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Korea-Japan 2002: Daejeon

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Daejeon hosted two first round matches and one second round match.

Designed to represent an inner court of a Korean traditional house, it avoids any ostentatious decoration and expresses the power of a simple and refined structure. Under the semi-closed roof is a capacity of 42,176.

2002 World Cup Match Reports.

Daejeon Worldcup Stadium

Daejeon Stadium - Korea 2002
Daejeon Stadium

Wednesday, 12th June:

Group B:
South Africa vs Spain (2:3)

Friday, 14th June:

Group D:
Poland vs United States (3:1)

Tuesday, 18th June:

Second Round:
South Korea vs Italy (2:1 aet)

Daejeon Tourism

Daejeon City Tour

The best way to get a feel for a strange city, in a foreign country, is to take a guided bus tour of the major sights. You'll then have an idea of where to go to spend a little more time later.

Eight Scenic Places

Yuseong Hot Springs, Gyejok Mountain, Sikjang Mountain, Gubong Mountain, Jangtae Mountain, Bomun Mountain, Daecheong Lake and Expo Science Park are all worth a visit.

Mountains of Daejeon

And if the eight scenic places are not enough, you can find more tranquility at some of the other Daejeon mountains.

Parks of Daejeon

Daejeon has some thirteen parks for visitors to enjoy some natural space.

Daejeon Tourist Information:
3-1 Doryong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon (within Expo Science Park).

Daejeon Transportation

By Bus

Daejeon Bus Routes:

Buses come in two colors, blue and green. The blue buses are cheaper (600 Won) and more crowded, especially during rush hour. The green bus or costs 1,200 Won and generally, except during rush hours, you can find a seat. If you can read Korean and know Daejeon reasonably well, each bus has a diagram on the side outlining its route. Unless they have route maps in time for the World Cup, the best thing to do is ask someone.

Daejeon Terminal:

Handles express buses to all major cities. If you like a little extra comfort, there are deluxe buses that cost a little more than the regular fare.

By Train

Daejeon Train Station handles trains on the north-south axis -- from Seoul to Busan. The (West) SeoDaejeon Station distributes passengers to smaller cities and towns on the east-west axis.

Daejeon Accommodation

Daejeon Hotels:
Accommodation listing for places to stay in Daejeong.

Matches in Korea.

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