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1st Round Matches at South Africa 2010

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Thursday, 24th June 2010
Through Without a Goal

Group F Match

Paraguay Flag New Zealand Flag
Paraguay vs New Zealand in Polokwane.

The winner in Polokwane would progess to the Second Round, which would have been an excellent result for New Zealand.

But unfortuantely, no-one found the back of the net so Paraguay went through with Slovakia.

Final Score:
Paraguay 0 New Zealand 0

Goalscorers Goalscorers:


Travel to Paraguay Paraguay:
1 Justo Villar; 3 Claudio Morel Rodriguez, 5 Julio C�sar Caceres, 14 Paulo Da Silva, 4 Denis Caniza; 18 Nelson Haedo Valdez, 15 Victor Caceres, 16 Cristian Riveros, 13 Enrique Vera; 9 Roque Santa Cruz, 7 Oscar Cardozo.

Travel to New Zealand New Zealand:
1 Mark Paston; 19 Tommy Smith, 6 Ryan Nelsen, 4 Winston Reid; 3 Tony Lochhead, 5 Ivan Vicelich, 7 Simon Elliott, 11 Leo Bertos; 9 Shane Smeltz, 14 Rory Fallon, 10 Chris Killen.

Yuichi Nishimura (Japan)

Substitutions Substitutions:
66 Mins (Paraguay) - 19 Lucas Barrios on for 7 Oscar Cardozo
67 Mins (Paraguay) - 10 Edgar Benitez on for 18 Nelson Valdez
69 Mins (New Zealand) -  20 Chris Wood on for 14 Rory Fallon
79 Mins (New Zealand) - 22 Jeremy Brockie on for 10 Chris Killen

Yellow Cards 3 Yellow Cards:
10 Mins - Victor Caceres (Paraguay)
41 Mins - Roque Santa Cruz (Paraguay)
56 Mins - Ryan Nelsen (New Zealand)

Red Cards 0 Red Cards.

Slovakia vs Italy.

Previous Encounters:
When Paraguay and New Zealand met for a 1995 friendly in Santiago de Chile, Paraguay narrowly beat New Zealand (3:2).

The Road to The Final

2010 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

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Friday, 11th June
South Africa vs Mexico
Uruguay vs France

Saturday, 12th June
Argentina vs Nigeria
England vs USA
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Sunday, 13th June
Algeria vs Slovenia
Germany vs Australia
Serbia vs Ghana

Monday, 14th June
Holland vs Denmark
Italy vs Paraguay
Japan vs Cameroon

Tuesday, 15th June
Brazil vs North Korea
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Cameroon vs Denmark
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Sunday, 20th June
Brazil vs Côte d'Ivoire
Italy vs New Zealand
Slovakia vs Paraguay

Monday, 21st June
Chile vs Switzerland
Portugal vs North Korea
Spain vs Honduras

Tuesday, 22nd June
France vs South Africa
Greece vs Argentina
Mexico vs Uruguay
Nigeria vs South Korea

Wednesday, 23rd June
Australia vs Serbia
Ghana vs Germany
Slovenia vs England
USA vs Algeria

Thursday, 24th June
Cameroon vs Holland
Denmark vs Japan
Paraguay vs New Zealand
Slovakia vs Italy

Friday, 25th June
Chile vs Spain
North Korea vs Côte d'Ivoire
Portugal vs Brazil
Switzerland vs Honduras

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