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Korea-Japan 2002: Incheon

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Incheon hosted three first round games, including Korea's last group match.

Capacity: 51,000.

2002 World Cup Match Reports.

Incheon Munhak Stadium

Incheon Stadium - Korea 2002
Incheon Stadium

Sunday, 9th June:

Group C:
Costa Rica vs Turkey (1:1)

Tuesday, 11th June:

Group A:
Denmark vs France (2:0)

Friday, 14th June:

Group D:
Portugal vs South Korea (0:1)

Getting to the Stadium

Mun-hak stadium is located in a sports park, 2.5km south of Incheon City Hall. Seohae-an Highway passes south of the stadium or you can get to Mun-hak Stadium Station, on subway line number one.

Training Camps

Three stadiums were made available for World Cup teams to train: Incheon Gong-seol Stadium, Incheon Mun-hak Supporting Stadium and Bucheon Complex Stadium.

Incheon Tourism

The region around the Munhak Stadium is where Incheon history began.

Ruins from the pre-historic era were found here and today the area around the Mun-hak Stadium is very green and accommodates the towns of Mun-hak-san and Incheon-Hyang-gyo.

Incheon Complex Art Hall, Incheon Municipal Museum and Song-am Gallery are all within a 5km radius.

Incheon Sightseeing

Visit Wolmi Island, Incheon Harbour, Yonan Pier, Songdo Amusement Park, Aam Island, Songdo INPIA Observatory, Incheon Grand Park and the City Hall.


If you're looking for authentic Chinese food, it's only a short walk from Incheon subway station.

Grand Bridge

Driving along Airport Expressway to Incheon Airport, the 4.42km long Yeongjong Grand Bridge connects the west coast of Incheon to Yeongjong Island.


From shopping at wholesale markets and department stores to enjoying special events in the Incheon Culture and Art Center.

Songdo Amusement Park

It's not only the kids who enjoy themselves here. Also a great place to savour a variety of cuisine with a few hundred restaurants offering an international kaleidoscope of menus.

Wolmi Island

Enjoy this seaside location or take a one hour cruise out to Yeongjong and Chakyak Islands.

Yeonan Harbour

Just stroll around looking at the boats, visit some of the offshore islands or join the anglers at Namhang Pier for a spot of sea-fishing.

Incheon Transportation

By Air

Incheon International Airport:
Flights from around the world now land on Yeongjong Island.

Airport Transportation

KAL limousine bus runs every 10 minutes to the 18 major downtown hotels. Urban buses also make the journey and of course there are taxis and car-hire.


Incheon Subway Map:
Not a complicated route map but you might want to print it out to reassure yourself.

Incheon Accommodation

Incheon Hotels:
A listing of hotel accommodation in the Incheon area.

Matches in Korea.

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