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Monday, 19th June 2006
Time To Go Togo

Group G Match

Togo vs Switzerland

Previous Encounters:
Togo and Switzerland have never met before the Germany 2006 World Cup Finals.

The Match:
In Togo's first game there were doubts whether the Togo trainer would appear for the game and this time speculation arose as to whether the Togo team would take to the field; because of payment discrepancies.

For once, an afternoon kick-off was not unbearably hot and the Dortmund pitch had received some rain before the game.

The first save of the day occurred when Kossi Agassa got down well to a shot from Ricardo Cabanas. Kader Mohamed then tested Pascal Zuberbuhler in the sixth minute.

Togo showed strength and determination going forward against Switzerland; giving the Swiss defenders plenty of problems in the first ten minutes.

Then, just after the quarter-hour mark, Tranquillo Barnetta ran into the right side of the Togo area, unmarked, to flick in Ludovic Magnin's cross; for Switzerland's main man for goals, Alexander Frei, to sidefoot in from close range. A great relief for the stadium full of Swiss fans who had watched Togo have the best of the early moves.

Togo again had a golden opportunity to punish Senderos's mistake in the 30th minute. When Togo decide to play, they certainly pose problems for the opposition with their athleticism. A little more finesse with the final ball and they could stake a claim for a place in the Second Round.

Togo were then denied a penalty when Patrick M�ller caught Emmanuel Adebayor with his back foot. Maybe the way Adebayor fell let him down; as the Paraguay referee thought it was a dive.

Half-time: (0:1).

Alex Frei scooped the ball over the bar, just before the hour, as Switzerland sought to consolidate their lead against Togo.

Five minutes later, substitute Hakan Yakin brought out the best in Kossi Agassa, as the Togo keeper kept Togo in the game.

Togo continued to push up in search of the equaliser but lacked the fast approach they showed in the first-half.

Togo paid for their lack of urgency when Swiss substitute, Mauro Lustrinelli made to the edge of the area and squared the ball for Tranquillo Barnetta to strike low; inside the far post.

The result knocked Togo out of the 2006 World Cup Finals.

Final Score:
Togo 0 - Switzerland 2

Goalscorers Goalscorers:
0:1 Alexander Frei (17)
0:2 Tranquillo Barnetta (88)


Togo: (Captain Massamasso Tchangai)
16 Kossi Agassa; 2 Dare Nibombe, 5 Massamasso Tchangai, 13 Richmond Forson, 23 Assimiou Toure; 8 Kuami Agboh, 9 Thomas Dossevi, 10 Mamam Cherif-Toure, 15 Alaixys Romao; 4 Emmanuel Adebayor, 17 Kader Mohamed.

Switzerland: (Captain Johann Vogel)
1 Pascal Zuberbuhler; 3 Ludovic Magnin, 4 Philippe Senderos, 20 Patrick M�ller, 23 Philipp Degen; 6 Johann Vogel, 7 Ricardo Cabanas, 8 Raphael Wicky, 16 Tranquillo Barnetta, 10 Daniel Gygax; 9 Alexander Frei.

Carlos Amarilla (Paraguay)

Substitutions Substitutions:
24 Mins (Togo) - 7 Moustapha Salifou on for 8 Kuami Agboh
46 Mins (Switzerland) - 22 Hakan Yakin on for 10 Daniel Gygax
69 Mins (Togo) - 18 Yao Junior Senaya on for 9 Thomas Dossevi
77 Mins (Switzerland) - 11 Marco Streller  on for 7 Ricardo Cabanas
86 Mins (Togo) - 11 Robert Malm on for 10 Mamam Cherif-Toure
87 Mins (Switzerland) - 18 Mauro Lustrinelli on for 9 Alexander Frei

Yellow Cards 4 Yellow Cards:
45 Mins - Moustapha Salifou (Togo)
47 Mins - Emmanuel Adebayor (Togo)
52 Mins - Alaixys Romao (Togo)
90 Mins - Johann Vogel (Switzerland)

Red Cards 0 Red Cards.

The Road to Berlin

2006 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

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