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Asian qualification for the 2010 World Cup Finals in South Africa.

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World Cup 2010 - AFC Qualifying - Stage 1

Top seeds Australia, South Korea, Iran, Japan and Saudi Arabia received byes to Stage Three (the preliminary draw), while the other 38 teams played home and away ties.

8th October, 2007:
Bangladesh vs Tajikistan (1:1)
Lebanon vs India (4:1)
Oman vs Nepal (2:0)
Palestine vs Singapore (0:4)
Syria vs Afghanistan (3:0)
Thailand vs Macau (6:1)
Vietnam vs United Arab Emirates (0:1)
Yemen vs Maldives (3:0)

11th October, 2007:
Cambodia vs Turkmenistan (0:1)

13th October, 2007:
Uzbekistan vs Taiwan (9:0)

15th October, 2007:
Macau vs Thailand (1:7)

18th October, 2007:
Kyrgyzstan vs Jordan (2:0)

21st October, 2007:
Bahrain vs Malaysia (4:1)
China vs Myanmar (7:0)
East Timor vs Hong Kong (2:3)
Mongolia vs North Korea (1:4)
Sri Lanka vs Qatar (0:1)

22nd October, 2007:
Pakistan vs Iraq (0:7)

26th October, 2007:
Afghanistan vs Syria (1:2)

28th October, 2007:
Hong Kong vs East Timor (8:1)
Iraq vs Pakistan (0:0)
Jordan vs Kyrgyzstan (2:0aet 6:5pens)
Malaysia vs Bahrain (0:0)
Maldives vs Yemen (2:0)
Myanmar vs China (0:4)
Nepal vs Oman (0:2)
North Korea vs Mongolia (5:1)
Qatar vs Sri Lanka (5:0)
Singapore vs Palestine (3:0)
Taiwan vs Uzbekistan (0:2)
Tajikistan vs Bangladesh (5:0)
Turkmenistan vs Cambodia (4:1)
United Arab Emirates vs Vietnam (5:0)

30th October, 2007:
India vs Lebanon (2:2)

Bhutan and Guam withdrew from the competition giving byes to Kuwait and Indonesia.

Stage Two

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