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Join in with  football fans from around the world for some online fun.

Fantasy Premier League:
The official Premier League fantasy football game that attracts millions of users. Build a squad of fifteen players within a limited budget and watch the player values rise and fall, depending on the trading inclinations of other fantasy managers.

Draft League:
Once you have logged in or registered click on 'Start' and then 'Join a league'. You can then enter the league code 53780-1524 to join the league.

Play Fantasy Football With Friends Online

Fantasy Football

Sky Sports Fantasy Football:
The Sky Sports fantasy game is free to enter and offers a cash prize to the winning manager. Pick a team of eleven players and change your captain daily.

UEFA Champions League:
Same format as the Fantasy Premier League game and a great way to keep on top of the best in European Football.

Prediction Games

FIFA Match Predictor:
Predict results from football matches around the world.

Talk Sport Predictor: Code 87cti
Predict the Premier League scores correctly to win one million pounds.

Draft Leagues

The concept of picking players and running a contest based on statistic scoring has been around since shortly after World War II.

Running a Draft League is always a lot of fun but setting the initial draft order can be something of a lottery.

Do you want a Serpentine Draft, Random Every Round, or Random Every Odd Round?

If you're all together in one place, pulling names out of a hat adds the most suspense and can be seen by all managers.

But what if you're playing online, with managers from around the world; in different time zones?

Personally, I like the Draft Randomizer - where you can choose from the three methods listed above and have all managers e-mailed, as the draw is made; so there should be no trickery from the commissioner involved.

A very American way of doing things, with a multitude of options and a host of other fantasy sports bundled - but that's not a bad thing. Footy fans can choose between the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and MLS.

Join a League.

Other Places to Play Fantasy Football Online

Classic Fantasy League:
Fantasy League Limited started back in 1991. Entering a team costs from £10 for a chance to win the £10,000 first prize.

Dream Team:
Although 'technically' you don't need to pay to play The Sun's fantasy football game, you need to upgrade to be in with a chance to win a share of £1,000,000 prize pool exclusive to Club Dream Team members.

Telegraph Fantasy Football:
Telegraph Fantasy Football should be back shortly for the new 2017/18 Premier League season.

Fantasy Blogs and Tips - Writing About Fantasy Football

This is by no means a listing of all the blogs covering fantasy football but a small indication of some of the better ones being regularly updated.

Fantasy Football Scout:
The latest football news and opinions on how it could affect your fantasy football team in the English Premier League.

They call it soccer, so much of the focus is on MLS picks and rankings. You  might even read about home runs if you're not careful.

That said, some 'Fantasy Soccer News', gleaned from national and regional papers, does cover the Premier League; with an added Fantasy Analysis.

The Scout:
At the Premier League's fantasy headquarters it's all about reviews and previews of the essential numbers that could affect your team selection.

Fantasy Football 247.

Fantasy Football Geek.

Fantasy Footbal Strategist.

American Football - or Major League Soccer

For fans of Major League Soccer.

Seasons run from late March or early April to November.

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A Different League.

Goal - New York Times.

Inside Futbol.

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Metro Football News.

Who Ate All The Pies.

The World United Through Football Euro 2020 - Around Europe

The Euro 2020 finals (Postponed due to Covid) will be staged in 13 cities around Europe; marketed as a 'EURO for Europe'.

The UEFA Executive Committee appointed the host cities in September 2014, with a maximum of one venue per country allowed.

Three Group Games & One Round of 16 Game

Travel to Holland Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Travel to Spain Bilbao, Spain.
Travel to Belgium Brussels, Belgium.
Travel to Romania Bucharest, Romania.
Travel to Hungary Budapest, Hungary.
Travel to Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark.
Travel to Ireland Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
Travel to Scotland Glasgow, Scotland.

Three Group Games & One Quarter-Final

Travel to Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan.
Travel to Germany Munich, Germany.
Travel to Italy Rome, Italy.
Travel to Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia.

London 2020

Hosts for the Euro 2020 final and semi-finals.

Travel to England London, England.

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