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New Mexico

Find out more about New Mexico before you travel. Order tourist brochures then research things to do and places to stay in New Mexico.

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Albuquerque Santa Fe

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New Mexico at a Glance

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Compare Hotels

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Depending on your reason for visiting the Duke City, whether on business or with the family on vacation, this Albuquerque hotel guide will help you pick the perfect hotel for your stay

While Native American culture is alive and well, Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a living, breathing, rather sprawling, metropolis -- one with half a million residents and a heck of a lot of hand-made turquoise jewellery.

The best times to visit Albuquerque are in September for the New Mexico State Fair; October for the nine-day Kodak Albuquerque International Balloon Festival; or in November through the 9th of December for the Annual Fine Craft Show and Sale. January is rich in cultural events. February is full of concerts. It seems like any time you choose to visit the city offers something special.

Santa Fe, New Mexico - Compare Hotels

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The state capitol of New Mexico boasts a population of more than 65,000, and somehow straddles the fine line of maintaining big-city sensibilities and small-town charm.

With its 300 sunny days a year, more than 250 art galleries and museums, excellent restaurants, terrific skiing conditions and close proximity to ancient ruins, natural hot springs and breathtaking hiking trails, no wonder Santa Fe continues to be an enduringly popular destination for families, couples and business travelers alike.

Summer is a popular time to visit Santa Fe because of the Santa Fe Opera, which schedules performances through July and August. Make reservations in advance because most weekends are booked to capacity.

Taos, New Mexico - Compare Hotels

Taos, New Mexico

Though small by big city comparisons, Taos has some 2,200 rooms in 88 hotels, motels, condominiums, and bed-and-breakfasts. Most of the lodging is located on Paseo del Pueblo Sur and Norte, with a few scattered just east of the town centre along Kit Carson Road.

Located 40 miles south of the Colorado border, about 70 miles north of Santa Fe and 135 miles from Albuquerque, Taos is best known for its thriving art colony, its historic Native American pueblo, and the nearby ski area, one of the most highly regarded in the Rocky Mountain Region.

When you visit Taos depends on why you visit Taos. Obviously if the lure of the many surrounding ski resorts draws you to the area, you’ll need to come during the winter or early spring. Taos is also popular among hikers, backpackers, and biking enthusiasts who descend upon the town from late spring until mid-autumn.

New Mexico Links

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New Mexico Travel Notes

Albuquerque, New Mexico

On the Road in Albuquerque: by John Gorton.

Lulled to relaxation by perfect blue skies, temperatures in the 80s, and unbelievable views of open, endless mesa, my wife and I drove from Phoenix across eastern Arizona and western New Mexico on I-40. By late afternoon, we approached Albuquerque.

Pecos, New Mexico

Get Up and Go - to Pecos: by Peggy Bechko.

Grab a picnic lunch, don your hiking shoes, put some ice in your cooler, then fill it with cool drinks - we're heading for Pecos, and, if energy remains high, a brisk hike amongst the trees and wildflowers in a jaunt to the Glorieta Ghost Town.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe: by Jennie Duttenhofer.

Surrounded by tall, majestic mountains, Santa Fe is held in a magical embrace of earth and sky. Welcoming people from all backgrounds and walks of life, Santa Fe has grown and thrived on unique and complimentary differences, developing a place where anyone can feel at home.

Santa Fe Day Trips: by Peggy Bechko.

Santa Fe clings to a broad shoulder of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and at no time is this more evident than to the observer driving up Interstate 25 at night when the lights of the city are clearly visible in front of the shadowy bulk of the Sangres de Cristos.

During your Santa Fe stay, take some time to discover the magnificent landscape and diverse cultures surrounding the city. The following Day Trips and Indian Pueblos reveal sights and scenery in northern New Mexico that will take your breath away.

Santa Fe's Upper Crust: by Peggy Bechko.

Upper Crust Pizza at 329 Old Santa Fe Trail, just a couple of blocks south of the Plaza, next to the oldest church, will even deliver if you want. But, if you prefer to kick back and enjoy watching the world go by, dining on the rustic porch is ideal.

The El Rey Inn: by Peggy Bechko.

Without a doubt, the favorite stop for our family in Santa Fe is the 60-year-old El Rey Inn. Older, yet overflowing with charm, no two rooms are alike at the El Rey.

The Guadalupe Cafe, Santa Fe: by Peggy Bechko.

One of the best local restaurants in Santa Fe for a broad selection of New Mexican favorites - enchiladas, burritos and Rellenos - as well as a mix of traditional fare, is the Guadalupe Caf� on Old Santa Fe trail, just three short blocks (and I mean short - these aren't big city blocks) from the plaza.

Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico: by Jennie Duttenhofer.

If ever there was an enchanted town, Taos, New Mexico is it. Set in the Northern region of the state, it is one of the most rewarding trips one could make. Rich in history, Taos is combination of peoples and regions. Ranchos de Taos makes up the farming community, while Pueblo de Taos encompasses the area inhabited by the Taos Indians.

Up the Rio Grande to Taos: by Peggy Bechko.

Got the itch to hit the road and do a little extensive sight-seeing in New Mexico?

Think about it: a gorgeous drive; the Rio Grande River; lunch along the way; and a breath-taking loop drive circling back to Santa Fe that takes you past some of the state's loftiest peaks. What more could you want?

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