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2006 Oceania Qualification

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The First Round took place in May 2004, with ten minor nations split into two groups of five.

2006 World Cup Qualifiers


OFC - 2006 World Cup Qualifying

Oceania Qualification for the World Cup Finals in Germany 2006.

The top two countries from each group advanced to the Second Round to join Australia and New Zealand in one group, with the overall winner of this final group, Australia, playing-off against the runner up, Solomon Islands, for the right to enter a play-off with the fifth-placed team in South American.

Oceania were not guaranteed a place in the finals.

Oceania Football Confederation.

Group 1

Tahiti, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Tonga and Cook Islands.

Solomon Islands and Tahiti advanced.

Group 2

Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and American Samoa.

Vanuatu and Fiji advanced.

Final Qualifying Standings

Australia 13pts
Solomon Islands 10pts
New Zealand 9pts
Fiji 4pts
Tahiti 4pts
Vanuatu (surprisingly beat New Zealand) 3pts

Saturday, 3rd September 2005:
Australia 7 - Solomon Islands 0
(Aussie Stadium, Sydney, Australiae)

Tuesday, 6th September 2005:
Solomon Islands 1 - Australia 2
(Lawson Tama Stadium, Honiara, Solomon Islands)

Play-off (against CONMEBOL)

Saturday, 12th November 2005:
Uruguay vs Australia (Montevideo) -- (1-0)

Wednesday, 16th November 2005:
Australia vs Uruguay (Sydney) -- (1-0)

Australia win 4-2 on penalties to qualify for the 2006 World Cup Finals.

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