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Argentina is a diverse country with plenty to see and do, even for the most jaded of seen it all travellers.

Around Argentina

Beaches, giant water falls in tropical rainforests, skiing in the Andes, horse riding on the Pampas, or watching whales and penguins off the tip of Patagonia.

All you need in Argentina is time.

Iguazu National Park

The area extends on both sides of the River Iguazu and its water falls between Brazil and Argentina.

Derived from a Guarana word for great water, the name is Iguacu in Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

The falls are the centrepiece of the parks. Over 60 m high, the series of falls and cascades stretch for 4 km in the wet season.

Visitors can view the base of the falls in Argentina, and the lip in Brazil.

The Great Waters Rain Forest

This is the region of the great rivers, of the humid tropics, of the red earth and the magnificent jungle. A virgin jungle full of gigantic trees, and extraordinary flora and fauna. Great Waters, in the Guarana language Iguazu, which overflow with a roar in one of the wonders of the world, the Falls of Iguazu.

Pampa Region

The name Pampas comes from a Quechua Native American term for flat land or plain.

La Pampa - Land of the Gaucho

La Pampa is a sea of green grass that occupies a quarter of the country. Home of the legendary gaucho, all the romantic fantasies about Argentina are concentrated here.

The Pamas are the vast treeless plains of central Argentina that stretches from the Atlantic coast to the Andes Mountains.

The humid Pampa, eastern portion, is one of the most fertile regions in the country.

The dry Pampa is the area towards the Andes, a less populated region famous for its horses, and sheep.

The Andes

The great mountain range of the Andes forms the spine of South America.

Running almost parallel with the Pacific coast, the Andes stretch for more than 7,000 km - that's four and a half thousand miles - from Panama down towards Cape Horn. The  highest mountain in the western hemisphere is in the Andes; Argentina's Aconcagua (6,959m).

South America Touches the Sky

The North-western and the Cuyo are regions of high peaks - here is the Aconcagua, stone sentinel - snow-capped volcanoes, plateaux, ravines and deserts. Under a clear blue sky, small villages let the seasons pass by quietly, only interrupted by the carnivals, Indian markets and the worship of 'Pachamama' or Mother Earth who provides maize and the pastures where the llamas and guanacos graze.

Mount Aconcagua, in the province of Mendoza, is the highest mountain in the Americas.

The passes through the Andes are at their highest, steepest, and narrowest in Peru.

Arequipa to Puno (4,468 m); Lima to Tarma and Cerro de Pasco (4,804 m).

Between Mendoza, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile, the Uspallata Pass, still reaches a staggering 3,900 m.

Between Puerto Montt and Bariloche

Crossing the lakes and lower mountain passes of the southern Andes, with a condor flying overhead, beats looking up at hang-gliders in the Alps.

Argentina Cities:
The major cities in Argentina.

Argentinian Patagonia:
Patagonia was formerly the name for the southernmost portion of the South American continent, including what is now the southern parts of both Argentina and Chile.

Argentina Tours:
Adventure travellers have a lot to choose from in Argentina that a tour might help you focus on what to do.

Skiing in Argentina:
The main ski resorts in Argentina.

Argentina Travel Notes

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