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To increase your chances of being listed on Travel Notes, it helps if you submit the right form.

Choosing the right submission form is the first step in getting a possible listing on Travel Notes.

There's also a contact form for General Feedback.

Submission Guidelines

There are no robots at Travel Notes, so humans actually takes the time to look at all website submissions.

And it does take time.

Tips are appreciated A little something in the cookie jar always helps.

Speeding Up The Travel Website Submission Process

While general travel listings are free, it is appreciated if you link to Travel Notes.

Because the listings are free we do get a lot of submissions and can not say how long it will take before we get to review your website.

Sites linking back to Travel Notes are looked on favourably, but at the end of the day it's still the quality of the website (and website submission) that counts.

Listings need to have real travel content and not just be affiliate cloaks.

Offering travel tips and travel discounts may also help your submission.

A small donation does help speed up the review process.

Suggested Donations

Non-commercial travel websites: $18.

Local tour operators and tour guides: $35.

Small hotel, guest house or holiday rental: $40.

Travel agents and booking companies: $55.

Paying a little something for the review process is just that, a donation for a service and not a guarantee of a listing; although a personalised e-mail reply will be given.

Premium Listings: $120

Ideal for corporate customers and Internet marketing strategists.

Your premium listing will be enhanced with a thumbnail image of your website.

Premium listings may also include an e-Business card; listing your major social media channels and a few deep links, at our discretion.

Internet Marketing - Premium Listing Bundle

If you're interested in increased visibility for your travel business, a premium listing can be combined with six months regional advertising for just $240.

Travel Website Submission Guidelines

Your Name

This should be the name of the person submitting the form, not the company or website name.

Title, Description and Keywords

Please keep your suggested title short and snappy; your description brief and meaningful; and your keywords (tags) to a maximum of five.

A lot of people fail to provide us with a description, or adequate details where asked.

A list of repeated keywords in the description field, that makes no sense at all, will only help your submission get rejected.

Personal Homepages

While some personal pages are better presented than a few of the 'official' websites we've seen, they're often let down by where they're hosted.

The best advice we can give you is to get your own domain name - they really are so cheap these days - and pay a little extra for hosting.

If you do have your own domain name you're more serious about your web presence, so forget about redirecting it to a free web host. They may do your reputation more harm than good.

About Section and Contact Details

Don't just think that putting up the web site, promoting it a little and getting clicks is enough.

Visitors to your domain like to feel that there's someone there to talk to and may want to ask questions or make comments on the things they don't like or understand.

Make sure you have an about page and e-mail link, or a contact form set up to receive comments from visitors.

They will feel more a part of your site and may come back again, if they know who's behind the content and can actually contact you if they need to.

Linking to Other Travel Websites

Don't look at similar sites to yours as competition. Choose links that complement your site, to help your visitor find what they're looking for.

Hyperlinks are a way of bringing related documents together and we do appreciate it when you link to Travel Notes.

Having said that, five to twenty long pages of totally unrelated links will not be helping your visitors at all.

All the useless 'link-trading' doesn't really help your page rankings either, no matter what the link spammers try to tell you.

We know who some of these people are and if we see their links on your site, the chances are that you won't be listed on Travel Notes.

Just a Reminder

We won't reply to e-mails asking why a website wasn't listed unless you've made a small donation through Pay Pal, or paid for a premium listing.

If you don't get listed, you could try advertising on Travel Notes.

Travel Notes - Submission Forms

With every country in the world covered, the Travel Notes Online Guide to Travel is a great place to have your travel website listed for Travel SEO rankings.

General Travel

General Travel Link Submissions:
This is for destination specific and general travel and tourism related websites: personal travelogues, tourist offices, embassies, airlines, airports, railways and other official travel websites.

Accommodation Listings

Listing Accommodations:
This is the place for you if you want to get your country inn, bed and breakfast, guest house or family-run hotel listed. We also list larger hotels and hotel chains.

Safaris and Tours

Listing Safaris and Tours:
This is the place for you if you operate a safari or tour in a particular state or country, or if you are a tour guide in a particular town or city.

Travel Agents and Travel Services

Listing Travel Services:
This is the place for travel agents, tour companies and those offering travel services in general.

Larger travel companies and reservation websites should seriously consider our premium listing and six months advertising bundle.

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