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Three Letter IATA Airport Codes

ZAA - Alice Arm/Silver City, BC, Canada
ZAC - York Landing, MB, Canada
ZAD - Zadar, Croatia
ZAG - Zagreb (Pleso), Croatia.
ZAH - Zahedan, Iran.
ZAJ - Zaranj, Afghanistan
ZAL - Valdivia, Chile
ZAM - Zamboanga International, Philippines.
ZAO - Cahors, France
ZAR - Zaria, Nigeria
ZAT - Zhaotong, China
ZAZ - Zaragoza, Spain.

ZBA - Burlington Airpark, ON, Canada
ZBE - Zabreh, Czech Republic
ZBF - Bathurst, NB, Canada
ZBK - Zabljak, Yugoslavia
ZBM - Bromont, QC, Canada
ZBN - Bolzano (Bozen), Italy.
ZBO - Bowen, Queensland, Australia
ZBR - Chah Bahar, Iran
ZBV - Beaver Creek, CO, USA
ZBX - Branson (Table Rock Heliport), Missouri, USA.
ZBY - Sayaboury, Laos.

ZCC - Baden Baden (Railway Station), Germany
ZCL - Zacatecas (General Leobardo Ruiz), Mexico
ZCO - Temuco, Chile.

ZDJ - Bern, Switzerland.
ZDT - Chur, Switzerland.

ZEC - Seconda, South Africa
ZEF - Elkin Municipal Airport, NC, USA
ZEG - Senggo, Indonesia
ZEI - Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
ZEL - Bella Bella (Denny Island), BC, Canada
ZEM - East Main River Airport, QC, Canada
ZER - Zero, India
ZET - Goslar, Germany.

ZFA - Faro, YT, Canada
ZFB - Old Fort Bay, QC, Canada
ZFD - Fond-du-Lac, SK, Canada
ZFL - South Trout Lake, ON, Canada
ZFM - Fort McPherson, NT, Canada
ZFN - Fort Norman, NT, Canada.

ZGC - Lanzhou (Zhongchuan), China
ZGF - Grand Forks, BC, Canada
ZGI - Gods River, MB, Canada
ZGL - South Galway, Australia
ZGM - Ngoma, Zambia
ZGP - Sugapa, Indonesia
ZGR - Little Grand Rapids, MB, Canada
ZGS - Gethsemani, QC, Canada.

ZHA - Zhanjiang, China
ZHI - Grenchen, Switzerland
ZHM - Shamshernagar, Bangladesh
ZHP - High Prairie, AB, Canada.

ZIC - Victoria, Chile
ZIG - Ziguinchor, Senegal
ZIH - Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

ZJG - Jenpeg, MB, Canada
ZJI - Locarno, Switzerland.
ZJP - Montreux, Switzerland.

ZKB - Kasaba Bay, Zambia
ZKE - Kaschechewan, QC, Canada
ZKG - Kegaska Water Aerodrome, QC, Canada
ZKL - Steenkool, Indonesia
ZKM - Sette Cama, Gabon
ZKR - Karlovasi, Greece.
ZKT - Komotini, Greece
ZKU - Sursee, Switzerland.

ZLG - El Gouera, Mauritania
ZLO - Manzanillo (Playa de Oro), Mexico.
ZLT - La Tabatiere, QC, Canada.

ZMD - Sena Madureira, AC, Brazil
ZMH - One Hundred Eight Mile Ranch, BC, Canada
ZMM - Zamora, Mexico
ZMT - Massett, BC, Canada.

ZNA - Nanaimo Harbour, BC, Canada
ZNB - Hamm, Germany
ZNC - Nyack, AK, USA
ZND - Zinder, Niger
ZNE - Newman, Western Australia, Australia
ZNG - Negginan, MB, Canada
ZNL - Nelson Airport, BC, Canada
ZNQ - Ingolstadt, Germany
ZNU - Namu, BC, Canada
ZNZ - Zanzibar Island, Tanzania.

ZOF - Ocean Falls, BC, Canada
ZOS - Osorno, Chile.

ZPB - Sachigo Lake, NT, Canada
ZPC - Pucon, Chile
ZPE - Osnabrueck (Osnabruck), Germany
ZPH - Zephyrhills Municipal Airport, FL, USA
ZPO - Pinehouse Lake, SK, Canada.

ZQN - Queenstown, New Zealand.
ZQQ - Wetzlar, Germany
ZQS - Queen Charlotte, BC, Canada.

ZRA - Atlantic City (Railway Station), New Jersey, USA.
ZRE - Rethymnon, Crete, Greece.
ZRF - Rockford (Clock Tower), IL, USA
ZRH - Zurich (Zurich-Kloten), Switzerland.
ZRI - Serui, Indonesia
ZRJ - Round Lake, ON, Canada
ZRM - Sarmi, New Guinea, Indonesia
ZRR - Arctic Red River, NT, Canada.

ZSA - San Salvador (Cockburn Town), Bahamas.
ZSE - Saint Pierre, Reunion.
ZSJ - Sandy Lake, ON, Canada
ZSP - St. Paul, AB, Canada
ZSS - Sassandra, Ivory Coast
ZST - Stewart Airport, BC, Canada
ZSW - Prince Rupert (Seal Cove), BC, Canada
ZSZ - Spiez, Switzerland.

ZTA - Tureia, French Polynesia.
ZTB - Tete-a-la-Baleine, QC, Canada
ZTH - Zakynthos, Greece.
ZTJ - Interlaken, Switzerland
ZTL - Telluride, Colorado, USA.
ZTM - Shamattawa, MB, Canada
ZTR - Zhytomyr (Zhitomir), Ukraine
ZTS - Tahsis, BC, Canada.

ZUC - Ignace Municipal Airport, ON, Canada
ZUD - Ancud, Chile
ZUE - Cape Parry, NT, Canada
ZUH - Zhuhai, China
ZUL - Zilfi, Saudi Arabia.
ZUM - Churchill Falls, NF, Canada
ZUN - Zuni Pueblo (Black Rock), NM, USA.

ZVA - Miandrivazo, Madagascar.
ZVG - Springvale, Western Australia, Australia
ZVK - Savannakhet, Laos.

ZWA - Andapa, Madagascar
ZWL - Wollaston Lake, SK, Canada.

ZXA - Rota (Naval Station), Spain
ZXD - San Isidro, Dominican Republic.
ZXE - Edinburgh Scotrail, Scotland, United Kingdom.

ZYL - Sylhet (Osmany), Bangladesh.

ZZU - Mzuzu, Malawi
ZZV - Zanesville Municipal Airport, OH, USA.

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