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Korea-Japan 2002: Jeonju

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Jeonju hosted two first round matches and one Second Round game.

The 42,370 capacity ground is about 15 minutes from City Hall.

2002 World Cup Match Reports.

Jeonju Stadium

Jeonju Stadium - Korea 2002
Jeonju Stadium

Friday, 7th June:

Group B:
Spain vs Paraguay (3:1)

Monday, 10th June:

Group D:
Portugal vs Poland (4:0)

Monday, 17th June:

Second Round
Mexico vs United States (0:2)

Jeonju Tourism

Jeonju may be considered a little underdeveloped, by modern Korean standards, but a chance to savour the historical tradition of Jeonju should appeal to visitors.

Jeonju was the first capital of the Chosun Dynasty, 900 AD to 936 AD, and is renowned for its cuisine. Be sure to try the local dishes, especially Bibimpap -- a Korean rice dish from the Chosun Era mixed with beef, seasoned vegetables and fried egg.

Also on the regional menu is Kongnamul Gukbap (rice soup mixed with bean-sprout) and mung-bean jelly.

Popular attractions around Jeonju include Daga Park, Deokjin Park, Unseokgol, Jeonju Zoo, Central Park, and the Ancient House Preservation District.

Historical Sights

There are also many sights of historical significance around Jeonbuk province.

Jeonju Transportation

By Bus

Jeonju Terminal

Regular buses connect Jeonju with Busan (5hrs 15mins), Daegu (3hrs 50mins), Daejeon (1hr 20mins), Gwangju (1hr 40mins), Incheon (3hrs 40mins), Seoul (3hrs) and Ulsan (5hrs).

There is no subway in Jeonju.

Jeonju Accommodation

Jeonju Budget Inns:
Room rates range from 25-30,000 won. The inns don't have many rooms so you're advised to reserve in advance.

Matches in Korea.

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