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Korea-Japan 2002: Osaka

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Osaka hosted two first round matches and one quarter final game.

Capacity: 50,000.

2002 World Cup Match Reports.

Osaka Nagai Stadium

Osaka's Nagai Stadium - Japan 2002
Nagai Stadium

Wednesday, 12th June:

Group F:
Nigeria vs England (0:0)

Friday, 14th June:

Group H:
Tunisia vs Japan (0:2)

Saturday, 22nd June:

1/4 Finals Game D
Senegal vs Turkey (0:1 aet)

Getting to Nagai Stadium

Take the subway to Nagai Station (on the Midosuji Line -- direction Nakamozu), or by JR to Nagai Station or Tsurugaoka Station (on the Hanwa Line).

The Nagai Stadium was the stage for Japan's last group match.

Osaka Tourism

Osaka is Japan's third largest city with a population of around 2.5 million.

Combined with the neighbouring cities of Kyoto and Kobe, the region is Japan's alternative economic and cultural powerhouse; known as Kansai.

Kyoto and Kobe are only about 30 minutes away from Osaka, by train.

Osaka Loop Line

Take time to discover Osaka by taking the Osaka Loop Line. Along this route, you'll find many historic sites, parks, and busy shopping streets.

The Osaka Castle area is one of the must visits.

Osaka Cuisine

Many special foods not available in Tokyo can be found in Osaka. Among them are boxed sushi, battera, steamed sushi, and other types of Osaka-style sushi.

Temples and Shrines

As with most of Japan, Osaka has its own fair share of temples and shrines - to help keep you out of the bars.

Osaka Info:
Shitennoji Temple, Osaka Castle and such are historical treasures of Osaka when it was once the center of Japan's politics and economy.

Osaka Transportation

Kansai International Airport:
Many of the world's major airlines fly into Kansai. Connections into Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe are very swift.

Osaka River Cruise:
Hope on the aqua-bus and tour Osaka's Okawa River; the Water Capital of Japan.

Osaka Accommmodation

Osaka City Hotels:
Hotels in the center of Osaka in a variety of price ranges.

Osaka Resevations:
Selection of hotels in Osaka with online reservations. Sometimes it's best to be sure of having a room and then look for something else when you're in the city.

Matches in Japan.

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