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Korea-Japan 2002: Quarter-Final

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The World United Through Football Saturday, June 22nd

Travel to Spain Spain vs Travel to South Korea South Korea in Gwangju (0:0 aet)
South Korea win 5-3 on penalties.

Spain's Penalty Pain Again

Hosts South Korea had already claimed the scalps of Portugal and Italy as they sought to defeat a third European nation.

The Koreans made plenty of early use of the backpass to goalkeeper Lee Woon-Jae, while the home crowd tried to encourage them to press the Spaniards more with their relentless chanting.

With twenty minutes gone, neither goalkeeper had been tested by their opponents..... but in the 24th minute Lee had to punch out a Francisco De Pedro free-kick from the right side of the area.

Two minutes later, Lee Woon-Jae held onto a Fernando Morientes header and was grateful that his left post stopped him from falling over the line with the ball.

Just after the half-hour Hierro headed onto the roof of the net, from a corner, as Spain started to have more of the chances.

Five minutes before the break, Morientes missed a golden opportunity to slip on a right-wing cross from Joaquin Sanchez that goalkeeper Lee failed to cut out. And Spain continued to look the side most likely to score right up to half-time.

Half-time: Spain 0 - South Korea 0

Four minutes after the restart and a Spanish goal was disallowed. Hard to see why; unless you believe in conspiracy theories.

South Korea started to pass the ball around and trouble the Spaniards; Iker Casillas keeping out a close-range drive from Park Ji-Sung, in the 66th minute.

Spain had two days more rest than South Korea but the Europeans started to tire before the Asians as the game went into extra-time; with the game remaining goalless after 90 minutes.


South Korea won against Italy in extra-time and Spain managed to beat Ireland on penalties.... thanks largely to Casillas.

Spain had another goal disallowed, when the linesman judged (falsely) that the ball had gone out of play - before Morientes planted the header.

In the 100th minute, Morientes turned on a long throw and crashed his shot against the left post.... a shot worthy of the golden goal.

Neither side managed to break the other down and score a golden goal.


South Korea - 5

Spain - 3

Hwang Sun-Hong - Scored Fernando Hierro - Scored
Park Ji-Sung - Scored Ruben Baraja - Scored
Seol Ki-Hyun - Scored Xavi - Scored
Ahn Jung-Hwan - Scored Joaquin Sanchez - Saved
Hong Myung-Bo - Scored

Final Score:
Travel to Spain Spain 0 - Travel to South Korea South Korea 0
After Extra Time

South Korea's penalty win gives them a semi-final match with Germany.

Man of the Match:
Lee Woon-Jae - Kept Spain out throughout the game and saved the penalty from Joaquin Sanchez, in the shoot-out.

Red and Yellow Cards in the 2002 World Cup Yellow Cards:
Yoo Sang-Chul (52 mins)
Francisco De Pedro (53 mins)
Fernando Morientes (111 mins)

The Teams

1 Iker Casillas; 15 Enrique Fernandez Romero, 6 Fernando Hierro, 20 Miguel Angel Nadal, 5 Carles Puyol; 8 Ruben Baraja, 11 Francisco De Pedro (16 Gaizka Mendieta - 70 mins), 4 Ivan Helguera (19 Xavi - 93 mins), 22 Joaquin Sanchez, 17 Juan Carlos Valeron (21 Luis Enrique - 80 mins); 9 Fernando Morientes.

South Korea:
1 Lee Woon-Jae; 4 Choi Jun-Chul, 20 Hong Myung-Bo, 7 Kim Tae-Young (18 Hwang Sun-Hong - 90 mins); 22 Song Chong-Gug, 21 Park Ji-Sung, 5 Kim Nam-Il (13 Lee Eul-Young - 32 mins), 6 Yoo Sang-Chul (14 Lee Chun-Soo - 60 mins), 10 Lee Young-Pyo; 19 Ahn Jung-Hwan, 9 Seol Ki-Hyun.

Referee: Gamal Ghandour Travel to Egypt

Teams by Group

2002 FIFA World Cup matches in Korea
In Korea

Group A
Travel to Denmark Denmark, Travel to France France, Travel to Senegal Senegal, Travel to Uruguay Uruguay.

Group B
Travel to Paraguay Paraguay, Travel to Slovenia Slovenia, Travel to Spain Spain, Travel to South Africa South Africa.

Group C
Travel to Brazil Brazil, Travel to China China, Travel to Costa Rica Costa Rica, Travel to Turkey Turkey.

Group D
Travel to Poland Poland, Travel to Portugal Portugal, Travel to South Korea South Korea, Travel to USA United States.

Korea First Round Matches.

2002 FIFA World Cup matches in Japan
In Japan

Group E
Travel to Cameroon Cameroon, Travel to Germany Germany, Travel to Ireland Republic of Ireland, Travel to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia.

Group F
Travel to Argentina Argentina, Travel to England England, Travel to Nigeria Nigeria, Travel to Sweden Sweden.

Group G
Travel to Croatia Croatia, Travel to Ecuador Ecuador, Travel to Italy Italy, Travel to Mexico Mexico.

Group H
Travel to Belgium Belgium, Travel to Japan Japan, Travel to Russia Russia, Travel to Tunisia Tunisia.

Japan First Round Matches.

The Road to the Final

2002 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

Group Tables - Leading Goalscorers.

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2nd Round

Game 1
Germany 1 Paraguay 0

Game 2
Denmark 0 England 3

Game 3
Sweden 1 Senegal 2
After Extra Time

Game 4
Spain 1 Ireland 1
After Extra Time
3:2 Penalties

Game 5
Mexico 0 USA 2

Game 6
Brazil 2 Belgium 0

Game 7
Japan 0 Turkey 1

Game 8
Sth Korea 2 Italy 1
After Extra Time

1/4 Finals

Game C
England 1 Brazil 2

Game A
Germany 1 USA 0

Game B
Spain 0 Sth Korea 0
After Extra Time
3:5 Penalties

Game D
Senegal 0 Turkey 1
After Extra Time

Semi Finals

Semi 1
Germany 1 Sth Korea 0

Semi 2
Brazil 1 Turkey 0

Third Place Match

Saturday, June 29
Sth Korea 2 Turkey 3

2002 World Cup Final

Sunday, June 30
Germany 0 Brazil 2

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Second Round

The last 16 continued on the Road to Yokohama, with four games in South Korea and four games in Japan.

Group A winner and runner-up went to Japan.

Group B winner and runner-up stayed in Korea.

Group C winner and runner-up went to Japan.

Group D winner and runner-up stayed in Korea.

Group E winner and runner-up went to Korea.

Group F winner and runner-up stayed in Japan.

Group G winner and runner-up went to Korea.

Group H winner and runner-up stayed in Japan.

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