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Ecuador Travel Notes -- Otavalo is usually the first stop for visitors to Ecuador. It is only a short drive from Quito, and many tourists choose to shoot the Indian Market in the morning and return to the capital in the afternoon. Find out more about Ecuador @ Travel Notes.

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Ecuador in the World Cup Finals

World Cup Appearances:
Korea-Japan 2002 was Ecuador's 1st appearance in the World Cup Finals.

Best World Cup Performance:
Qualifying for the Korea-Japan 2002 World Cup Finals.

Ecuador in the 2002 World Cup

Federación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol
Group G

Italy vs Ecuador

Ecuador kicked-off but it was Italy who quickly stamped their mark on the game.

Mexico vs Ecuador

Ecuador managed to score their first goal in a World Cup finals but have still to earn a point, as this win puts Mexico three points ahead of Italy.

Ecudor vs Croatia

On their first appearance in the World Cup finals, Ecuador did well to beat the third-placed team from France 1998.

Knockout Stage

Ecuador failed to qualify for the Second Round.

Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol.

Federación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol.

Ecuador World Cup Squad


1 José Cevallos (Barcelona)
12 Oswaldo Ibarra (El Nacional)
22 Daniel Viteri (Emelec)


2 Augusto Poroso (Emelec)
3 Iván Hurtado (La Piedad)
4 Ulises De La Cruz (Hibernian)
6 Raul Guerron (Deportivo Quito)
14 Juan Carlos Burbano (El Nacional)
15 Marlon Ayoví (Deportivo Quito)
17 Geovanni Espinoza (Espoli)


5 Alfonso Obregon (Delfin)
7 Nicolás Asencio (Barcelona)
8 Luis Gomez (Barcelona)
10 Alex Aguinaga (Necaxa)
16 Cléber Chalá (Southampton)
19 Edison Mendez (Deportivo Quito)
20 Edwin Tenorio (Aucas)
21 Wellington Sánchez (Emelec)
23 Walter Ayoví (Emelec)


9 Iván Kaviedes (Celta Vigo)
11 Agustín Delgado (Southampton)
13 Angel Fernández (El Nacional)
18 Carlos Tenorio (Liga de Quito)

Hernan Dario Gomez.

Teams by Group

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Korea First Round Matches.

2002 FIFA World Cup matches in Japan
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Japan First Round Matches.

Destination Ecuador

Ecuador Travel Notes:
Find out more about Ecuador @ Travel Notes.

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World Cup Appearances:
How many times each country has made it to the World Cup Finals.

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