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Knockout Stage at Germany 2006

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Saturday, 8th July
Hosts Finish on a High Note

Third Place Match

Travel to Germany Germany vs Travel to Portugal Portugal
in Stuttgart

Previous Encounters:
Portugal beat Germany in the Euro 2000 Group A match (3:0). Otherwise their other recent encounters have been close affairs.

In qualifying for France 98, Germany and Portugal drew in Berlin (1:1) and Lisbon (0:0). Germany won the 1996 friendly in Porto (2:1) and West Germany drew the 1990 friendly in Lisbon (1:1).

In qualifying for Mexico 1986, West Germany lost to Portugal in Stuttgart (0:1) and Portugal lost to West Germany in Lisbon (1:2).

The Match:
The Germans are looking at this game as their 'final'; the Klein Finale.

Oliver Kahn had his first real save to make in the fifteenth minute, from Pedro Pauleta; who didn't really gat any height or power on his shot when he ran into the area.

Five minutes later, Ricardo tipped over Sebastian Kehl's left-foot chip, as Germany started to push up more.

A good end-to-end start to this really meaningless game, with Cristiano Ronaldo still getting plenty of boos from the crowd.

Again Ricardo made a good block from Lukas Podolski's powerful drive, from a free-kick on the right edge of the area, with 25 minutes played.

Portugal's closest moment came from a Deco corner, in the 37th minute. With Ollie Kahn rooted to his spot, Simao missed his header, Cristiano Ronaldo hardly moved; as the ball flashed past everyone with Francisco Costinha just not getting there in time at the back post.

Half-time: (0:0)

Just when things started to get boring, Bastian Schweinsteiger came in from the left; seemed to get pushed away from the area but turned and struck the ball past Ricardo, who seemed to be going to his right then had to change direction for the shot. His left hand didn't get near.

Five minutes later, Bastian Schweinsteiger tried to double the score from a free-kick on the left. Portugal's Armando Petit did the job for him, by sticking out his right shin; to help the ball past Ricardo.

Bastian Schweinsteiger took off his shirt (for a yellow card) in celebration of Germany's third goal; after an almost similar move to his first goal.

Well, Ricardo might be able to save penalties but he's looking average today.

Seven minutes from time, Oliver Kahn made a good save from a Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick after almost going the wrong way.

Luis Figo, playing his last international game for Portugal, planted a perfect right-wing cross for Nuno Gomes to dive a header past Oliver Kahn; at the far post.

Final Score:
Travel to Germany Germany 3 - Travel to Portugal Portugal 1

The Germans collected their medals, let off the fireworks and celebtated as if they'd won the World Cup.

Goalscorers Goalscorers:
1:0 Bastian Schweinsteiger (56)
2:0 Armando Petit (own goal, 61)
3:0 Bastian Schweinsteiger (79)
3:1 Nuno Gomes (88)


Germany: (Captain Oliver Kahn)
12 Oliver Kahn; 2 Marcell Jansen, 4 Robert Huth, 16 Philip Lahm, 21 Christoph Metzelder; 5 Sebastian Kehl, 7 Bastian Schweinsteiger, 8 Torsten Frings, 19 Bernd Schneider; 11 Miroslav Klose, 20 Lukas Podolski.

Portugal: (Captain Pedro Pauleta)
1 Alexandre Ricardo; 2 Paulo Ferreira, 4 Miguel Ricardo Costa, 5 Fernando Meira, 14 Nuno Valente; 6 Francisco Costinha, 11 Sabrosa Simao, 17 Cristiano Ronaldo, 18 Nuno Maniche, 20 Anderson Deco; 9 Pedro Pauleta.

Referee: Toru Kamikawa Travel to Japan

Substitutions Substitutions:
46 Mins (Portugal) - 8 Armando Petit on for 6 Francisco Costinha
65 Mins (Germany) - 10 Oliver Neuville on for 11 Miroslav Klose
69 Mins (Portugal) - 21 Nuno Gomes on for 14 Nuno Valente
71 Mins (Germany) - 9 Mike Hanke on for 20 Lukas Podolski
77 Mins (Portugal) - 7 Luis Figo on for 9 Pedro Pauleta
79 Mins (Germany) - 15 Thomas Hitzlsperger on for 7 Schweinsteiger

Yellow Cards 5 Yellow Cards:
8 Mins - Torsten Frings (Germany)
24 Mins - Miguel Ricardo Costa (Portugal)
33 Mins - Francisco Costinha (Portugal)
61 Mins - Paulo Ferreira (Portugal)
79 Mins - Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany)

Red Cards 0 Red Cards.

The Road to Berlin

2006 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

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Third-Place Match

Saturday, 8th July
Germany vs Portugal

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