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Korea-Japan 2002: Daegu

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Daegu Stadium hosted three first round matches and the Third-place match.

Capacity: 66,040.

2002 World Cup Match Reports.

Daegu Stadium

Daegu Stadium - Korea 2002
Daegu Stadium

Thursday, 6th June:

Group A:
Denmark vs Senegal (1:1)

Saturday, 8th June:

Group B:
South Africa vs Slovenia (1:0)

Monday, 10th June:

Group D:
South Korea vs United States (1:1)

Saturday, 29th June:

Third-Place Match:
South Korea vs Turkey (2:3)

Daegu Tourism

Daegu Tourist Attractions:
Tourist attractions in Downtown Daegu include Gyeongsanggamyeong Park, Bongsan Culture Street, Gukchebosangundongginyeom Park, Dalseong Park and Yaknyeongsi.

Mt. Palgong:
Situated in the northeastern region of Daegu and forming a backdrop to the city, Mt. Palgong's most popular attraction is Donghwasa temple.

Daegu Transportation

By Air

There are weekly flights between Daegu and Osaka (on Friday mornings) and Shanghai (Tuesday and Saturday).

Other international destinations are served via Seoul Gimpo International Airport or Busan-Gimhae International Airport.

Flights to Seoul take around 50 minutes and run 18 times a day.

By Bus

Six city bus lines run from the airport to Downtown Daegu.

A number of companies, operating on different routes, ensure good connections around south Korea.

By Train

Regular trains connect Daegu with Seoul and Busan. The journey takes three and a half, to four hours, depending on the train -  Saemaeul Class is slightly faster than Mugunghwa Class.

Daegu Accommodation

Novotel Daegu City Center:
11-1, Mun-hwa dong, Jung gu, Daegu.
Directly connected to Doran Plaza Shopping Mall, Novotel Daegu City Centre, is centrally located and offers free internet access, a fitness centre and easy access to transportation links.

Where to Stay in Daegu:
There are a good number of clean and accommodating hotels and inns in Daegu. Many recently built clean inns are located in the area of the Hwanggeum Junction(4) in Suseong-gu.

Matches in Korea.

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