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Friday, 23rd June 2006
France Scrape Through

Group G Match

Togo vs France

Previous Encounters:
Togo and France have never met before the Germany 2006 World Cup Finals.

The match:
A good attacking start from both sides. France need to win and Togo want to send them home.

Despite numerous chances it just didn't click for the French as chance upon chance went begging. Perhaps they were just too eager to score.

France will feel seriously disappointed that they couldn't get past Kossi Agassa and you start to wonder how their confidence must be starting to suffer.

Half-time: (0:0).

France tried to play short corners at the start of the second-half, but they didn't work either; as Trezeguet shook his head in disbelief at yet another blocked attempt.

Franck Ribery too, wasted another good chance for France. The longer the game went on, the more anxious the French became. They badly needed a goal.

Finally, a huge sigh of relief in the 55th minute, as Franck Ribery jiggled into the area to set up birthday-boy, Franck Ribery.

Six minutes later, Vieira turned provider as he headed down for Thierry Henry do a half-turn and stride past his marker.

France could relax a little but the French fans didn't like that and started to whistle; they wanted more goals.

Final Score:
Togo 0 - France 2

Goalscorers Goalscorers:
0:1 Patrick Vieira (55)
0:2 Thierry Henry (61)


16 Kossi Agassa; 2 Dare Nibombe, 3 Jean-Paul Abalo, 5 Massamasso Tchangai, 13 Richmond Forson; 6 Yao Aziawonou, 10 Cherif Toure Mamam, 18 Yao Junior Senaya; 4 Emmanuel Adebayor, 7 Moustapha Salifou, 17 Mohamed Kader.

16 Fabien Barthez; 5 William Gallas, 13 Mikael Silvestre, 15 Lilian Thuram, 19 Willy Sagnol; 4 Patrick Vieira, 6 Claude Makelele, 7 Florent Malouda, 22 Franck Ribery; 12 Thierry Henry, 20 David Trezeguet.

Jorge Larrionda (Uruguay)

Substitutions Substitutions:
59 Mins (Togo) - 14 Adekanmi Olufade on for 10 Cherif Toure Mamam
74 Mins (France) - 11 Sylvain Wiltord on for 7 Florent Malouda
75 Mins (Togo) - 9 Thomas Dossevi on for 4 Emmanuel Adebayor
77 Mins (France) - 9 Sidney Govou on for 22 Franck Ribery
81 Mins (France) - 18 Alou Diarra on for 4 Patrick Vieira

Yellow Cards 4 Yellow Cards:
30 Mins - Claude Makelele (France)
38 Mins - Yao Aziawonou (Togo)
44 Mins - Cherif Toure Mamam (Togo)
88 Mins - Moustapha Salifou (Togo)

Red Cards 0 Red Cards.

Switzerland vs South Korea

The Road to Berlin

2006 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

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