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Travel Notes: Oceania: Marshall Islands Travel Notes

Marshall Islands Travel Notes

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The Republic of the Marshall Islands consists of 29 coral atolls and 5 small low-lying islands in the central Pacific, about half-way between Australia and Hawaii.

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Marshall Islands Travel and Tourist Information with links to official travel and tourism websites and state resources for visitors to the Marshall Islands.

Bikini Atoll, Map of The Pacific Islands,Ratak and Ralik Chains, The Largest Atoll, The Marshall Islands, Visiting Marshall Islands.

The Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are split into two main groups: the south-eastern, Ratak chain; and the north-western, Ralik chain.

Map of Marshall Islands

45,000 Marshallese live life simply, surrounded by 1.3 million sq. km of clear blue water.

Weather in The Pacific:
Local weather forecasts for destinations around the Pacific region.

Ratak and Ralik Chains

The capital island is Majuro, in the Ratak chain.

It was also the first Japanese possession captured during the Second World War.

Ralik Chain

Ailinginae Atoll, Ailinglaplap Atoll, Bikini Atoll, Ebon Atoll, Enewetak Atoll, Jabat Island, Jaluit Atoll, Kili Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Lae Atoll, Lib Island, Namorik Atoll, Namu Atoll, Rongelap Atoll, Rongerik Atoll, Ujae Atoll, Ujelang Atoll, Wotho Atoll.

Ratak Chain

Ailuk Atoll, Arno Atoll, Aur Atoll, Bikar Atoll, Bokak Atoll, Erikub Atoll, Jemo Island, Likiep Atoll, Majuro Atoll, Maloelap Atoll, Mejit Island, Mili Atoll, Nadikdik Atoll, Toke Atoll, Utirik Atoll, Wotje Atoll.

Bikini Atoll

Some of the atolls saw three years of heavy fighting during World War II and controversy still arises whenever there's an another nuclear testing.

The Bomb:
Theodore Taylor, a deck officer during the Bikini testing, has written a fascinating novel that brings home the absurdity and tragedy of the atomic bomb tests.

The Largest Atoll

Kwajalein Atoll:
A beautiful aerial view of the largest atoll and further information from the pacific missile range facility.

Visiting Marshall Islands

Visas are not required for US, FSM and Palau citizens.

Everyone else who wants to visit the Marshall islands is charged $25 for a 3 month tourist visa, or $50 for a business visa.

Air Marshall Islands

In 1980, when the Airline of the Marshall Islands was launched, two small Nomad aircraft provided travel to just a few inter-island destinations.

Marshal Islands Visitors Authority:
The Republic of the Marshall Islands covers nearly a million square miles of coral atolls, islands and deep blue ocean and is one of the most unique places in the world to visit.

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Marshall Islands in Oceania

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