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The region of southern Argentina, east of the Andes and south of the Colorado River.


Patagonia was formerly the name for the southernmost portion of the South American continent, including what is now the southern parts of both Argentina and Chile.

Patagonian Andes - Forests, Lakes and Glaciers.

The Andes mountain range shows its beauty in the Patagonian provinces. Millennial and silent forests with native vegetable species extend along the shores of glistening waters.

Patagonian Atlantic - Penguins, Whales, Seals and Sea Elephants.

Impressive mammals and sea birds, half way between real life and fantasy, spend certain seasons on the rough coasts of Patagonia where they complete part of their life cycle.

Penguins are protected in Patagonia, and flourish on the cold ocean currents off the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego; at the southern tip of South America.

Austral - Southern Corridor:
With abundant rivers, streams, islands, and abrupt cliffs, alternating with snow and ice massive, Patagonia Austral possesses the enchantment of life and survival in an indomitable hostile environment. Animals and plants will lead your way through unbelievable, astonishing paths.

Beaches in Patagonia:
These beaches present an extraordinary diversity where sandy or muddy beaches alternate with pebble accumulations, quartz rock massive or abrupt cliffs.

Central Corridor in Patagonia:
From Camarones in Argentina to Cochrane in Chile, photographs and descriptions of the places to visit in the arid central zone of Patagonia.

Fly Fishing Argentina Chile:
Fly fishing for Atlantic salmon, brown and rainbow trout in Patagonia, Argentina and Chile. Information on fishing reports, lodges, guides, rates and travel itineraries.

Great Valley Region:
A portion of territory located in the South extreme of the American continent, south of the Colorado river to Tierra del Fuego. It is crossed from North to South by the Andes range, its highest part, accompanied by plateaus, and surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Lakes Corridor:
Learn more about the Lakes Corridor region of Patagonia.

Life at the end of the earth. Another excellent production in the Living Edens series from PBS.

Patagonia Travel:
Get acquainted with Patagonia; from San Martin de los Andes to Ushuaia.

Ski Resorts in Patagonia:
Where to ski in the Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile.

Argentina Cities:
The major cities in Argentina.

Argentina Regions:
Argentina is a diverse country with plenty to see and do, even for the most jaded of seen it all travellers.

Argentina Tours:
Adventure travellers have a lot to choose from in Argentina that a tour might help you focus on what to do.

Skiing in Argentina:
The main ski resorts in Argentina.

Argentina Travel Notes

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Lonely Planet Argentina (Travel Guide) Map of Southern Argentina, Patagonia and Uruguay - by Nelles Verlag

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