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View the latest weather forecast on the Travel Notes Weather Channel

Weather Forecasts Around The World

Regional Weather Centres

Use the TravelNotes weather channel for local weather forecasts around the world, with links to national weather stations and services.

Africa - Asia - Australia - Canada - Caribbean - Europe
Middle East - Pacific Ocean - South America - United States

Directory of Weather Links


Further weather resources are just a click away.

Accu Weather:
Local weather information, including 5-day weather forecasts, extended forecasts, doppler radar and satellite images from around the world and 43,000 US locations.

America's Weather:
Put together by Mike Murphy of Lakeland, FL and Jim Barker of Mason, MI. Not a large weather corporation website by any means, just two weather enthusiasts who enjoy editing America's Weather as a hobby.

Aviation Weather Center:
The Aviation Weather Center (AWC), located in Kansas City, MO, enhances aviation safety by issuing accurate warnings, forecasts and analyses of hazardous weather for aviation interests.

Bureau of Meteorology Australia:
Keeping a close eye on the weather Down Under.

Canadian Weather Office:
Maintained by the Meteorological Service of Canada's national and regional offices, the online weather office is the first place to go for current weather conditions and 5-day weather forecasts in Canada.

CBC Weather:
Uses weather reports from Environment Canada.

CNN Weather:
If there's a major weather story somewhere in the world, CNN will more than likely have it covered. They also provide a wide selection of latest weather maps.

Independent Weather Stations:
Links to independent weather stations set up by individuals, businesses, community groups and others.

Local Weather Reports:
Check out the Interstate driving conditions around America's major roads and cities.

Marine Weather:
Marine forecasts and outlooks for US Coastal areas and Great Lakes. Offshore and high seas forecasts for the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico.

Met Office:
As well as being the UK's national meteorological service, the Met Office also plays a vital international role in weather forecasting.

An application for mobile phones to check weather conditions and forecasts, view animated radar for your location and get severe weather warnings.

National Hurricane Center:
The National Hurricane Center is located on the campus of Florida International University, in south-western Miami-Dade county, Florida.

National Weather Service:
National Weather Service information for the entire United States.

Quick, clean presentation of weather forecasts.

Radar Data:
View radar images from doppler radars - or if you prefer, NEXRAD images from WSR-88D radars.

Snow Forecast:
Provides mountain weather forecasts that are fine tuned for the specific elevations (top, mid-station and bottom lift) in the resort. There are types of forecast for each elevation: 3 days (free), 2 days detailed and 6 days (members only). Skiers need never visit a resort with no snow again.

This Date in Weather History:
See what happened today in the weather history of the United States.

US Weather Radar:
The National Weather Service makes radar products available for public access in both image and original coded data form.

Weather 2 Travel - Holiday Planner:
Search for holiday destinations based on the sort of weather you would like on your holiday. Simply select the month you wish to travel and at least one weather requirement.

Weather Bug:
Manages and operates a proprietary network of over 8,000 WeatherBug Tracking Stations and more than 1,000 cameras that are strategically placed at schools, public safety facilities and television stations throughout the U.S. These professional-grade weather stations generate live neighborhood level reports every second.

Weather Videos:
If you plan on travelling in the United States keep an eye on the weather conditions affecting your plans. Includes a look at possible flight delays and Interstate driving.

World Climate:
Contains over 85,000 records of world climate data (historical weather averages) from a wide range of sources.

WxUSA Weather Hub:
Weather links for over 1500 US cities.

International Weather

Global weather coverage in your language.

Brazil (Portuguese); France (French); Germany (German); South America (Spanish); United Kingdom (English).

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