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Germany 2006: Gelsenkirchen

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Gelsenkirchen hosts four 1st round games and a quarter-final match in the Arena Auf Schalke - the home of Schalke 04.

Another stadium to fall victim to sponsor re-naming is the Arena Auf Schalke; now the Veltins Arena. FIFA won't be calling it that but the sponsor's name will still get a lot of eyeballs.

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Arena Auf Schalke, Gelsenkirchen

Arena Auf Schalke is one of the most modern stadiums around, with a retractable roof and moveable South Stand (for the pitch to be slid outside). It has a seating capacity of 53,334 for international matches which increases to 61,027 for domestic games; when 16,214 standing places are made available, by removing some of the seats.

There's also an interesting video cube that hangs from the roof to give all spectators a view of the camera angle. Schalke fans can even get married in the arena's very own chapel; closed on matchdays so that neither team can pray for a win.

Gelsenkirchen, Arena Auf Schalke
Gelsenkirchen Arena Auf Schalke

Friday, 9th June
Group A
Poland vs Ecuador (0:2)

Monday, 12th June
Group E
USA vs Czech Republic (0:3)

Friday, 16th June
Group C
Argentina vs Serbia and Montenegro (6:0)

Wednesday, 21st June
Group D
Portugal vs Mexico (2:1)

Saturday, 1st July
1/4 Final
England vs Portugal (0:0 aet)

Getting to the Stadium:

The easiest way to get to the arena by car is to make sure you get on the A2. The 'Gelsenkirchen-Buer' exit is right at the ground, so just follow signs to the car parks on Adenauerallee and Willy-Brandt-Allee.

Users of public transport should take tram 302 from the lower level of Gelsenkirchen railway station (Hauptbahnhof), in the direction of Gelsenkirchen-Buer, and get off at the 'Arena AufSchalke' stop.

Gelsenkirchen by Car: (Car Hire)
To orientate yourself, Gelsenkirchen's main railway station and centre are in the south of this map, Arena Auf Schalke in the middle (the green area near exit numbered 6 on the A2) and Buer is slightly to the north.

Gelsenkirchen Transportation Map:
A high quality PDF file showing transportation routes, street names and attractions. One of the best maps we've seen.

Local Maps:
More high-quality maps for places around Gelsenkirchen for those who can't find a hotel in the city itself. or prefer to base them selves somewhere else.

Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr:
Comprehensive range of public transport services in the North Rhine Westphalia region.

Distances From Gelsenkirchen (By Train)

Most journeys to Gelsenkirchen go via Essen or Frankfurt.

Berlin: 4hrs (via Essen).
Dortmund: 25mins.
Frankfurt: 2hrs 20mins.
Hamburg: 3hrs 15mins (via M�nster).
Hannover: 2hrs 25mins (via Essen).
Kaiserslautern: 4hrs 10mins (via Frankfurt).
Köln: 1hr.
Leipzig: 5hrs 35mins (via Essen).
München: 6hrs (via Essen).
Nürnberg: 4hrs 45mins (via Essen).
Stuttgart: 4hrs (via Frankfurt).

Gelsenkirchen Tourism

Gelsenkirchen is a very old city with Buer its oldest section; first mentioned in historical documents in 1003.

The Ruhrgebiet:
The basis for the Ruhr industrial area was created 350 million years ago. With the formation of bituminous coal deposits in the area bounded by the Ruhr, Rhine and Lippe rivers, the region was predestined to become the unique conurbation it is today.

Gelsenkirchen Attractions:

It's not all about football in Gelsenkirchen.

Gelsenkirchen Tourist Information:
Gelsenkirchen offers a number of special trails that give you an opportunity to leave the attractions on the main regional routes for a while and explore the local sights.

Historical Buildings in Gelsenkirchen:
Historical buildings of note are the Schloss Berge (Berge Castle); L�ttinghoff House; Schloss Horst (Horst Castle); and Bleckkirche, in Bismarck.

Panorama views of Gelsenkirchen:
Swing around on some 360� images from Gelsenkirchen.

Eating Out in Geslenkirchen:

Gelsenkirchen Restaurants:
Brief descriptions of what's likely to be on menu with links to the individual restaurants.

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