough for Brazil.

Switzerland 1954:
The fifth World Cup tournament produced a record number of goals, including a 7:5 encounter between Austria and Switzerland in Lausanne.

Sweden 1958:
Brazil presented a 17 year-old Pele to the world; who went on to claim a hat-trick in Brazil's 5:2 semi-final win over France and bag another two in the final.

Chile 1962:
Czechoslovakia overcame Hungary in the quarter-finals and Yugoslavia in the semis, while Brazil took care of England and the host nation, Chile.

England 1966:
Geoff Hurst scored a hat-trick, in the final against West Germany, as England triumphed in a thrilling game watched by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Mexico 1970:
1970 belonged to Pelé, who earned his third World Cup winners' medal when Brazil got their hands on the Jules Rimet Cup.... for keeps.

W. Germany 1974:
Johan Cruyff was the player of the tournament as total football became the buzzword of the day, even though Holland lost to West Germany in the 1974 final.

Argentina 1978:
Holland contested the 1978 World Cup Final, in Argentina, for the second time in a row. As in West Germany, they again finished runners-up; to the hosts.

Spain 1982:
The Spain 82 World Cup finals increased to 24 teams and the format was changed to have two group stages, with four second-round groups of three.

Mexico 1986:
In 1986, Mexico became the first nation to stage the World Cup Finals for a second time; having only staged the competition sixteen years previously.

Italy 1990:
In 1990, Italy became the World Cup of stalemates. Both semi-finals were drawn out through penalty kicks. In the final itself, the only goal came from the spot.

USA 1994:
Once Team US had played a few games most of the nation began to understand they were hosting the greatest show on earth and how the game was played.

France 1998:
France became the sixth nation to win the World Cup on home soil. Thirty-two teams competed in the 16th World Cup; better known as France 98.

Korea-Japan 2002:
The 17th World Cup, held in Korea and Japan, was the first World Cup finals to be shared by two hosts and the first to be held in Asia.

Germany 2006:
The 2006 World Cup Finals ran from 9th June to 9th July; the opening match in Munich and the final in Berlin. Munich and Dortmund hosted the semi-finals.Full coverage of the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany with background information on all 32 teams.

South Africa 2010:
Eighty years after the First World Cup Finals in Uruguay, the world's most prestigious football competition was finally hosted on the African continent.

Brazil 2014:
Five times World Cup Champions, Brazil, get a second chance to hold the prestigious World Cup Finals; 64 years after they last hosted the tournament.

Russia 2018:
VAR made its World Cup debut and set out to change the course of a game with some crucial rule infringement watching and vital on the spot decisions.

Qatar 2022:
When FIFA executives met in Zurich to decide on who would host the 2018 and 2022 World Cup Finals, Qatar was probably the biggest surprise to many.

United 2026:
The 2026 FIFA World Cup Finals will be jointly hosted by Canada, Mexico and the United States. The United Bid won the hosting rights ahead of Morocco.

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