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Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Travel Tips - by Cameron Shuts.

Answers to your Cayman Islands Questions

Cayman Islands editor, Cameron Shuts, let's you into a few travel secrets about the Cayman Islands and helps to destroy the myths.

Is it expensive to travel to the Cayman Islands?

Not if you're a smart traveller and visit during the low season (April 16 to December 14); when you'll find fewer visitors and lower prices.

Many airlines, cruise ships and hotels offer special bargains and freebies to attract customers; hotel and airfare rates can be discounted by as much as twenty to fifty percent.

Some of the best lodging bargains can be found privately with homeowners that advertise in magazines or put up pages on the Internet.

Isn't the Caribbean a Winter destination?

Sure it's nice to be in the warm sun when it's cold at home, but summer in the Caribbean can be more comfortable than summer in North America or the Mediterranean; and it's cheaper.

Things to See and Do in the Cayman Islands

Caymans Diving.

With over 250 unique dive sites, visibility averaging 100 to 150 feet and balmy waters, Grand Cayman is consistently rated as a dive site with world class status.

Jacques Cousteau ranked Little Cayman as one of the three best dive areas of the world with its 6,000 foot vertical wall.

Over 75,000 scubaniks visit the Cayman Islands each year.


This is perhaps the islands' main attraction; as it's one of the easiest, most enjoyable and least expensive recreations in the Cayman Islands.

Whether you are a professional diver or this is your first time, prepare for an experience of a lifetime. Cayman waters are an 80 degree, crystal clear world full of magnificent marine life.

With its many wrecks and shallow waters, fabulous reefs right off shore, the amateur snorkeler can experience some of the best diving in the world.

Some of the more popular shore dive spots are Cemetery Reef, Eden Rock and Smith's Cove. Anyone can tell you how to find these well known spots.

Seven Mile Beach

Glorious sunsets that seem surreal; romantic pure white sand beaches that seem to go on forever; swimming or relaxing in the sun overlooking tranquil, crystal clear sea.

Most swimming, snorkelling and diving is done right off of Seven Mile Beach, the most popular beach in the Cayman Islands; recognized as the best beach in the Caribbean.

Stingray Sand Bar

One of the most unforgettable adventures you'll ever experience is petting stingrays in waist deep water.

Treat yourself to a half-day cruise and a sampling of snorkel stops culminating in this extraordinary encounter. You can pet, feed and hold these friendly stingrays as they brush up against you like hungry kittens begging for a titbit of squid.

These are large (some reach widths of 6 feet) gentle creatures and will only sting with their barbed venomous tail (for which they are named) in self-defence.

Sting Ray City

With the same cast of characters as Stingray Sand Bar, this is known as the world's best 12 foot dive and is more popular among scuba divers.

Submarine Trips

To see the true treasures of the Cayman Islands, you need to look below the surface and no one can bring you closer to these fabulous sights than Atlantis Submarines.

You can choose between the 100 foot dive or, for the more adventurous, the ultimate 1000 foot dive is a once in a lifetime experience.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

If water is not for you (or if you are claustrophobic) but you still want to experience Cayman's underwater spectacle, try one of Grand Cayman's two glass-bottom boat tours where you can view historic ship wrecks, coral reefs and exotic tropical fish through large windows in air conditioned comfort.


Even if you've never sailed before, the simple Tri-marans are fool-proof and a short orientation is all that is needed before setting sail. The more experienced sailor may want to contact the Cayman Islands Sailing Club, located in Red Bay, where you can rent a variety of sail boats. The Club's sailing experts provide lessons as well.

Wind Surfing

Experience flat water cruising over a tropical aquarium and lay into a high speed gibe and, rather than concentrating on your foot work, you're taking in the spectacular seascape beneath you, wondering if it's a stingray following you or just your own shadow.

Northeast trades typically blow 15-25 knots from November to March and 10-15 knots in the summer. The best windsurfing on Grand Cayman can be found at East End (the east end of the island). There you will find a flat water reef extending for about 4 miles along the east coast, creating an expansive lagoon for long speed reaches.

For good wave sailing try Collier's Channel and, on the north shore, is Dead Man's Religion (for the adrenaline junkies). While it does not have the consistently strong winds of Aruba or Maui, it does blow year round, and where else can you enjoy world class windsurfing stepping out of your hotel room.


If you come for the fishing, then you are in heaven. Several fishing operations offer everything from deep sea to shallow water fishing. Million Dollar Month brings anglers from all over the world to compete in one of the world's biggest Big Fish Contest. There are a wide variety of game fish in these waters including Blue and White Marlin, Sail Fish, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Rainbow Runners and Mahi-Mahi. There is a $250,000 prize for the first angler to break the current Blue Marlin record of 584lbs.

Turtle Farm

Hunted to the brink of extinction, the Green Sea Turtle has made one of the most remarkable comebacks through the efforts of the Cayman Turtle Farm. It is home to four different species of turtles; some weighing over 600 pounds.

The farm breeds turtles and then releases them back into the wild to repopulate the waters. Like so many things in the Cayman Islands, a visit to the only Green Sea Turtle Farm in the world is a hands on experience.

The Farm will provide you with a once in a life time experience of holding the smaller baby animals and giving the giant parents a much-appreciated scratch under the chin. It is heart warming just to be there, and know that you have supported the efforts to reverse the decline of these magnificent creatures.

There is also a gift shop with Grand Cayman's best turtle souvenirs and T-shirts, as well as educational books and toys. Proceeds from the shop go to support the turtles. While your admission alone helps to support the Farm, you may even sponsor a turtle for only US$5.00 should you wish to do so.

Go to Hell

Located in deep West Bay, near the Turtle Farm, Hell is made up of spiky porous limestone and dolomite that has been eroded away and turned to black from the algae - it really does look like Hades Inferno.


Georgetown is the capital of the Cayman Islands. While today it is a thriving international financial centre, a walking tour gives you a feel for a place in time long ago. You can easily do the entire walk in two fascinating hours.

This is the place to do your duty free shopping from the many shops. Fabulous savings on pirate treasure, gold, jewellery, gems, diamonds, and black coral.

Amidst magnificent manor style homes, you'll find an old fort, a jailhouse and an understanding of the distinctive heritage of these islands when you visit the Cultural History Gallery. This 150 year old building (which houses the museum) situated on the waterfront in downtown Georgetown, contains hundreds of pieces of Cayman history and laser disc presentations. A must see -- even if you don't like museums.

Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens

Opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on February 27, 1994, the Botanical Gardens is yet another conservation effort put forth by the National Trust and the Cayman Islands Government. On your leisurely walk through the park's Woodland Trail, Heritage Garden, Floral Display Garden and Lake you will experience plant life such as cacti, thatch palm, air plants and orchids, peruse an old time Caymanian house and yard, medicinal garden and floral colour garden with a gazebo and arbor.

Relax by the lake while listening to the sounds of the many birds that make their homes by the water. Birdwatchers can come earlier in the day and view birds such as the Grand Cayman Parrot and many aquatic birds that make their home and breeding grounds among the wetlands.

Horseback Riding

If you ever visualized yourself riding on horseback down a perfect beach, or along a moon lit trail, you can do it here. There are a number of different companies that offer this exciting way to see Grand Cayman. Experienced and non-experienced riders will enjoy themselves.


If all the other things were not enough to satisfy you, Grand Cayman also features two world class golf courses. The Links at SafeHaven is an 18 hole championship golf course offering 6,605 yards and a par 71 course close to Seven Mile Beach and only five miles from George Town.

The Britannia Golf Course, at the Hyatt is actually two courses in one, a par 58 course and a par 70, championship course. You can enjoy views of the Caribbean Sea while the refreshing trade winds keep you comfortable.

North Side

Home to Cayman Kai, Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Gardens and Rum Point (epitomizes the tropical beauty of Cayman). This is the least populated of all the island districts but an area of most beautiful and luxurious homes.

Cayman Islands Travel Notes

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