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Euro 2008 - European Championship Finals in Austria and Switzerland

Spain vs Italy in Vienna.

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Euro 2008: Quarter-Final Match

Sunday, 22nd June at 20.45

The last quarter-final takes place in summery conditions as Spain and Italy play for the right to meet Russia later in the week.

Spain are the only group winners still left in the tournament but the Spaniards have a habit of going out on penalties - on June 22nd.

With ten minutes gone, both teams have been looking for an early opening; Spain trying to use the width and Italy looking for the height of Luca Toni.

Just after the half-hour mark, David Silva played down the right, cut in to the left and tested Gianluigi Buffon from distance. Although the shot was going wide, Buffon still dived to save it from going over the line.

Five minutes later, Silver cut in from the right again and came came much closer with his shot to the other side of Buffon; or at least the Italian goalkeeper thought so, the way he screamed at his defenders.

Nothing to worry the Russians so far.

Half-time - 0:0

Spain continued to take the game to Italy, early in the second-half, with their weaving and wiggling but not producing the killing final pass; while Italy resorted to the tactics they've played so well, so often - get enough players behind the ball to block the attacking threats.

Three substitutions around the hour mark might spark some life into the game; as Mauro Camoranesi, coming in behind Luca Toni, forced Casillas to save with his left foot.

Buffon, having just punched away a free-kick, had a lucky escape in the 80th minute as Marcos Senna's shot slipped through his arms and hit the post.

Italy, the experts at defending, are the European Champions at 0-0 draws.

Full-time - 0:0

Silva came close for Spain again, at the start of the first period of extra-time; then at the other end, Fabio Grosso's cross to Luca Toni was cut out by Carlos Marchena. Toni also stooped low to flick a header over the bar.

Almost more action in five minutes than we saw in ninety.

Italy used their third substitution in the second period of extra-time; Alessandro Del Piero on for Alberto Aquilani.

With not a goal to show for 120 minutes of football, it's all about penalties.

Final Score:
Spain 0 - Italy 0

Penalties: (4:2)
David Villa kissed the ball before thumping it past Buffon, then Fabio Grosso levelled for Italy.

Santi Cazorla looked nervous but scored comfortably, before Casillas saved from Daniele De Rossi.

As Marcos Senna stepped forward, Buffon held onto the roof of the net. But it didn't help.

Mauro Camoranesi scored easily for Italy, then Daniel Güiza held his head in his hands as Buffon saved.

Antonio Di Natale then stepped forward to try and bring Italy back on even terms. Casillas stopped him and Arsenal's Cesc Fàbregas finished the evening off.

Justice for Spain, who at least tried to play attacking football.


1 Iker Casillas; 11 Joan Capdevila, 5 Carles Puyol, 4 Carlos Marchena, 15 Sergio Ramos; 21 David Silva, 8 Xavi Hernández, 19 Marcos Senna, 6 Andrés Iniesta; 9 Fernando Torres, 7 David Villa.

1 Gianluigi Buffon; 3 Fabio Grosso, 4 Giorgio Chiellini, 2 Christian Panucci, 19 Gianluca Zambrotta; 13 Massimo Ambrosini, 10 Daniele De Rossi, 20 Simone Perrotta, 22 Alberto Aquilani; 18 Antonio Cassano, 9 Luca Toni.

Herbert Fandel (Germany)

change.gif (94 bytes) Substitutions:
58 Mins - 16 Mauro Camoranesi on for 20 Simone Perrotta
59 Mins - 12 Santi Cazorla on for 6 Andrés Iniest
60 Mins - 10 Cesc Fàbregas on for 8 Xavi Hernández
72 Mins - 11 Antonio Di Natale on for 18 Antonio Cassano
85 Mins - 17 Daniel Güiza on for 9 Fernando Torres
102 Mins - 7 Alessandro Del Piero on for 22 Alberto Aquilani

yellow_card.gif (94 bytes)4 Yellow Cards:
11 Mins - Andrés Iniesta (Spain)
31 Mins - Massimo Ambrosini (Italy)
72 Mins - David Villa (Spain)
113 Mins - Santi Cazorla (Spain)

Onto the semi-final.


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