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Eleuthera, The Bahamas
Eleuthera, The Bahamas by iSAW Company on Unsplash.

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Escape day to day routine and find peace in the Islands of the Bahamas; where luxurious resorts, pristine beaches, and calming turquoise waters await you.

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is a group of some 700 islands and cays, stretching between Florida and Cuba; with the Biminis closest to Miami.

The Islands of Bahamas


The Abacos give an all-new meaning to sailing and boating. Somewhere in this 120-mile necklace of islands and often-uninhabited cays and beaches, any sea-goer is sure to find the ideal private spot for some chilled champagne and a good book.

Acklins/Crooked Island

Columbus came looking for gold but the only 'treasure' he found was the jasmine-like fragrance in the air. Now divers, snorkelers, and fisherman land on the remote Acklins and Crooked Islands to take home nothing more than a one-of-a-kind experience.


At 2,300-square-miles, Andros is the largest and least-explored island in The Bahamas. Its waters, however, are well known thanks to the second-largest reef in the Northern Hemisphere and its standing as the bone fishing capital of the world.m

Berry Islands

This cluster of 30 cays is home to Chub Cay, Billfish capital of The Bahamas. Besides sport fishing, the surrounding waters of The Berry Islands offer dozens of uninhabited cays, miles of secluded beaches, and invigorating dive sites.


A luring 50 miles from Miami, Florida, Bimini is a popular destination for Americans. But it's more than location that gives this island its appeal. Fisherman the world over travel to Bimini for first-rate big-game fishing; a reminder of The Old Man and The Sea.

Cat Island

Rolling hills, dense woodlands, and isolated beaches cover the 150 square miles of Cat Island, fulfilling travellers in a way only emptiness can. And beyond the natural beauty, hints of early cultures mingle among the small inns and guest houses.

Eleuthera/Harbour Island

At 110 miles long and a mere two miles wide, Eleuthera effortlessly keeps travellers near its pink and white sand beaches. Together with Harbour Island, Eleuthera charms travellers with colonial villages and pineapple plantations.

Eleuthera is known to have some of the best dive sites in the world; most famous for 'Current Cut'. Known as a 'fast drift dive', the fast current moves between the rock walls of Eleuthera and Current Island.

Eleuthera is only 20 minutes by air from Nassau, capital of The Bahamas. The many pristine beaches are absolutely spectacular.

Eleuthera Map:
A collection of Eleuthera maps with little camera icons that you can click on to view photographs of the island.


The Exumas are a collection of 365 cays and islands stretching over 120 miles. Two main islands, Great Exuma and Little Exuma, form the southern tip. Hidden coves, bays, and harbours throughout are magnets for yachts and sport fisherman.

Discriminating travellers choose Great Exuma for its friendly people and stunning natural beauty. The island may be small but there are many beautiful sights to see, one of which is the impressive Flamingo Bay.

Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island is home to the resort areas of Freeport and Lucaya, the International Bazaar, hotels, resorts and inns, golf courses, marinas, and a collection of eclectic restaurants.

Map of Grand Bahama

With its impressive combination of ecological wonders and manmade attractions, Grand Bahama Island generously offers something for everyone, including two or three vacations in one. The challenge is deciding which to try first.

Cosmopolitan Freeport is faster-paced than Nassau.


Great Inagua’s resident population includes over 80,000 West Indian flamingos and 924 Bahamians. Little Inagua is inhabited only by donkeys, goats, and rare birds. This pair of islands is known as Inagua and is highly praised by visitors for its ecotours.

Long Island

An uninterrupted 80-mile stretch of contrasting coastlines gives Long Island its name and a distinct landscape. While soft beaches greet the water on the west coast, rocky cliffs rise from the shore on the east. That said, words are inadequate.


Mayaguana is the least developed and most isolated island within The Bahamas family of islands. That’s a Bahamian way of saying it’s an ideal getaway for travellers seeking footprint-free beaches, reef diving, and a tackle box of sport fishing.

Nassau/Paradise Island

Nassau, capital city of The Islands of The Bahamas, resides on New Providence Island, neighbour to Paradise Island. This island pair maintains a distinct blend of international glamour and tropical ease, giving travellers freedom to do everything or nothing at all.

Swimming With Dolphins

Swim and interact with trained dolphins in the protected waters and natural environment of Blue Lagoon Island, home of Dolphin Encounters.The boat departure dock/check-in area is located at the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal (One Marina Drive), which is the only building between the two bridges on Paradise Island.

San Salvador

Christopher Columbus gave this 63-square-mile spot of land historic importance to Bahamians when he made first landfall here in 1492. Although closely connected to its past, San Salvador presently attracts divers, snorkelers and fisherman.

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