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Rozafa Castle, Rruga Rozafa, Shkodër, Albania
Rozafa Castle, Rruga Rozafa, Shkodër, Albania by Abenteuer Albanien on Unsplash.

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Where to Stay in Berat

The town of Berat is one of the oldest in Albania.

Located in central Albania, Berat is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List (along with Gjirokastra) as rare examples of an architectural character typical of the Ottoman period.

Ana's Rest House

Ana's Rest House: Rruga Nikolla Buhuri, Berat, Albania:
In front of Berat's castle, this 18th century house is located in the charming Gorica neighbourhood, on the southern banks of the Osumi River.

Berat Backpackers Hostel

Berat Backpackers Hostel

Berat Backpackers Hostel: Rruga Nikolla Buhuri 295, Berat, Albania.

This 250 year-old stone house located in the UNESCO protected neighbourhood of Gorica, across the river from the castle, has been totally renovated while still preserving its old charm.

Opened in 2009, Berat Backpackers was the first hostel in Berat and the second in the whole of Albania.

Castle Park

Castle Park, Berat

Castle Park: Rruga Berat-Përmet, Berat, Albania.

The cottages and hotel complex are situated on a scenic overlook, high above the historic city of Berat; on the southern embankment of the Osumi River.

Castle Park offers four separate, outlying lodges, or rooms within the central hotel to suit any taste. Consider this your perfect 'home away from home' as you explore Berat and the surrounding area.

Hotel Berati

Hotel Berati

Hotel Berati: Rruga Veri Zaloshnja, Berat, Albania.

The hotel is housed in a three hundred-year old building which, in its early days, accommodated merchants coming from surrounding areas. Back then, it was as a Skrapar Inn (Hani i Skraparit).

The Hotel Berati has recently returned to its original function of welcoming guests from all over the globe to an old charachter house nicely transformed into a comfortable hotel.

Kris Guesthouse

Kris Guesthouse, Berat

Kris Guesthouse: Rrugica Panajot Haxhimihali, Berat, Albania.

This traditional stone house is located in the heart of the Castle of Berat surrounded by many historic sites, including the Onufri Museum.

The Kris Guesthouse terrace offers views of the city, the Osumi River and Mount Shpirag.

Lorenc Guesthouse & Hostel

Lorenc Guesthouse & Hostel, Berat

Lorenc Guesthouse & Hostel: Stiliano Bandill, Gorica Entrance 18, Berat, Albania.

Family run guest house offering a choice of either twin bedrooms with private facilities or a triple bedroom with private facilities.

Nasho Vruho Hotel and Guesthouse

Nasho Vruho Hotel and Guesthouse

Nasho Vruho Hotel and Guesthouse: Rruga Llambi Guxhumani, Berat, Albania.

The hotel is in the old historical quarter of Mangalem; one of the most characteristic historical ensembles in Albania.

Hotels in Berat.

Hava Baci: Rruga Kol Myzeqari, Berat, Albania.

Hostel Mangalem: agja Mangalem, Berat, Albania.

Hotel Kalaja: Berat, Albania.

Where to Stay in Durres

The Archaeological Museum of Durres is the largest archaeological museum in Albania and features fine-boned sculptures and statues.

Most notable is the collection of miniature busts of Venus; the most worshipped goddess in Durres in years gone by.

Hotel Nais Beach

Hotel Nais, Durres

Hotel Nais Beach: Rruga Taulantia 67, Durres, Albania.

Located in the centre of the ancient city of Durres.

Before fascism and communism, there was an Albanian monarchy, which lasted only eleven years. High up on a hill close to Hotel Nais Beach you’ll find the Royal Villa of Durres, built as a summer palace for King Zog.

Hotels in Durres.

Aragosta Hotel-Durres - Durres, Albania.

BellaVista Hotel - Durres, Albania.

Benilva Hotel - Durres, Albania.

Community Durres - Durres, Albania.

Dolce Vita Hotel - Durres, Albania.

Dyrrah Hotel - Durres, Albania.

Elba Hotel - Durres, Albania.

Hostel Durres - Durres, Albania.

Hotel Albion - Durres, Albania.

Hotel Nacional - Durres, Albania.

Kristal Hotel - Durres, Albania.

My Guest House - Durres, Albania.

Yard Paradise Hotel Dhermi - Durres, Albania.

Vila Verde Beach Hotel - Durres, Albania. 

Where to Stay in Gjirokaster

Babameto House - Gjirokaster, Albania.

Cajupi Hotel - Gjirokaster, Albania.

Gjirokastra Hotel - Gjirokaster, Albania.

Hotel Kalemi - Gjirokaster, Albania.

Hotel Kalemi 2 - Gjirokaster, Albania.

Hotel Relax - Gjirokaster, Albania.

Hotel Sopoti - Gjirokaster, Albania.

Stone City Hostel - Gjirokaster, Albania.

Where to Stay in Himare

Himara Camping - Himare, Albania.

Himara Downtown Hostel - Himare, Albania.

Himara Hostel - Himare, Albania.

Where to Stay in Korce

George Hotel - Korce, Albania.

Regency Hotel - Korce, Albania.

Where to Stay in Saranda

Apollon Hotel - Saranda, Albania.

Bahamas Resort - Saranda, Albania.

Beni Hostel in Saranda - Saranda, Albania.

Bunkies Hostel - Saranda, Albania.

Dolphin Hostel - Saranda, Albania.

Hairy Lemon - Saranda, Albania.

Hotel Blue Sky - Saranda, Albania.

Hotel Piccolino - Saranda, Albania.

Hotel Vila Duraku - Saranda, Albania.

Lukova Palace - Saranda, Albania.

Mucobega Hotel - Saranda, Albania.

Saranda (SR) Backpackers - Saranda, Albania.

SeaSide Hotel - Saranda, Albania.

Tani's Bar & Guesthouse - Saranda, Albania.

Villa Doka - Saranda, Albania.

Where to Stay in Shkoder

Arka Hostel - Shkoder, Albania.

Florian Shkodra Guesthouse - Shkoder, Albania.

Florian's Backpackers - Shkoder, Albania.

Green Garden Hostel - Shkoder, Albania.

Home Hostel - Shkoder, Albania.

Hotel Floga - Shkoder, Albania.

Hotel Kompleksi Arifi - Shkoder, Albania.

Internacional Fushe-Arrez - Shkoder, Albania.

Lake Shkodra Resort - Shkoder, Albania.

Marika Hotel - Shkoder, Albania.

Pemaj Hostel - Shkoder, Albania.

Shkodra Backpackers Hostel - Mi Casa es Tu Casa - Shkoder, Albania.

The Wanderers Hostel - Shkoder, Albania.

Tradita Geg & Tosk - Shkoder, Albania.

Where to Stay in Tirana

Ador Resort Rinas - Tirana, Albania.
Airport Hotel Tirana - Tirana, Albania.

B&B Tirana Smile - Tirana, Albania.
Bermon Hotel - Tirana, Albania.
Best Western Premier Ark Hotel - Tirana, Albania.
Bristol Hotel - Tirana, Albania.
Broadway Hotel - Tirana, Albania.

City Hotel Tirana - Tirana, Albania.
Cosy Hostel - Tirana, Albania.

Destil Hostel - Tirana, Albania.

Eklips Hotel - Tirana, Albania.

Ferrari Hotel Tirana - Tirana, Albania.
Freddy's Hotel - Tirana, Albania.

Guesthouse Vila Verde - Tirana, Albania.

Homestel Albania - Tirana, Albania.
Hostel Fredi - Tirana, Albania.
Hostel Tirana Metropol 23 - Tirana, Albania.
Hotel Areela - Tirana, Albania.
Hotel Baron - Tirana, Albania.
Hotel Elysee - Tirana, Albania.
Hotel Idea - Tirana, Albania.
Hotel Millennium - Tirana, Albania.
Hotel Nobel - Tirana, Albania.

Jolly Hotel - Tirana, Albania.

Kastria Hotel - Tirana, Albania.
Kruja Hotel - Tirana, Albania.

La Boheme Hotel - Tirana, Albania.
Livia Hotel - Tirana, Albania.
Loreni Hostel - Tirana, Albania.

Milingona City Centre - Tirana, Albania.
Milingona Hostel - Tirana, Albania.
Mustang Hotel - Tirana, Albania.

Oresti Hostel - Tirana, Albania.

Pik Loti Hotel - Tirana, Albania.

Propaganda Hostel - Tirana, Albania.

Salku Serviced Rooms - Tirana, Albania.
Stela Hotel Tirana - Tirana, Albania.

TeStela Resort Tirana - Tirana, Albania.
Tirana Backpacker Hostel - Tirana, Albania.
Tirana Patio - Tirana, Albania.
Trip'n'Hostel - Tirana, Albania.

Vila 3 Hotel - Tirana, Albania.
Vila 3G - Tirana, Albania.
Vila Aeroport Tirana - Tirana, Albania.
Vila Shoshi - Tirana, Albania.
Villa Tafaj - Tirana, Albania.

White Dream Hotel Tirana - Tirana, Albania.

Zig Zag Hostel - Tirana, Albania.

Wjere to Stay in Vlora

Dhermi Lenci Rooms - Vlore, Albania.

Europa Grand Resort - Vlore, Albania.

Relax Hotel - Vlore, Albania.

Villaggio Shehu - Vlore, Albania.

Vlora Backpackers Hostel - Vlore, Albania.

Vlora Hotel - Vlore, Albania.

Where to Stay in Vuno

Shkolla Vuno - Vuno, Albania.

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