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Knockout Stage at France 1998

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The World United Through Football
1998 World Cup Final played on Sunday, 12th July.

Travel to Brazil Brazil vs Travel to France France in Saint-Denis (0:3).

Brazil vs France in Saint-Denis: (21:00)

France kicked off the France 1998 World Cup Final and Guivarc'h was near the Brazilian goal in the first minute.

Again on the fifth minute, Guivarc'h rushed onto an excellent move by Zidane.

Brazil tried to slow the game down, to whistles from the French crowd.

On a change of pace, Roberto Carlos came close for Brazil, in the twentieth minute. Then two minutes later, Barthez cut out a poor cross for Bebeto.

Leonardo took the first corner of the game, around the 23rd minute. Rivaldo rose high for the header, but Barthez was equal to it.

Thuram attacked on the right again and France earned their first corner, in the 27th minute. Zidane powered in his header to give France the lead against the World Champions. (0:1)

Ronaldo, in search of an equaliser, fell underneath Barthez.

Things started to look hectic in the middle; Brazil trying to get a few passes together and Zidane intent on stealing the show. Forty minutes gone.

Again the Brazilian defense were in a mess and Petit had plenty of time to get in a shot between Baino and Cafu; just wide. A thrilling World Cup Final so far.

Deschamps; Zidane; Descamps; Desailly; Lizarazu; Deschamps; Barthez. France seemed to slow out towards the end of the first-half; and then the ball was sent up for Guivarc'h to shoot narrowly wide.

Again France were on the attack and another mid-height headed goal for Zidane in injury time. (0:2)

In the second minute of stoppage time, Roberto Carlos tried an ambitious long-range free-kick; cannoning off the head of Guivarc'h for a corner. Barthez landed awkwardly after thumping Rivlaldo on the head.

Half-time: (0:2).

Denilson came on for Leonardo; tried to dummy Djorkaeff and was pushed off instead.

Cafu and Dunga; one-two, on the right of the area and win a corner. Bebeto's corner, a tumble in the area; penalty laughed off.

In the next attack, Dunga's wild attempt at a shot is more dangerous for the cameraman than Barthez.

France start to chorus: 'Allez Les Bleus', then go quite as Brazill attack on the right again. Thuram heads away.

Yellow card for Karrembeau as he slides into Rivaldo and rips up the turf in the process.

Ronaldo could have killed Barthez with his eyes as the French goalkeeper held the Brazilian's fierce shot from six yards.

Boghossian on for Karrembeau; twelve minutes into the second half.

Zagallo wanted to speed things up and threw in the ball to his player near the touchline.

Brazil had the message and, but for Barthez, would have scored. The French maestro managed to get a hand to Bebeto's shot; Desailly finally clearing away.

Guivarc'h had the chance to put the game beyond Brail's reach after another defensive mistake; shot over.

Guivarc'h had too many misses and was replaced by Dugarry, around the 70th minute.

A second yellow card for Desailly, for a late challange on Cafu, saw the Frenchman dismmissed shortly after.

Edmundo came on for Sampaio. The French crowd have been whistling for the last five minutes. Djorkaeff makes way for Vieira.

Brazil seemed to be the side with the ten men. Unbelievably, Dugarry was sent through with time on his hands but let the ball bounce too much and shot wide; with seven minutes to go.

A very slow move from Brazil ended with Denilson skimming his shot across the face of the bar, and the first smile of the tournament from Platini.

Petit sealed it for France with the third goal.

Final Score:
Travel to Brazil Brazil 0 - Travel to France France 3

France are the new World Champions.

Teams by Group

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Group G
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Group H
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The Road to the Final

1998 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

Group Tables - Leading Goalscorers.

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1998 World Cup Final
12th July:
France vs Brazil

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