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Korea-Japan 2002: Seogwipo

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Korea-Japan 2002: Groups - Matches - Road to the Final - Stadiums - Teams + Bookings + Injuries + Leading Goalscorers.
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Seogwipo hosted two first round matches and one Second Round game.

Capacity: 42,256.

2002 World Cup Match Reports.

Jeju World Cup Stadium

Seogwipo Stadium - Korea 2002
Seogwipo Stadium

Saturday, 8th June:

Group C:
Brazil vs China (4:0)

Wednesday, 12th June:

Group B:
Slovenia vs Paraguay (1:3)

Saturday, 15th June:

Second Round
Germany vs Paraguay (1:0)

Getting to Seogwipo Stadium

The Jeju World Cup Stadium is on Ilju Road, just south of Seogwipo New Town.

Seogwipo Stadium is designed in the shape of an Oreum; secondary volcanos found all over Jeju island.

The stadium's entrance represents Olle and Jeongnang, which are the entrance and gate of a traditional thatched-roof home; while the roof's shape symbolizes Teu - traditional fishing boats.

Jeju Tourism

Jeju Island is Korea's most popular tourist resort and a favourite of honeymooners.

Its volcanic landscape, picturesque subtropical scenery, sandy beaches, waterfalls and hiking trails have earned Jeju the affectionate title of 'Little Hawaii'.

There are also a number of smaller isles off Jeju.

Jeju Tourist Association.

Getting to Jeju

By Air

Only an hour's flight south of Seoul and less than that from Busan or Daegu. There are also direct flights from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

By Sea

You can also reach Jeju by ferry from Busan, Inchon, Wando, and Mokpo.

Seogwipo Accommodation

Seogwipo Hotels:
Find hotels in Seogwipo with special online rates.

Matches in Korea.

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