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Exit From Timeshare Contracts With Direct Transfers Help

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Direct Transfers is a BBB accredited Timeshare Transfer Company.


Direct Transfers aim to provide customers with a simple and guaranteed exit from their timeshare contracts.

Update - During Routine Link Checking - Sat, 22 Nov 2014

We've removed the links to this domain as the website was down. If anyone from the company can contact us, we'll look at the website again when it appears online.


direct transfers, timeshares.

About The Listing

'When most people think timeshare, they think scam. Unfortunately, they’re often correct'.

Those are the words on the Direct Transfers Corporate website and I actually wondered why they needed a Direct Transfers corporate site and a Direct Transfers help site (the one submitted to us) when they both looked pretty much the same.

While looking around, I was even redirected to another, similar-looking domain for Direct Transfers customer service; and that's where I finally found an address.

According to Direct Transfers, there are plenty of companies offering to do something about your timeshare but they will usually try and charge an upfront fee to list your timeshare, with no guarantee that it will sell; or try and act as a reselling middle-man.

Direct Transfers claim to solve this by transferring timeshare ownership out of your name; and with it, supposedly, the responsibility for any fees or taxes associated with the timeshare.

Interestingly, the Better Business Bureau warn people to be on the lookout for Timeshare Resellers on their Top 10 Scams.

I checked Direct Transfers claim to be a BBB accredited Timeshare Transfer Company and can safely report that they are.

They also have a presence on the main social networks.

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e-Business Card

Address 530 East Los Angeles Avenue, Suite #115321, Moorpark, CA 93021.
Contact Customer Service.
Facebook Direct Transfers on Facebook.
LinkedIn Direct Transfers on LinkedIn.
Twitter @DirectTransfers.
YouTube Direct Transfers' Channel.

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