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While the search engine world has changed a lot since we launched in 1997, we're still here and strive to improve the Travel Notes experience for our visitors.

Get to your destination faster with Travel Notes; by searching speciality travel websites and quality, country-specific search engines from around the world, all in one place.

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Search Engine History


AltaVista launched in 1995 and in the following year were providing search results to Yahoo. The subsequent decision to become a web portal failed and AltaVista was bought by Overture in 2003. With Yahoo taking over the company the same year, AltaVista had come full circle and started using the Yahoo database in 2004.


Originally founded as Architext, in 1994, money was soon to change hands and Excite officially launched at the end of 1995. The following year, Excite bought Magellan and WebCrawler; and signed exclusive distribution agreements with Microsoft and Netscape, among others. In 1997, Excite purchased a comparison shopping service company and was subsequently acquired by @Home Network in 1999. Sold on again, Excite Network was bought by Ask Jeeves (Ask) in 2004.


HotBot was launched in 1996, by Wired Magazine and aquired by Lycos in 1998. In its prime, HotBot claimed to update its database more frequently than other search engines. HotBot then eventually fell off the map to become nothing more than a front end for Ask and MSN search results.


Founded in 1994, Infoseek was the major player by the time Travel Notes launched in the summer of 1997. The following year it was bought by Disney and merged with Starwave to become Go; which in turn became 'powered by Yahoo'.


Lycos began as a search engine research project, in 1994, and went on to have quite a global presence. Bought by Terra Networks in the year 2000, Lycos had already reached its peak and Terra Lycos was subsequently sold on, in 2004, to Daum Communications Corporation of South Korea. Lycos then moved towards concentrating more on its broadband entertainment content, launching Lycos Phone, Lycos Cinema and Lycos Mix - in 2006 and 2007.

Northern Light

Northern Light searched the web in 1996 but now specialise in knowledge management for market research and custom enterprise search applications.


Now serving search results through Bing.


WebCrawler started out in 1994 (with its own database) was aquired by AOL in 1995 and subsequently bought by Excite in 1997. Aquired by InfoSpace (who also own and operate the meta-search engines Dogpile, MetaCrawler, Zoo and Excite) in 2001, WebCrawler ceased to crawl and joined the group of former pioneers spinning search results from multiple sources together.


Yahoo started out as a directory, rather than a search engine crawling the web, and has become many things to many people. After the purchase of Inktomi (makers of the software used in HotBot), in 2002, and Overture, in 2003, Yahoo Search could slurp through links on its own; without the need to continue showing Google results on its pages.

Searching The World

2020 Update

Unfortunately, we've had to remove many of the specialist regional search engines, as the dominance of Google in local search has put an end to a lot of their business plans.

General Search

White and Yellow Pages:
Links to international white and yellow pages.

White Pages:
Find city Yellow Pages by US State.


True Local:
Promotinf local business in Australia.

A Bulgarian search engine, dedicated to Bulgarian companies and internet resources.


With 900+ how-to small business articles, a free Canadian business directory with 11,000+ listings, along with current news, free tools and online discussion forums CanadaOne is the 'just-in-time' information source for small business Canada.

Czech Republic


Europe Search

European business directory containing some 700,000 company addresses, selected from 35 European countries and presented in 25 European languages.

Only lists websites from the European Union Member countries and websites around the world with information pertaining to Western European interests.


Pages Jaune:
The French Yellow Pages.

Pages Tourisme:
An essential address and telephone number look-up for resources in major French cities.

Searching the French language websites.


German-language websites.
German web directory and search facility.


123 India:
Search returns are sorted by category, which can be a bit of a pain.


In Hebrew.


Il motore di ricerca Italiano.

Or rather Alice, powered by Virgilio.


Search Malta:
One of the most comprehensive web sites about Malta.

Great if you speak Dutch.

New Zealand

Search New Zealand:
SearchNZ allows you to search through the actual text that exists on pages of NZ Web sites, as opposed to a web directory which only lets you search or browse descriptions of submitted sites.


Search engine and directory, in Norwegian.


The search directory for anything and everything related to the Republic of Panama.


Wirtualna Polska:
Search engine and directory, in Polish.



Pesquisa SAPO.





Slovakian directory for native speakers.

South Africa

South Africa's categorical search engine.


Red Aragon.


Swiss Search:
Search telephone numbers in Switzerland.


Turkish directory with search capabilities; in Turkish.


Meta Ukraine:
Search Ukraine.

United Kingdom

Lifestyle UK.


United States

Alaska and Canada.

City Search.

CTSeek - Connecticut.

Established in 1994, Galaxy is the original searchable Internet directory whose mission is to provide contextually relevant information by integrating state-of-the-art technology with the human touch.

Search Florida:
Returns a lot of real estate companies.

US Search:
People search and background check.

Yellow Pages

The Real Yellow Pages:
Flick through the real yellow pages, digitally.

Search Engine Watching

Search Engine Watch:
Provides tips and information about searching the web, analysis of the search engine industry and help to web site owners trying to improve their ability to be found in search engines.

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Nomadic Gatherings - by Michel Guntern

Nomadic Gatherings - By Michel Guntern.

Sample Online Chapters:
Taking Off; Kimchi and Gold Medals; Little Sister; Colonial Gateway; China Travel; The Northern Capitals; Grasslands to Terracotta.

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A stroll in Italy On photo walkabout in Australia - Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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