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Open Folder Index: European Football: Euro 2008: Finals Tournament

The 2008 European Football Championship Finals - played in Austria and Switzerland, from June 7th to June 29th.

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Euro 2008 Championship Finals in Austria and Switzerland

Euro 2008 - European Championship Finals in Austria and Switzerland

The Draw

Euro 2008 Championship Finals - Host Cites

The chosen cities in Austria (Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Salzburg and Vienna) and Switzerland (Basle, Berne, Geneva and Zurich) will each host three group stage matches.

Basle and Vienna will then host two quarter-finals matches each and a semi-final; with the final two teams playing in Vienna's Ernst-Happel Stadion.

Austria will play all their Group B games in Vienna and Switzerland will play all their Group A games in Basle.

Euro 2008 Championship Finals - The Groups

Group A

Played in Basle (Switzerland's home base) and Geneva.

Group B

Played in Vienna (Austria's home base) and Klagenfurt.

Group C

Played in Berne (Holland's home base) and Zurich.

Group D

Played in Innsbruck and Salzburg (Greece's home base).

Euro 2008 Championship Finals - Match Schedule

As the winners and runners-up of groups A and B will meet in the quarter-finals and again in the semi-finals, there's no way Austria and Switzerland can meet in the final.

We can therefore already determine that the final match will be:
(Team from Group A or Group B) vs (Team from Group C or Group D).

Match Schedule by Date

Saturday, 7th June
Group A
Basle: Switzerland vs Czech Republic (0:1)
Geneva: Portugal vs Turkey (2:0)

Sunday, 8th June
Group B
Klagenfurt: Germany vs Poland (2:0)
Vienna: Austria vs Croatia (0:1)

Monday, 9th June
Group C
Berne: Netherlands vs Italy (3:0)
Zurich: Romania vs France (0:0)

Tuesday, 10th June
Group D
Innsbruck: Spain vs Russia (4:1)
Salzburg: Greece vs Sweden (0:2)

Wednesday, 11th June
Group A
Basle: Switzerland vs Turkey (1:2)
Geneva: Czech Republic vs Portugal (1:3)

Thursday, 12th June
Group B
Klagenfurt: Croatia vs Germany (2:1)
Vienna: Austria vs Poland (1:1)

Friday, 13th June
Group C
Berne: Netherlands vs France (4:1)
Zurich: Italy vs Romania (1:1)

Saturday, 14th June
Group D
Innsbruck: Sweden vs Spain (1:2)
Salzburg: Greece vs Russia (0:1)

Sunday, 15th June
Group A
Basle: Switzerland vs Portugal (2:0)
Geneva: Turkey vs Czech Republic (3:2)

Monday, 16th June
Group B
Klagenfurt: Poland vs Croatia (0:1)
Vienna: Austria vs Germany (0:1)

Tuesday, 17th June
Group C
Berne: Netherlands vs Romania (2:0)
Zurich: France vs Italy (0:2)

Wednesday, 18th June
Group D
Innsbruck: Russia vs Sweden (2:0)
Salzburg: Greece vs Spain (1:2)


Thursday, 19th June (QF1)
Basle: Portugal vs Germany (2:3)

Friday, 20th June (QF2)
Vienna: Croatia vs Turkey (1:1 1:3 pens)

Saturday, 21st June (QF3)
Basle: Netherlands vs Russia (1:3 aet)

Sunday, 22nd June (QF4)
Vienna: Spain vs Italy (1:1 4:2 pens)


Wednesday, 25th June (SF1)
Basle: Germany vs Turkey (3:2)

Thursday, 26th June (SF2)
Vienna: Russia vs Spain (0:3)

2008 European Championships Final

Sunday, 29th June
Vienna: Germany vs Spain (0:1)

The Pain in Spain is No More.

The Referees

Massimo Busacca (Switzerland)
Greece vs Sweden - 3 yellow cards.
Netherlands vs Romania - 1 yellow card.
Germany vs Turkey - 1 yellow card.

Frank De Bleeckere (Belgium)
Croatia vs Germany - 6 yellow cards and 1 red card.
Russia vs Sweden - 5 yellow cards.
Russia vs Spain - 2 yellow cards.

Herbert Fandel (Germany)
Portugal vs Turkey - 3 yellow cards.
Netherlands vs France - 3 yellow cards.
Spain vs Italy - 4 yellow cards.

Peter Frojdfeldt (Sweden)
Netherlands vs Italy - 4 yellow cards.
Turkey vs Czech Republic - 7 yellow cards and 1 red card.
Portugal vs Germany - 5 yellow cards.

Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez (Spain)
Romania vs France - 4 yellow cards.
Austria vs Germany - 3 yellow cards and both coaches sent to the stands.

Lubos Michel (Slovakia)
Switzerland vs Turkey - 4 yellow cards.
France vs Italy - 7 yellow cards and 1 red card.
Netherlands vs Russia - 6 yellow cards.

Tom Henning Ovrebo (Norway)
Germany vs Poland - 3 yellow cards.
Italy vs Romania - 5 yellow cards.

Konrad Plautz (Austria)
Spain vs Russia - 0 yellow cards.
Switzerland vs Portugal - 8 yellow cards.

Roberto Rosetti (Italy)
Switzerland vs Czech Republic - 3 yellow cards.
Greece vs Russia - 4 yellow cards.
Croatia vs Turkey - 4 yellow cards.
Euro 2008 Final - 4 yellow cards.

Kyros Vassaras (Greece)
Czech Republic vs Portugal - 2 yellow cards.
Poland vs Croatia - 4 yellow cards.

Pieter Vink (Netherlands)
Austria vs Croatia - 4 yellow cards.
Sweden vs Spain - 2 yellow cards

Howard Webb (England)
Austria vs Poland - 5 yellow cards.
Greece vs Spain - 5 yellow cards.


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