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Korea-Japan 2002: Group Stage

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Korea-Japan 2002: Groups - Matches - Road to the Final - Stadiums - Teams + Bookings + Injuries + Leading Goalscorers.
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The World United Through Football Monday June 10th, 2002

Travel to Portugal Portugal vs Travel to Poland Poland in Jeonju (4:0)

Pedro Pauletta Pounces For Portugal

Poland approached the game with three strikers, while Portugal hoped Luis Figo would have a better game than he did against America.

Leading Goalscorers 1:0
Pedro Pauleta drove the ball between a diving Jerzy Dudek and his right post to put Portugal ahead on fourteen minutes.

The rain started to come down stronger and made the playing conditions harder as Hugh Dallas produced four yellow cards in ten minutes; three of them going to Portugal.

Poland may have started the game hoping for goals from at least one of their three strikers, but without much service they were still in a drought.

Half-time: Portugal 1 - Poland 0

Vitor Baia again looked less than confident going up for crosses and Poland should have been looking to send more of them in to make him feel uncomfortable, instead of trying to shoot directly at him.

Leading Goalscorers 2:0
Pauleta doubled the score on 65 minutes; getting in the box to slide the ball between Marek Kozminski and Jerzy Dudek.

Leading Goalscorers 3:0
Pauleta earned his hat-trick in the 77th minute - turning Tomasz Waldoch twice before shooting across Jerzy Dudek.

Leading Goalscorers 4:0
Rui Costa rounded up a great Portuguese performance against a lackluster Poland by latching onto Capucho's perfect return pass - 88 mins.

Rui Costa could have made it 5-0 in the last minute of normal time but took too long trying to go alone and his final shot was cleared off the line.

Poland ran out of ideas and kissed their World Cup tournament good-bye, while Portugal still have to beat South Korea or hope that Poland can beat the United States if Portugal draw with the hosts.

Final Score:
Travel to Portugal Portugal 4 - Travel to Poland Poland 0

Man of the Match:
Pedro Pauleta -  His goals brought renewed life to Portugal's World Cup campaign.

Red and Yellow Cards in the 2002 World Cup Yellow Cards:
Piotr Swierczewski (21 mins)
Nuno Frechaut (25 mins)
Jorge Costa (27 mins)
Rui Jorge (31 mins)
Arkadiusz Bak (39 mins)

The Teams

1 Vitor Baia; 2 Jorge Costa, 5 Fernando Couto, 18 Nuno Frechaut (22 Beto - 63 mins), 23 Rui Jorge; 17 Paulo Bento, 11 Sergio Conceicao (19 Capucho - 69 mins), 7 Luis Figo, 20 Petit; 9 Pedro Pauleta, 8 Joao Pinto (10 Rui Costa - 60 mins).

1 Jerzy Dudek; 6 Tomasz Hajto, 21 Marek Kozminski, 15 Tomasz Waldoch, 4 Michal Zewlakow (5 Tomasz Rzasa - 71 mins); 10 Radoslav Kaluzny (17 Arkadiusz Bak - 17 mins), 18 Jacek Krzynowek, 7 Piotr Swierczewski; 9 Pavel Kryszalowicz, 11 Emmanuel Olisadebe, 19 Maciej Zurawski (14 Marcin Zewlakow - 56 mins).

Referee: Hugh Dallas Travel to Scotland

Teams by Group

2002 FIFA World Cup matches in Korea
In Korea

Group A
Travel to Denmark Denmark, Travel to France France, Travel to Senegal Senegal, Travel to Uruguay Uruguay.

Group B
Travel to Paraguay Paraguay, Travel to Slovenia Slovenia, Travel to Spain Spain, Travel to South Africa South Africa.

Group C
Travel to Brazil Brazil, Travel to China China, Travel to Costa Rica Costa Rica, Travel to Turkey Turkey.

Group D
Travel to Poland Poland, Travel to Portugal Portugal, Travel to South Korea South Korea, Travel to USA United States.

Korea First Round Matches.

2002 FIFA World Cup matches in Japan
In Japan

Group E
Travel to Cameroon Cameroon, Travel to Germany Germany, Travel to Ireland Republic of Ireland, Travel to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia.

Group F
Travel to Argentina Argentina, Travel to England England, Travel to Nigeria Nigeria, Travel to Sweden Sweden.

Group G
Travel to Croatia Croatia, Travel to Ecuador Ecuador, Travel to Italy Italy, Travel to Mexico Mexico.

Group H
Travel to Belgium Belgium, Travel to Japan Japan, Travel to Russia Russia, Travel to Tunisia Tunisia.

Japan First Round Matches.

The Road to the Final

2002 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

Group Tables - Leading Goalscorers.

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Group Matches

Friday, May 31
France vs Senegal

Saturday, June 1
Ireland vs Cameroon
Uruguay vs Denmark
Germany vs S. Arabia

Sunda, June 2
Argentina vs Nigeria
Paraguay vs S. Africa
England vs Sweden
Spain vs Slovenia

Monday, June 3
Croatia vs Mexico
Brazil vs Turkey
Italy vs Ecuador

Tuesday, June 4
China vs Costa Rica
Japan vs Belgium
S. Korea vs Poland

Wednesday, June 5
Russia vs Tunisia
USA vs Portugal
Germany vs Ireland

Thursday, June 6
Denmark vs Senegal
Cameroon vs S. Arabia
France vs Uruguay

Friday, June 7
Sweden vs Nigeria
Spain vs Paraguay
Argentina vs England

Saturday, June 8
S. Africa vs Slovenia
Italy vs Croatia
Brazil vs China

Sunday, June 9
Mexico vs Ecuador
Costa Rica vs Turkey
Japan vs Russia

Monday, June 10
South Korea vs USA
Tunisia vs Belgium
Portugal vs Poland

Tuesday, June 11
Denmark vs France
Senegal vs Uruguay
Cameroon vs Germany
S. Arabia vs Ireland

Wednesday, June 12
Sweden vs Argentina
Nigeria vs England
South Africa vs Spain
Slovenia vs Paraguay

Thursday, June 13
Costa Rica vs Brazil
Turkey vs China
Mexico vs Italy
Ecuador vs Croatia

Friday, June 14
Tunisia vs Japan
Belgium vs Russia
Portugal vs S. Korea
Poland vs USA

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Second Round

The last 16 continued on the Road to Yokohama, with four games in South Korea and four games in Japan.

Group A winner and runner-up went to Japan.

Group B winner and runner-up stayed in Korea.

Group C winner and runner-up went to Japan.

Group D winner and runner-up stayed in Korea.

Group E winner and runner-up went to Korea.

Group F winner and runner-up stayed in Japan.

Group G winner and runner-up went to Korea.

Group H winner and runner-up stayed in Japan.

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