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Knockout Stage at France 1998

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The World United Through Football
Second Round matches at France 98 played on Saturday, 27th June.

Travel to Brazil Brazil vs Travel to Chile Chile in Paris (4:1).

Travel to Italy Italy vs Travel to Norway Norway in Marseilles (1:0).

Italy vs Norway in Marseilles: (16:00)

There was a lot of debate about Tore Andre Flo and the penalty against Brazil, but it's history now; and so are Norway.

An early goal for the Squadra Azurra hinders the flow of play in a knock-out game. Even a team trying to find their lone ranger needs to gain possession first.

In the eighteenth minute, Vieri picked up Di Biagio's pass, near the half-way line, and ran through the middle of the field; ignoring Henning Berg at his heels, to end any hopes of a match.

Can Italian fans be happy with such a display?

For most of the game they didn't make much noise; then they get in their cars and blare their horns.

Perhaps Norway didn't like the French food and wanted to get back to Oslo.

Match Rating:
Poor Entertainment, melted like gelato in the sun when Vieri scored the only goal of the game. Italy win (1:0).

Brazil vs Chile in Paris: (21:00)

Brazil steamrollered into the quarter-finals.

Goals from two free-kicks and a penalty, in the first-half, gave Brazil a comfortable lead before the break.

Sampaio beat the offside trap on Dunga's free-kick, in the eleventh minute, to head in the first and side-footed the second into the corner of the goal after; a free-kick from Roberto Carlos slammed through the wall and ricocheted off Bebeto.

A penalty from Ronaldo made it three after he was brought down by Tapia.

Ten minutes into the second-half and Sampaio should have claimed a hat-trick, as another free-kick fell to his feet at the far post.

The tempo slowed in the second-half, until Salas brought the game back to life in the 67th minute; heading in, off Taffarel.

Ronaldo replied within three minutes, with a shot through the keeper's legs and should have scored again, four minutes from the end, when he hit the bar from close-range.

Match Rating:
A thrilling encounter although Chile was not hot enough. Brazil win (4:1).

Teams by Group

Group A
Travel to Brazil Brazil, Travel to Morocco Morocco, Travel to Norway Norway, Travel to Scotland Scotland.

Group B
Travel to Austria Austria, Travel to Cameroon Cameroon, Travel to Chile Chile, Travel to Italy Italy.

Group C
Travel to Denmark Denmark, Travel to France France, Travel to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, Travel to South Africa South Africa.

Group D
Travel to Bulgaria Bulgaria, Travel to Nigeria Nigeria, Travel to Paraguay Paraguay, Travel to Spain Spain.

Group E
Travel to Belgium Belgium, Travel to Holland Holland, Travel to Mexico Mexico, Travel to South Korea South Korea.

Group F
Travel to Germany Germany, Travel to Iran Iran, Travel to USA United States, Travel to Serbia Yugoslavia.

Group G
Travel to Colombia Colombia, Travel to England England, Travel to Romania Romania, Travel to Tunisia Tunisia.

Group H
Travel to Argentina Argentina, Travel to Croatia Croatia, Travel to Jamaica Jamaica, Travel to Japan Japan.

The Road to the Final

1998 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

Group Tables - Leading Goalscorers.

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Second Round
27th June:
Brazil vs Chile
Italy vs Norway

28th June:
France vs Paraguay
Nigeria vs Denmark

29th June:
Germany vs Mexico
Holland vs Yugoslavia

30th June:
Argentina vs England
Romania vs Croatia

3rd July:
Brazil vs Denmark
France vs Italy

4th July:
Croatia vs Germany
Holland vs Argentina

7th July:
Brazil vs Holland

8th July:
France vs Croatia

Third Place
11th July:
Croatia vs Holland

1998 World Cup Final
12th July:
France vs Brazil

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