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Group I qualifying matches for the 2016 European Championship Finals in France.

Euro 2016 - Group I Qualifying - Fixtures and Results

Group I P W D L F/A Dif Pts
Travel to Portugal Portugal 8 7 0 1 11/5 +6 21
Travel to Albania Albania 8 4 2 2 10/5 +5 14
Travel to Denmark Denmark 8 3 3 2 8/5 +3 12
Travel to Serbia Serbia 8 2 1 5 8/13 -5 4
Travel to Armenia Armenia 8 0 2 6 5/14 -9 2

Serbia had three points deducted.

Euro 2016 Qualifying Groups

The nine group winners, runners-up and the best third-placed side qualified directly for the Euro 2016 Championship Finals tournament in France.

France qualified as hosts but would play friendly matches with teams in this group on the ten matchdays.

France 2016 - Road to Paris

Euro 2016 Qualifying Matches - Fixtures and Results

Matchday 1: 7-9 September 2014
Travel to Serbia Serbia vs Travel to France France (1:1)

Matchday 2: 9-11 October 2014
Travel to France France vs Travel to Portugal Portugal (2:1)

Matchday 3: 12-14 October 2014
Travel to Armenia Armenia vs Travel to France France (0:3)

Matchday 4: 14-16 November 2014
Travel to France France vs Travel to Albania Albania (1:1)

Matchday 5: 27-29 March 2015
Travel to France France vs Travel to Denmark Denmark (2:0)

Matchday 6: 12-14 June 2015
Travel to Albania Albania vs Travel to France France (1:0)

Matchday 7: 3-5 September 2015
Travel to Portugal Portugal vs Travel to France France (0:1)

Matchday 8: 6-8 September 2015
Travel to France France vs Travel to Serbia Serbia (2:1)

Matchday 9: 8-10 October 2015
Travel to France France vs Travel to Armenia Armenia (4:0)

Matchday 10: 11-13 October 2015
Travel to Denmark Denmark vs Travel to France France (1:2)

Play-off Matches

First legs: 12-14 November 2015

Travel to Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia vs Ireland Travel to Ireland (1:1)
Travel to Norway Norway vs Hungary Travel to Hungary (0:1)
Travel to Sweden Sweden vs Denmark Travel to Denmark (2:1)
Travel to Ukraine Ukraine vs Slovenia Travel to Slovenia (2:0)

Second legs: 15-17 November 2015

Travel to Denmark Denmark vs Sweden Travel to Sweden (2:2) (Agg 3:4)
Travel to Hungary Hungary vs Norway Travel to Norway (2:1) (Agg 3:1)
Travel to Ireland Ireland vs Bosnia Travel to Bosnia-Herzegovina (2:0) (Agg 3:1)
Travel to Slovenia Slovenia vs Ukraine Travel to Ukraine (1:1) (Agg 1:3)

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The World United Through Football Euro 2020 - Around Europe

The Euro 2020 finals will be staged in 13 cities around Europe; marketed as a 'EURO for Europe'.

The UEFA Executive Committee appointed the host cities in September 2014, with a maximum of one venue per country allowed.

Three Group Games & One Round of 16 Game

Travel to Holland Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Travel to Spain Bilbao, Spain.
Travel to Belgium Brussels, Belgium.
Travel to Romania Bucharest, Romania.
Travel to Hungary Budapest, Hungary.
Travel to Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark.
Travel to Ireland Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
Travel to Scotland Glasgow, Scotland.

Three Group Games & One Quarter-Final

Travel to Azerbaijan Baku, Azerbaijan.
Travel to Germany Munich, Germany.
Travel to Italy Rome, Italy.
Travel to Russia Saint Petersburg, Russia.

London 2020

Hosts for the Euro 2020 final and semi-finals.

Travel to England London, England.

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