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Germany 2006: Host Cities

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Germany 2006: Groups - Matches - Road to the Final - Stadiums - Teams + Bookings + Injuries + Leading Goalscorers.
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Stadiums for the Germany 2006 World Cup Finals:

Where Munich staged the opening game and Berlin hosted the final.

World Cup Stadiums in Germany 2006

Travel around Germany for the 2006 World Cup Finals should be a breeze.

With an excellent road and rail network, not to mention cheap international and internal flights (if booked in advance), football fans in Germany will enjoy moving between the host cities with relative ease.

Tickets to the World Cup Finals matches also double as a free travel pass on the public transportation system of the host city concerned.

Driving in Germany: (Car Hire)
If you're thinking about driving between the games, get a good road map of Germany and take time out to get off the Autobahns and discover some of Germany's beautiful countryside and historical smaller towns.

There are no toll fees on the large network of German motorways (Autobahn).

Germany Trip Planner:
Find the best driving routes between cities in Germany.

Travel to/around Germany by Train:
Deutsche Bahn have an excellent train timetable that you can use for connections within Germany or from other departure points in Europe.

Travel to/around Germany by Plane:
Germanwings offer cheaper flights if you book early.

Based in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart with connections to Leipzig (through Cologne) and Munich (through Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg).

Germanwings is also the cheap flight source for fans coming from Croatia, England, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Travel To The 2006 World Cup Host Cities

Visit The Host Cities:
Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Hannover, Kaiserslautern, Köln, Leipzig, München, Nürnberg, Stuttgart.

City Maps:
Find city maps all over Germany.

Embassies and Consulates in Germany:
Of course we hope that no-one runs into problems while following their team at the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany, but accidents and thefts of travel documents do happen.


Germany's south-western state borders on France in the west and with Switzerland and Austria to the south. Their eastern neighbour is Bavaria (Bayern), while the northern neighbours are the states of Hessen and Rhineland Palatinate (Rhineland Pfalz).

The host city in Baden-Württemburg is Stuttgart.

The stadiums in Munich, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Kaiserslautern are all close to Baden-Würtemburg.


The Free State of Bavaria (Freistaat Bayern) forms the southernmost of the 16 states of Germany. Its capital is Munich.

Drivers on the motorway from Innsbruck to Salzburg (in Austria) have to pass through Bayern. This sometimes meant waits at the border (twice) but not any more. Bavaria also borders the Czech Republic.

Germany's Alpine region is in Bavaria; the lakes and mountains making for pleasant winter and summer breaks. Even Adolf Hitler used to stay in the region; building a network of tunnels in the mountain.

World Cup cities in Bayern are München and Nürnberg.

Bayern Verkehr:
Latest road conditions in Bavaria. Also extends into Austria and Northern Italy, if you're coming to region from the south.


The host cities in Nordrhein-Westphalia are Köln, Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen; offering fans the chance to see 16 of the 64 World Cup matches within a 100km radius.

Nordrhein-Westfalen Tourismus:
Some helpful ideas about how to spend your time in the region when there's no football to watch.

Verhkehrsinfo NRW:
Travelling around Nordrhein-Westphalia.

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