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1st Round Matches at France 1998

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The World United Through Football
Group matches at France 98 played on Monday, 15th June.

Travel to England England vs Travel to England Tunisia in Marseilles (2:0).

Travel to Germany Germany vs Travel to USA United States in Paris (2:0).

Travel to Romania Romania vs Travel to Colombia Colombia in Lyon (1:0).

England vs Tunisia in Marseilles: (14:30)

The first corner was awarded to Tunisia.

Exceptional; the ball was sent thirty yards back upfield. Anything wrong with the box?

Baya took on Le Saux quite comfortably, and so do most number 8's each weekend in the Premiership. Why England fans think they have an exceptional squad is beyond me; and I am one too.

Sol Campbell played like a midfielder at times. If you watch the Spurs, then you are used to his play.

I think England missed kebab Gascoigne for the unpredictable. And that is what England were not; they were too predictable.

Alan Shearer headed in for England from a Le Saux free-kick, just before half-time. What was the Tunisian keeper doing? He was already diving for a direct kick; Hoddle was not on the pitch, he is only the coach.

Half-time: (1:0).

The second half was nothing spectacular, with David Seaman having an easy afternoon in goal for England. If he had gone off to the beach at Cassis, he wouldn't have been missed.

At last, lazy Sherringham was replaced by Michael Owen.

Paul Ince laid a ball to Scholes, Ince ran through, clearly offside, but he had nothing to do with further events. Scholes decided it himself.

England have three points, a clean sheet and a vital two goals.

Paul Scholes should have had a hat-trick, but I don't think it's coming home yet.

Final Score:
Travel to England England 2 - Travel to England Tunisia 0

Our Man of the Match:
Paul Scholes.

Romania vs Colombia in Lyon: (17:30)

Romania dominated the first half an hour; the closest chance falling to Moldovan.

Four minitues later, Mondragon made an excellent double save from Ilie and a follow up from Moldovan again.

On the stroke of half-time, Ilie beat two defenders in the area, and chipped the Columbian goalie.

Half-time: (1:0).

In the second half, Ricon let loose for Columbia, but it was wide.

Out of 14 shots in the game, Columbia only managed to get seven on target.

A rather disappointing match.

Final Score:
Travel to Romania Romania 1 - Travel to Colombia Colombia 0

Our Man of the Match:
Adrian Ilie.

Germany vs United States in Paris: (21:00)

Germany threatened first, through Oliver Bierhoff.

On ten minutes, J�rgen Klinsmann headed back a deep corner, for Andy M�ller to nod in.

Half-time: (1:0).

We had to wait until the fiftieth minute of the second-half for a realistic American chance.

Fifteen minutes later, Klinsmann took an excellent cross from Bierhoff, on the chest, and calmly claimed Germany's second.

Brian Maisonneuve found space nine minutes from time, but all Kopke had to do was look at the ball.

Ramos also showed that he can strike the ball, now all he needs to do is get it between the sticks.

Not much for Americans to cheer about; a conservative win for the Germans.

Final Score:
Travel to Germany Germany 2 - Travel to USA United States 0

Our Man of the Match:
Oliver Bierhoff.

Teams by Group

Group A
Travel to Brazil Brazil, Travel to Morocco Morocco, Travel to Norway Norway, Travel to Scotland Scotland.

Group B
Travel to Austria Austria, Travel to Cameroon Cameroon, Travel to Chile Chile, Travel to Italy Italy.

Group C
Travel to Denmark Denmark, Travel to France France, Travel to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, Travel to South Africa South Africa.

Group D
Travel to Bulgaria Bulgaria, Travel to Nigeria Nigeria, Travel to Paraguay Paraguay, Travel to Spain Spain.

Group E
Travel to Belgium Belgium, Travel to Holland Holland, Travel to Mexico Mexico, Travel to South Korea South Korea.

Group F
Travel to Germany Germany, Travel to Iran Iran, Travel to USA United States, Travel to Serbia Yugoslavia.

Group G
Travel to Colombia Colombia, Travel to England England, Travel to Romania Romania, Travel to Tunisia Tunisia.

Group H
Travel to Argentina Argentina, Travel to Croatia Croatia, Travel to Jamaica Jamaica, Travel to Japan Japan.

The Road to the Final

1998 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

Group Tables - Leading Goalscorers.

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Wednesday, 10th June:
Brazil vs Scotland
Morocco vs Norway

Thursday, 11th June:
Cameroon vs Austria
Italy vs Chile

Friday, 12th June:
France vs South Africa
Paraguay vs Bulgaria
Saudi Arabia vs Denmark

Saturday, 13th June:
Holland vs Belgium
South Korea vs Mexico
Spain vs Nigeria

Sunday, 14th June:
Argentina vs Japan
Jamaica vs Croatia
Yugoslavia vs Iran

Monday, 15th June:
England vs Tunisia
Germany vs United States
Romania vs Colombia

Tuesday, 16th June:
Brazil vs Morocco
Scotland vs Norway

Wednesday, 17th June:
Chile vs Austria
Italy vs Cameroon

Thursday, 18th June:
France vs Saudi Arabia
South Africa vs Denmark

Friday, 19th June:
Nigeria vs Bulgaria
Spain vs Paraguay

Saturday, 20th June:
Belgium vs Mexico
Holland vs South Korea
Japan vs Croatia

Sunday, 21st June:
Argentina vs Jamaica
Germany vs Yugoslavia
United States vs Iran

Monday, 22nd June:
Colombia vs Tunisia
Romania vs England

Tuesday, 23rd June:
Brazil vs Norway
Chile vs Cameroon
Italy vs Austria
Scotland vs Morocco

Wednesday, 24th June:
France vs Denmark
Nigeria vs Paraguay
South Africa vs Saudi Arabia
Spain vs Bulgaria

Thursday, 25th June:
Belgium vs South Korea
Germany vs Iran
Holland vs Mexico
United States vs Yugoslavia

Friday, 26th June:
Argentina vs Croatia
Colombia vs England
Japan vs Jamaica
Romania vs Tunisia

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