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Sunday, 20th June 2010
Football Wins The Day

Group G Match

Brazil Flag Côte d'Ivoire Flag
Brazil vs Côte d'Ivoire in Jo'burg Soccer City.

If you really want to know what Brazil is about, listen to some of the music.

So it's West Africa vs the ancestors of slaves from Africa; sorry, Didier Drogba vs Samba, Axe, Pagode, Forro and God Bless ya Amazonas.

Brazil must be the only sensible team that actually field players 1 to 11 as their first team.

It took a while - 25 minutes in fact - but when the slightest chance came along, Luis Fabiano slotted the ball into the roof of the net.

Sven Goran Eriksson could soon be looking to earn his millions elsewhere; shame he closed the door on Notts County.

The half-time scoreline didn't say much, apart from the fact that only one goal was scored. Or rather, the scoreline said it all; only one goal was scored.

Come on you millionaires, this is the World Cup Finals, show why you're paid so much!

Half-time: 1:0

Just going thought the super slick, Brazilian motions, Luis Fabiano made it two for himself and two for Brazil; five minutes into the second-half. There was a good call for hand-ball but the skills were too dazzling, as is so often the case with Brazil.

The game might not have been the most exciting, but Brazil did their job, comfortably; making the simple things look..... well, simple.

Sven Goran Eriksson could only shake his head as Elano scored his second of the tournament and Brazil's third of the match. That's all the conservative, restrictive, unimaginative Swede did, could do, would do - shake his head. Someone sack him; again!

Then Elano was crunched and had to be taken off.

If a reply was ever going to come from the Ivory Coast, it could only come from Didier Drogba.

And then the dreaded simulation came into play again, where grown men act like little girls; Keita getting a little nudge in the chest from (on a yellow card just three minutes earlier) Kaka and falling down holding his face; not moving - playing dead. Oh, let's not forget - Rivaldo once did something similar too.

But, football did win out - as Brazil showed Côte d'Ivoire - and the watching world - just how the game of bola should be played.

Final Score:
Brazil 3 Ivory Coast 1

Goalscorers Goalscorers:
1:0 Luis Fabiano (25 mins)
2:0 Luis Fabiano (50 mins
3:0 Elano (62 mins)
3:1 Didier Drogba (79 mins)

Man of The Match:
Luis Fabiano - Game, set and match.


Travel to Brazil Brazil:
1 Jôlio Côsar; 6 Michel Bastos, 4 Juan, 3 Lôcio, 2 Maicon; 11 Robinho, 5 Felipe Melo, 8 Gilberto Silva, 7 Elano; 9 Luis Fabiano, 10 Kakô.

Travel to Côte d'Ivoire Ivory Coast:
1 Boubacar Barry; 17 Siaka Tiônô, 5 Didier Zokora, 4 Kolo Tourô, 20 Guy Demel; 9 Ismael Tiotô, 19 Yaya Tourô, 21 Emmanuel Ebouô; 15 Aruna Dindane, 8 Salomon Kalou, 11 Didier Drogba.

Stephane Lannoy (France)

Substitutions Substitutions:
54 Mins (Ivory Coast) - 10 Gervinho on for 15 Aruna Dindane
67 Mins (Brazil) - 13 Daniel Alves on for 7 Elano
68 Mins (Ivory Coast) - 18 Abdul-Kader Keita on for 8 Salomon Kalou
72 Mins (Ivory Coast) - 13 Romaric on for  21 Emmanuel Ebouô
93 Mins (Brazil) - 18 Ramires on for 11 Robinho

Yellow Cards 5 Yellow Cards:
31 Mins - Siaka Tiene (Ivory Coast)
75 Mins - Abdul-Kader Keita (Ivory Coast)
85 Mins - Kakô (Brazil)
86 Mins - Ismael Tiote (Ivory Coast)
88 Mins - Kakô (Brazil)

Red Cards 1 Red Cards:
88 Mins - Kakô (Brazil)

Previous Encounters:
Until today, Brazil and Côte d'Ivoire had only met at U20 World Cup level; in 1991 and 1977.

The Road to The Final

2010 World Cup Finals - Knockout Stage.

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