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Most hotels in Boston, Massachusetts are centrally located providing visitors easy access to some of the city's top activities, attractions and restaurants.


From the Travelshark stable of websites, the Boston Hotels domain aims to offer an insight into Boston from the perspective of a local, with the incorporation of the Rather travel guide™ alongside listings of available hotel rooms in Boston.

Update - During Routine Link Checking - Sat, 22 Nov 2014

We've removed links to this domain as the domain name was not developed properly but put up for sale instead; typical.


Boston hotels.

About The Listing

With millions of international travellers searching online for hotels, resorts, spas and casinos every day, TravelShark have made it their business to use location keyword domains as live bait; then try and sell the domain.

Or rather, Swiftrank did.

It has been reported that SwiftRank paid generous sums of money to Internet realtors Rick Schwartz and Frank Schilling for hotel destination domains.

It's one thing investing a small fortune in collecting travel-related domain names but it helps if the parent holding actually means something to the people they're trying to market to.

The problem was - as CEO, Sue Heilbronner readily admits - the Swiftrank name itself seemed rather rank. Neither the hot dog seller outside the Colorado office nor the postman could really say what Swiftrank did; although some college guys knew what the name sounded like.

At least now someone can put on a shark costume and swagger around the streets of Boulder, Colorado in an attempt to make a marketing video go viral.

Travel Shark

Founders David Leppan and Graham Easton both have a background in Internet search marketing and geo-targeted search engine optimization.

What the re-branded TravelShark aims to do with its collection of domains, like the Boston hotels one we're supposed to be reviewing here, is to continue with the Swiftrank philosophy of Internet marketing strategies for travel-related websites; by offering hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas and car rental companies premium placements on their Internet properties.

If a local travel company hasn't bitten the bait on the placement deal for direct links from a TravelShark domain to the hotel's own reservation system, then casual visitors can still book Boston hotel rooms on Get a Room; or check Boston hotel availability through a branded, search box.

To further encourage casual visitors into the hotel booking arena, TravelShark has acquired guides and in turn re-branded them into Rather travel guides and again into The Hunt Guides.

Who, What, Where, When, Why, And How

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Website: Removed.

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