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The Travel Notes™ Online Guide to Travel helps visitors plan their trip with country and city travel guides, local tourist information, reviewed web sites, and regular travel articles.

Travel Notes 1914-1918 Centenary Calendar.

World War One Trenches - Bayernwald

January - World War One Trenches:
This reconstructed section of original German trench system is located about 2km north of Wijtschate.

February - Hill 60 Cratered Landscape.
March - British Cemetery at Messines Ridge.
April - German Bunker at Tyne Cot Cemetery.
May - Pozières British Cemetery and Somme Battlefields.
June - Artstetten Castle in Memory of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
July - American Battle Monuments Commission.
August - Montsec American Monument.
September - Saint-Mihiel American Cemetery.
October - Fort de Douaumont, Verdun.
November - Armistice Signing in Compiègne.
December - Their Name Liveth For Evermore.

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Wherever you're coming from or wherever you're going to, if you like travelling around the world you'll find plenty to embrace your wanderlust on Travel Notes.

Choose a Country to begin your adventures.

Visit Africa.

From Algeria to Zimbabwe, pyramids to safaris, Africa has so much to offer the adventurous traveller.

Visit Asia.

From Afghanistan to Vietnam, Islam to Buddhism, you're sure to find a place for your soul in Asia.

Nomadic Gatherings - Travels in Asia and Australia
Nomadic Gatherings

Join the Travel Notes founder as he sets off on a literary adventure; a voyage of discovery in foreign lands.

Travel with Michel on trains and buses in Asia, then jump into cars with complete strangers in Australia; meeting the characters that bring Nomadic Gatherings to life.

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1. Taking Off; 2. Kimchi and Gold Medals; 3. Little Sister; 4. Colonial Gateway; 5. China Travel; 6. The Northern Capitals; 7. Grasslands to Terracotta.

Visit Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

From Australia to Western Samoa, the rugged outback to island paradise, it's worth flying halfway around the world to find the perfect solution.

Visit Canada.

Canada is the second largest country in the world, after Russia, and deserves it's own place in North America - independent of the United States.

Visit Europe.

From Albania to Vatican City, Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, Europe is culturally eclectic and full of lavish history.

Visit Latin America and the Caribbean Islands.

From Anguilla to Venezuela, sailing in the Caribbean to trekking in the Andes, Latin America is a world of wonderful contrasts.

Visit The Middle East.

From Bahrain to Yemen, old world to oil world, the Middle East blends desert sand with capital gain; and brews a nice cup of coffee.

Visit The United States of America.

From Alabama to Wyoming, theme parks to National Parks, there's plenty of things to see and do in the good ole U S of A.

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Travel is not just a mode of transport it is a way of living and seeing the world; visiting interesting places, meeting new people, experiencing diverse cultures and tasting the local cuisine of curious foods and drinks on regional menus.

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Random Blog Post.

Non-Drinking Guide to Dublin:
Dublin may be the Guinness capital of the world but there is much more to this vibrant city than pints of the black stuff.

5 Must Do Things in Jammu and Kashmir to Have a Lifetime Experience:
With lush green forests, snow covered peaks, ancient temples, serene blue lakes and incredible scenic beauty, Jammu & Kashmir could be Paradise on Earth.

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