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Belgium at France 1998

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Belgium in the World Cup Finals

World Cup Appearances:
France 1998 was Belgium's 10th appearance in the World Cup Finals.

Best World Cup Performance:
Belgium are the under-rated plodders of World Cup football, yet they reached the semi-finals in Mexico 1986.

Belgium in the 1998 World Cup

Union Royale Belge des Soci�t�s de Football-Association
Group E

13th June: vs. Holland (0:0) in Saint-Denis.

20th June: vs. Mexico (2:2) in Bordeaux.

25th June: vs. South Korea (1:1) in Paris.

Belgium didn't lose a match in their group, but the South Korean's 71st minute equalizer gave Mexico a chance to get back into their game against Holland; and the tournament.

Perhaps Belgium should have tried to win against Holland, in their opening game, instead of stifling it. They did have the consolation of being co-hosts of Euro 2000 though; along with two years to sharpen up.

Knockout Stage

Belgium failed to qualify for the Second Round.

Union des Associations Européennes de Football.

Union Royale Belge des Sociétés de Football-Association.

Belgium World Cup Squad


1 Filip de Wilde (Anderlecht)
12 Philippe Van de Walle (Aalst)
13 Dany Verlinden (FC Brugge)


2 Bertrand Crasson (Napoli)
4 Gordan Vidovic (Mouscron)
5 Vital Borkelmans (FC Brugges)
16 Glen de Boeck (Anderlecht)
17 Mike Verstraeten (Ekeren)
19 Eric Van Meir (Lierse)
22 Eric Deflandre (FC Brugges)


3 Lorenzo Staelens (FC Brugges)
6 Franky Van der Elst (FC Brugges)
7 Marc Wilmots (Schalke 04)
11 Nico Van Kerckhoven (Lierse)
14 Enzo Scifo (Anderlecht)
15 Philippe Clement (Genk)
21 Danny Boffin (Metz)


8 Luis Oliveira (Fiorentina)
9 Mbo Mpenza (Standard Liege)
10 Luc Nilis (PSV Eindhoven)
18 Gert Verheyen (FC Brugge)
20 Lokonda Mpenza (Standard Liege)

Georges Leekens.

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Destination Belgium

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